Are you wondering about the Malaysia slot gaming license? As the gambling industry is a highly regulated one, slot operators and those who work with them have to adhere to many laws and regulations surrounding gambling. This is to ensure all slot machines, both from land casinos and online casinos, are operated legally.

That’s why many countries, including Malaysia, have one or more than one Gambling Commissions and Gaming Authorities who watch over the day-to-day operations of all casinos based within their jurisdiction. And these Commissions and Authorities require any slot machine and also the personnel who work with those machines to apply for and be granted a gaming license.

Only those who have these licenses are allowed to be placed or work in a venue dealing with slot machines and other gambling games. At least, legally. So there are no doubts about the importance of it. That’s why in this article, we will share 5 things you probably didn’t know about Malaysia online slot gaming licenses.


1. All legitimate casinos should have a general gaming license

According to Malaysian law, all brick-and-mortar and online/mobile casinos must have a license for safe operations. By playing in a casino with licensed slots, you will be under the protection of the licensing authority. They are tasked to ensure that their licensed venues, sites, and apps are all operated under the law. So you will be safe.

However, it is rather difficult to obtain only the original planning permission these days; a slot gaming license is even harder. That is why many casinos try to avoid getting a license and thus engage in illegal and fraudulent practices. So if you want peace of mind while playing slots, you should choose a licensed casino for it.


2. Licensed slot machines will give you any promotional offers

Aside from safety, another great thing about slot machines with slot gaming licenses is the cool promotional offers available to players these days. You will find plenty of fun offers, deals, and even more bonuses coming your way, too, if you choose licensed slot machines.

So if you’re eager to play slots to win real money, always keep an eye out for these offers and make use of every one of them. That way, you will be able to get the most out of your slot gaming experience. This is also why you should never choose to go for unlicensed slots because you’ll definitely be missing great opportunities.


3. You might need a personal gaming license if you want to work with slots

Planning to involve yourself in the gambling industry, specifically slots? In some cases, Gaming Commissions might require you to obtain personal slot gaming licenses if you want to work with slot machines in a casino. When you apply for such a personnel license, they will conduct some background checks on you.

It is to make sure that you are a good character. Because the gambling industry is definitely quite a risky one, so obviously, no one wants to have a hardened criminal or someone with a long history of criminal records getting access to slot machines. To prevent such a threat, many casinos only take in employees with a personnel gaming license.

Moreover, in some cases, when you apply for a personal slot gaming license, you might need to have some qualifications regarding slot games. So to achieve these qualifications, you can get into some training centers available in Malaysia or even online. Here you can gain the skills and experience you need.

Usually, the cost of getting a personal gaming license will vary depending on where you apply. However, some good casinos may sponsor you and pay for your license or at least a percentage of the cost of it. So you can always look for these kinds of casinos to work in with a personal license.


4. You can consult the gaming license issuer of the casino to seek redress if needed

If you’re playing slot machines that have license, you can usually rest assured that you won’t be facing any problems. Because these slot operators obtain the license because their slot machines are good enough to be worthy of one. If you do come across some kind of problem, then any good casino staff will gladly help you out.

However, in the rare case, you come across a licensed slot where you face problems. Likewise, the casino’s employees are not willing or able to address the problem. Then, you have another option. That is contacting their gaming license issuer. If you’ve faced some sort of loss due to the problem, you can seek redress from them.


5. Each individual slot machines can have its own license too

Sometimes each slot machine will need to have its own gaming license instead of being covered by the casino’s general gaming license. In that case, the fact that the individual slot requires a license should be displayed on the slot machine. But more often than not, licensing slot machines individually can be very expensive.

The license alone is quite expensive, and on top of that, there are, of course, a lot of taxes that have to be paid on the income generated. The cost of the slot machines is also needed to be taken into account before the slot operator can count up the profit they have made if any. Because of all these expenses, some people try to operate unlicensed spot machines.

However, that leads to a lot of problems. For example, if a customer chose an unlicensed slot game, played it, and then lost while doing so, they will usually inform the police or the gaming authorities about these illegal slot games. So at the end of the day, an unlicensed slot operator won’t be able to escape for too long.

Now you know some interesting facts about online Malaysia slot gaming license. If you’re a slot operator or casino owner, you know how important it is to get a license for your slot games. If you’re a player, you too know how important and beneficial it is to play slot games that are licensed. So always be safe, and play safe with a trusted Malaysia online casino slot game, EpicWin! It is the only Malaysia online slot free credit no deposit available at the moment. Do check it and remember to stay safe during Covid pandemic.

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