Do you want to learn more about free online casino slot games? Then you’ve come to the right place for sure. Free slot games are very popular among both gamblers and simple no-deposit slot players. But there are some free slot game facts not many people know about. In this article, we will talk about 7 such facts about free online slot games.


1. It’s always smart to try out the free games before you start playing for real

A lot of sites will advise you to play online slots in free mode first before you get to the real thing. This is one of those pieces of advice you shouldn’t take lightly at any cost! Especially if it is your first time playing online slot games, you can consider having the provision of playing free slots as a blessing. But even if it isn’t, it’s still best to try out the casino’s free games.

This is because you can get familiar with the gameplay and gain more experience with the way things work. By trying out different free slots, you can understand the difference between each slot and decide which one suits you the best. Though the whole thing is random, you can still get an idea of how often you’re getting a payout from the slot. All of these will help increase your chances of winning.

For example, you know how Jackpot slots can give you a huge payout if you’re super lucky. But it’s risky to play there because of how rare it is. So you can test out the jackpot slots of free games and see how they perform before you invest your hard-earned cash into playing it for real.


2. Free slot games can get you more addicted than real slots 

Slot games are already considered the most addicting gambling game in casinos. Because it’s not only extremely exciting to play, it’s also designed in a way that constantly urges you to play more. These are also quite easy to play, so anyone can play them without expending much willpower. That’s is why statistics say that people get addicted to slot games 5 times faster than other gambling games. But what happens when this slot game becomes free?  It’s exciting to play, and it’s also free, which means there is nothing to lose. So it’s no surprise that one can easily get addicted to it, to the point it becomes more of a necessity than simple entertainment. So you should always be careful about this.


3. Most free slot games are just deposit-free versions of popular real slot games

There are many popular slot operators and game developers who are well-known all over the world for their special, exceptionally fun slot games. If you want to start playing those slots for either practice or just because they look fun, you will be happy to know that free versions of most of these slots are available! Sure, many free slots have their original theme and storyline, but most of them are actually free replicas of real slot games. So by playing these slots, you can get an idea of all the features of those slots and decide whether you want to play the real one or not. And you can also enjoy the whole experience without having to pay anything.


4. You can use free online slots to practice sticking to your budget

This is actually the biggest reason why practicing with free games is so highly encouraged. Since slot games are so addicting, and there is always the urge to bet more just to have the chance of winning more, players can easily drift away from their budget while playing out of greed. That’s when things start to get bad, so you need to avoid it.

That’s why you should practice sticking to your budget while playing free games and train your mind to stay that way. Always bet a similar level to how you would wager using real money, set a budget based on that, and follow it. Set a safe limit to how much you can afford to lose, and train yourself to stop playing immediately after you reach the limit.


5. Play at least 150-200 rounds of a free slot game before spending real money on it

When we tell you to practice with free games first, we don’t mean playing a couple of rounds. That is nearly not enough to get the hang of the game and fully understand how the particular slot works. That’s why slot gaming experts recommend everyone to play at least 150-200 rounds of the free game before starting with the real one. Within 150-200 rounds, there is a high chance that you will be able to get the overall experience. This includes landing bonus combinations and getting to see how the bonus round works—or hitting the jackpot and figuring out the odds. You will also get a general idea about the RTP and how often the payout comes.


6. Free online slot games also have many bonus features

Are you shocked to hear that you can enjoy bonus features in free games too? But it’s true! Since free games are usually created as replicas of original games, good game developers make sure to include the bonus features as well. So if you want to try out a particular slot, check out the free version of it first to know whether the bonus features it satisfy you.

Landing a bonus is definitely not easy and usually requires a lot of repeated tries. However, there is still a limit to the odds of it. If you have played for a very long time but still didn’t manage to land a bonus, it might mean that the corresponding real-money slot isn’t that keen with bonus features either. In this case, you should try out other slots and find a better one.


7. Browse free slots by features to gain more experience on that feature

Many good free online slot games have the provision for you to find slot games based on certain features. These features can include volatility, free spins, bonus games, nudges, clusters, gamble, infinity reels, high payout slots, and such. So if you choose a certain feature, say, free spins, then you will find slots that predominantly focus on free spins. By practicing according to the features, you can gain experience step by step. Furnish your strategies and understand what you enjoy the most when it comes to gameplay. That way, you can find the ideal slot for you and get the most out of it as well.

Now that you know about these interesting and helpful facts about free online casino slot game Malaysia. You will be able to make the most out of free slot games, via our trusted online slot game Malaysia, EpicWin! Once you’ve mastered these free Malaysia online casino slot game, you can consider yourself ready for the real thing! Likewise, please do remember always be safe during Covid pandemic and play safe.


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