If you have ever played an online slot game, you must have wondered at least once if the online slot game software was rigged in any way because of how difficult it is to win even one round of the game.  If you have ever thought this, then luckily have stumbled upon a great article! Here we will explain in detail whether the online slot games are as innocent as they seem.

Types of online slot games

There are various online slot games, and knowing about them might even help you win them. If not, it will be an interesting conversation starter, at least. Since online slot games are based on computer programs, there can be various ways to play them. Anyways, here is the type of online slot games that you will find.

  • Classic slot game:

    This one is basically a 3 reel slot and is based on the actual and original physical machines. They are the simplest to play and use symbols like lemons, cherries, liberty bells, and lucky 7s. All you need to do in them is match the symbols along the top, middle, and bottom line to win this game.

  • Classic 5 reel slot game:

    This is very similar to the classic 3 reel slot game but has more reels. This was done to make the game more exciting and visually appealing. It became more exciting as there are more pay line possibilities and chances of many more cash prizes.

  • Video slot games:

    These are the opposite of the classic 3 and 5 reel slot games. These games don’t require the traditional mechanical levers and reels, and all they need is the press of a button to get started. Video slot games are becoming increasingly popular nowadays for being easy and having more chances of winning.

  • Progressive slot games:

    This one offers jackpots whose value keeps increasing by a small amount until someone finally wins. The main attraction in this game is the jackpot as each player keeps adding to the amount in real-time. However, the odds of winning are much longer, but it can be worth it.

  • Mobile slot games:

    As suggested by the name, these are designed to be played on mobile phones. These were made so people can play on the go without losing the visual effects, making them appealing.

  • Virtual reality slot games:

    To give the players an immersive experience, these games use LED displays, helmets, and a great sound system. If you want to play something that is very realistic and immersive, then playing this type of slot game is great. This is why it has been gaining popularity as well.

  • Mega spin slot games:

    This type of game allows players to play multiple games at once. It can range from 2 games at once to even 8 games at once. This, of course, is great for the player as their chances of winning increase significantly. Moreover, they are played on one screen, so you can keep track of all of them together and have progressive jackpot features.

Can you win money on online slots?

Now, let’s jump on the burning question that you might have, are all these slot game software rigged? Can we even win money by playing them?

It is easy to blame the game when it is not going your way. So, the answer is no. The online slot game software isn’t rigged, and yes, you can win real money through these online games. However, it is true only if the online slot game that you chose to play is licensed and recognized; as they would want their customers to have a fair game. So why does it feel like you keep losing? Friends, it all depends on the RTP rates or Return to Player rates.

What is RTP?

It is the sum of money that you are expected to win back depending on the amount of money you initially put in. basically, the statistical advantage that you are playing has on you. Usually, the RTP is set around 95% to make the players believe that they can win much more than they can actually win. Moreover, there are legal numbers below which this payout percentage cannot go; if they do, they aren’t following the law. In simple terms, the higher the RTP value, the lower the house edge, which means greater chances of you winning. The RTP doesn’t depend on only one person but on every player that is playing; this is why it can feel like you are not winning at all.

One more thing that an online slot game depends on is variance. This doesn’t affect as much as the RTP, but it still has some significance. The variance of a game is the amount that should be expected to be won by a player. A slot with high variance will pay the players less frequently, but the prize will be much bigger when it does.

How do we know that the slot game we chose isn’t rigged?

Of course, now comes the question of but how do we know that the slot game we chose isn’t rigged? Here are some ways to know that.

  • Licensed companies:

    You should check and make sure that the game you are playing is licensed. If the company has no official data regarding their RTP and other details, it is better to find one that actually does. Moreover, licensed places will make sure to safeguard your personal information as well.

  • Established software provider:

    Exactly as the name suggests, first check if the developer of the software of the game that you are playing is known or not. Of course, this doesn’t mean that anyone who isn’t famous is a scammer but having a company you trust is important.

  • Certifications of the game:

    Yes, you also need to check if the slot game that you chose to play is certified or not. They should be regulated by the Testing House. This data might be a little harder to find but not impossible, and if you are going to spend your valuable cash, why not be sure about it?

  • The popularity of the game:

    If the game you want to participate in has commercials playing on TV or you have heard from friends and family about how good they are. Then the chances are that these games are legit and not rigged at all.

In conclusion, if online slot game software Malaysia were rigged, there would be no online games. Of course, you can win cash through them as well; you just need to make sure that they are legitimate and genuine. Likewise, please do always gamble wisely throughout this uncertain Covid virus pandemic. Good Luck!

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