If you’re wondering how to win in online slots, you have come to the right place. While there are no tricks that will guarantee you a win, there are certainly ones that will increase your chances and help you walk out of the casino happy. In this article, we will talk about 5 such tricks.

Trick-1: Start off small, make it big

This method is also known as Pump The Prime and is one of the best slot machine tricks out there. It is especially for those who don’t have a lot of money at hand right now and can’t afford to lose all of what they have but want to turn the small amount into something big. Gambling is a good way to do exactly that, but as you know, there is also the equal risk of losing everything you bet on if luck is not on your side.

To explain:

That’s why this trick is super helpful. You will separate a small part of the money you have and use only that small amount to gamble. That is, only for the particular session. You absolutely must not use any amount of money outside this. Make small bets and get small wins at the beginning, which will slowly build up the amount. After you have collected more money, you can increase the bet amount a little more too.


And if you have losses, you will lose a small amount of money and then stop playing. That way, you will enter a casino with a small amount of money and come out with either more than what you had before or a little less than what you had before. You’ll either have a good profit or a negligible loss. The gameplay will be slow and controlled, so you won’t get addicted to slot gaming.

Trick-2: Bet enough to be eligible for jackpots

This is an important trick if you’re playing a jackpot slot machine. You should know that your chances of triggering a jackpot only start when you bet a certain amount, which should be mentioned in the paytable. Otherwise, you might find it in slot reviews online. The amount required to be eligible for a jackpot will be a high one, and it might be one that’s out of your comfort zone.

To explain:

Regardless, if you want to take a chance at the jackpot, you’ll have to take that risk. Moreover, the higher you bet, the more your chances of triggering the jackpot will increase. So if you’re playing a jackpot slot and want to win a jackpot, you should have enough money in your bankroll to be able to take that risk, and you will have to make some big bets rather constantly. Random jackpots are not often as random as they say.

But remember that betting high amounts repeatedly doesn’t guarantee that you will trigger the jackpot. But we are talking about changes here, not certainties. If you’re playing a jackpot slot, you might as well go for what the slot’s main purpose is. But once again, you should remember that the amount you’ll have to bet is high, and you should only take the risk if you can afford to lose it in case luck doesn’t go in your favor.

Trick-3: Always, always choose high RTP slots!

Though slot gaming is all dependent on luck, you can say that a part of it is still under your control because you are the one who gets to choose which slots to play. In fact, choosing the right slot machine can have a huge impact on how successful your slot gaming session is. Choose the wrong slot, and it’s like you are swinging an axe to your own leg. So it’s important to take some time to go through the slot catalog of the casino you are in and choose the one with the highest RTP.


But first, what is RTP? In case you don’t know, RTP or Return The Player rate is the percentage of your bet that you will get back after every spin. So as you can tell, the higher the RTP is, the less money you lose on average. The average RTP rate is considered to be 96%, so that’s the least you should go for. The higher, the better, obviously. This is a trick many people ignore though it should be common sense. If you don’t want to lose a lot of money quickly, don’t choose a slot with a low RTP.

Trick-4: Know when to stop

Knowing when to stop is perhaps the most important slot game tip anyone will ever give you. If you don’t let your greed control you and instead think logically, you will see that it’s very important to stop either when you have too many losses or when you have won enough. Otherwise, you will either end up without a single penny or you will end up losing the huge amount you built up after playing so long. Both of the options suck.

Upper limit lower trick

That’s why you can use the upper limit-lower limit trick. The lower limit is the least amount of money you can afford to lose. As in, even if you lose this whole amount, it won’t be that much of a significant loss, and you can still go on with life. Whereas a higher limit is the amount, you are aiming to win for the session. Once you reach either the lower limit or the upper limit, you are supposed to call it a day. This will help you stick to your budget and help prevent addiction, as the gameplay will usually not last too long. Make sure the limits you set are realistic, though.

Trick-5: Always make reasonable bets

The bets you make are yet another thing that is under your control in slot gaming, so you should take advantage of that. One of the worst things you can do as a slot gamer is to make careless bets. Sure, you may get lucky once in a while with your gut instincts, but luck doesn’t always last. Rather, if you make carefully calculated bets, you will know what to expect if the result is good or bad. You can change your bet level according to the result and stick to the budget.


This will not only give you more confidence while playing, and you will feel more credit when you win. If you don’t have a lot of money, you should start off betting small. Based on the result of your current spin, take a look at your bankroll and determine what amount of bet will be the safest. You always want, to take the worst-case scenario into consideration while calculating these. Keep these tricks in mind if you want to have successful gameplay. We are certain by now, one should know how to win online slot game Malaysia. Just leave the rest to your luck!

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