One of the things that make online casinos so beneficial is the myriad of free games that can be triggered from the base game. These feature games make the game experience more fun and exciting and increase your chances of further filling up your bankroll. That’s why good casinos like EpicWin offer many cool feature games in slots. In this article, we will take a look at the free games that can be activated from the base game of EpicWin, and learn how they work.

What are Base Game and Free Game in the slot?

Every modern slot has a main game which is considered the core of the playing process. This is called a base game. Players bet their money in this slot base game, spin the reels, and earn cash when the symbols align with the paytable. The base game is also considered as the gateway to different types of extra features. These extra features are called feature games in slots or free games, which don’t require the players to bet any money. By winning these free games, the players can earn more money without having to risk any. In simple words, slot base games can trigger free games from which the player can gain more profit.

Free Game Features in EpicWin

When it comes to choosing the best online casino to play in, you should definitely take what kind of free game features they have. The more free games they offer, the more your probability of earning a lot will increase. Only good online casinos offer a lot of free game features. EpicWin slots offer its players a wide variety of free feature games. While playing the slot base game, players will be able to trigger free game features once some specific symbols of the paytable align. The free game features you can enjoy in Epicwin are:

  1. Cascading Symbols:

    The most common and conventional slot machines are that the symbols will spin on the reels. But in the case of the cascading symbols, the symbols will fall from above the area you’re playing in into the columns. It’s like the old classic slot games like The White Muse, Green Lantern, Wild Valley and many more. When you have a winning combination in multiple reels, you can trigger the symbols to cascade so that the winning combo is cleared and new symbols fall from above to fill the avoids. If you’re lucky, you will get some more winning combinations in this way without needing another spin, and you won’t lose anything if you can’t get a winning combination from cascading symbols.

  2. Extra Wilds:

    In traditional slot games, the winning combination must form from left to right only. But with the extra wilds slot game, you can win anywhere on the spinning reels. The wild symbols will settle themselves in the place of any other convenient symbol to increase your winning amount. With the extra wilds feature, you will get more wild symbols. Wonder Woman and Godzilla vs King has this free game feature.

  3. Sticky Wilds/ Freeze Wilds:

    Sticky wilds or Freeze Wilds are more or less like normal, standard wilds, except they remain on the screen during the next spin and subsequent spins. Basically, these symbols will “stick” to the playing screen and remain there for a number of future spins. For each subsequent win, more sticky wilds can be added to the player screen. This is a feature that is only found when the player enters bonus rounds and is quite rare during the base game. Sticky wilds increase the chance of winning big as Spiderman slot.

  4. Transferring Wilds:

    Like other wild symbols, the Transferring Wilds occupies a spot on the reels by replacing any symbol in the game you’re playing, which will help you make winning combinations. However, the transferring wild symbols will automatically transfer themselves across another reel set and appear there in the same position as the Bear Season slot. The luckier you are, the more wilds you will get from a single transferring Wilds. As a result, the possibility of creating a multitude of winning combinations will increase.

  5. Full Wilds Reel:

    After a spin, if you can land in such a way that all the symbols of a certain reel are wild symbols, then you will activate the full wilds reel as Mulan slot game. From the feature, you can unlock some other features, mostly a bunch of free spins. Landing a full wilds reel can be a bit difficult, but once you do, you will have many opportunities to increase your winning amount.

  1. Expandable Wild:

    This particular type of Wild symbol will expand beyond its original symbol location. They can expand to take up the entire reel, thus making every symbol in the reel wild and increase your chances of landing a winning combination as Godzilla vs Kong slot. To activate it, you might have to meet certain conditions, like landing on a highlight reel.

  2. Expandable Wild Reel:

    This is just like the previous one, except it can expand further. With expandable wilds, you can get a reel full of wilds as in Fortune of Cai Shen and Blaze of Fortune. Expandable wild reels are harder to activate, but with this feature, your wild reel will expand to multiple other reels, turning almost every symbol wild and giving you a wonderful win.

  3. Wild Multiplier:

    This is like a feature within a feature. If you have three matching symbols and a wild, you will be paid the amount of matching four symbols. But if that wild happens to be a multiplier wild, then your win will be multiplied by several times, thus earning you a mega win.

  4. All Win Multiplier:

    This is probably the best free slot feature game, though it’s quite hard to activate it. After getting a winning combination on the paytable, you will get an amount. With this multiplier symbol, you will be able to multiply that entire winning money by several folds. It can be a double multiplier, a triple multiplier, and sometimes as much as 100x to 1000x, all depending on your luck. It can also depend on the amount of money you bet in the beginning. Even if you didn’t win a lot of money at first, the amount will increase significantly with this multiplier.

  5. Re-trigger Feature:

    By activating this feature, you will get a whole new round of free spins to enjoy. This basically means that the amount of wager-free earnings will double up, and you will be able to make more profit with less betting. The re-trigger feature only pops up at the end of a slot-free spin round. These free spins can be activated by hitting 3 or more scatter symbols. If you do the same in the free spin round, you will be able to retrigger again. It is clear that the feature games offered by Epicwin are top-tier and very exciting. The more you play, the more you will be able to get a hang of how to activate these features.

Now, you truly understand that it is absolutely not too confusing in between base games and free game features. Please do bear in mind that the more you play, the more you could possible stand a chance to win too. Likewise, these are actually real slot games for real money. We should never take account and forgotten the main rules and importance of gambling responsibly. EpicWin, the slot game online for mobile and the only real slot games in Malaysia. Please stay safe in the midst of this Covid pandemic.

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