Are Online Slot Game Rigged? The Facts You Didn’t Know About Online Slots

How often do you hear people who play slot e wallet tell you that they have had a huge 2win that can give them luxury for a good amount of time? That’s right, not quite often. What about wins in general? That is more likely than the previous scenario, but still not as often as you would desire it to be. So when you walk into a casino and discover your winning chances are fairly low, you might wonder, are online slot game rigged? Let’s find out in this article!

Are online slot e wallet rigged?

The answer is yes, they are. No matter which casino from which country, every slot e wallet machine will be rigged towards the casino’s favor to an extent. The keyword is “to an extent.” Naturally, when you hear the word “rigged,” you connect it with the word “illegal.” So you might be wondering how casinos run their business in a legal way while owning slot game rigged in their favor. Shouldn’t it be illegal, as it is the equivalent of scamming?

How it works

But this rigging is not the kind of rigging you’re thinking of. Everyone knows how business works. The casino needs to make a profit from their players to continue the business. It’s the same thing as a shopkeeper buying an object for $5 and selling it for $7. That $2 is his profit. Casinos do the exact same thing.

How do trusted online casino Malaysia rig the slot game in their favor?

You might have guessed the answer already through the Return To Player rate, otherwise known as payout percentage. You know how all slots have an RTP rate. If a slot e wallet has 96% RTP and you bet $100 for the spin, you will get back $96 (unless you lose in the gamble feature). And the casino will keep that $4 regardless of the result of the spin. This $4 is your loss and the casino’s profit. But of course, it’s not illegal because the slot machines are still giving you a chance 2win something huge, as in, make a profit for yourself.

Zero chances of winning

There will never be any licensed slot game machine that gives you zero chances of winning. It all comes down to your luck, which the casino will have no control over. But yes, most of the time, casinos won’t let you 2win more than what you’ve bet since they need to make that profit. Keep in mind that this is only for licensed slot e wallet. Unlicensed ones can still be rigged completely in the casino’s favor to give you zero chances of winning.

Is it possible to rig online slots any other way?

Now that you know that all trusted online casino Malaysia have a built-in house profit that always puts them in an advantageous position in every spin you make, you might be wondering if there’s any other way they are gaining this kind of advantage. Simply speaking, the chances are very low. And it’s all thanks to the core mechanism of slot game, a.k.a. Random Number Generator.

Programmed with RNG

As you might know, all online slot e wallet are programmed with RNG. It is software that can generate billions of random numbers per second, and if any one of the numbers happens to be the jackpot’s one, that’s what you’ll be getting. Since the numbers generated are completely random, every spin is independent, without any detectable patterns between the previous and the next spins.

Strong debate

Because of RNG, it is possible for a player 2win jackpots in two consecutive spins as well! You might want to debate that RNG can never be 100% random as it is something created by humans, after all. And that’s definitely true. However, it is still random to the kind of an extent that no one thus far has managed to detect any patterns within it. Maybe it will be possible to, by using quantum computers to crunch numbers. But until then, they’re random.


So even if the slot e wallet developers can control the RTP rate of the online slot when they program it, they cannot do anything about the RNG. Once again, this is only for licensed slots. Only licensed slots go through verification by the gaming commissions, so it’s not possible for them to be rigged in illegal ways. If you’re playing in an unlicensed trusted online casino Malaysia, there’s a good chance the slots there haven’t passed the verification and are rigged in a way that will rob you off of your money.

How to avoid playing illegally rigged slots?

Playing rugged slot game can be a super huge loss for you. You won’t get any 2win no matter how much patience you hold. By the time you realize something is fishy, you would’ve already lost a good deal of money. If you try to contact the casino’s customer support, you will always find them either unresponsive or ignorant. And since taking legal actions against them will be a great deal of hassle, you’ll probably end up moving on from it.

To explain:

No one wants that to happen. We have drawn the conclusion that no online slots are unfairly rigged as long as they are licensed. So here are the things you should keep in mind to avoid playing rigged slot e wallet:

  • Always read the casino reviews: There are tons of websites online compiling casino reviews, and those should give you a good idea of how a certain casino’s games are. Always make sure to read reviews from multiple websites and sources since some bad casinos hire people to write positive reviews about their own casinos; and negative ones about competitor casinos. Having references from someone you know and trust is, of course, the best.
  • Try to choose a casino with a good reputation: A famous casino such as epicwin8 app with a large number of customers is obviously not one that’s carrying out illegal business. So you should always lean towards the casinos which have made a good name for themselves.
  • Choose software developers with a clean history: Not all software developers have a clean history, but some do. NetEnt is a good example. Check the developer of an online slot e wallet before you start playing it. Make sure the developer is a good one.
  • Read the T&Cs: Many people skim through the Terms & Conditions carelessly, which is wrong when money is involved. Many casinos have unnecessary or suspicious T&Cs that they can use against you if the time comes. Never join an trusted online casino Malaysia if you think their terms don’t feel right. And that was all you needed to know about online slots being rigged.
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