Free credits are a common scene in the online casino industry of Malaysia. Casinos spoil their players with an E-Wallet in many ways, and players enjoy it greatly. But do you know that you can get free credits simply by using your E-Wallet? If you’re interested to learn how to keep reading this article.

Does EWallet help you get free credits in online slot casinos in Malaysia?

The answer is yes, it surely does. Most casinos in Malaysia, if not all, offer free credits online slot for users who register by choosing E-Wallet as their transaction method and making the first deposit using it. The reason why casinos do this is that both sides get to be benefited from the use of E-wallets. Let us explain how.

Brick-and-mortar casinos have been replaced to a great extent by their online counterparts as modern civilization has advanced. With the growing popularity of online casinos, it’s not surprising that transactions would be digitized as well. Of course, digital transactions have existed for longer than online casinos, but the practice becoming so common is still relatively new. You’ll be pleased to learn that many online casinos now accept e-wallet payments.

In fact, adding E-wallet payment options has become a growing industry standard. Players appear to prefer using E-wallets in general. Even those who do not want to use E-wallets now have a compelling reason to do so. Gaining free credits is one way to encourage more people to conduct online transactions.

It is more convenient for casinos to carry out transactions using E-wallets, especially in countries where casinos are still legally in the grey area, and physical transactions through the bank become risky. It also is easy for the player to conduct the transaction through their digital wallet, as they don’t have to leave home, and the process is very simple.

But many people were still unaccustomed to using E-wallets back when they were first introduced in Malaysia. This is why free credits were offered for E-wallets as a way of getting more people to switch. Afterwards, the trend remained, and now it has become a standard for most casinos and might stay so for the years to come. That’s why you can get E-Wallet free credits from online slot casino in Malaysia.

What will you do with free credits?

The answer is simple: with free credits, you will play the slot game and get a chance to win something without risking anything in return. Of course, the spin might bring a negative result, but that won’t affect your bankroll since you didn’t bet anything.

That’s why free credits are the dream of every gambler. It’s free, and most of the time, you don’t have to work hard to get it; moreover, it doesn’t put your own money at risk. And since gambling is all about risks and there is always a chance that you will lose all your money, players like to make the most out of free credits.

Casinos will provide you free credits as gifts on several occasions. Nearly every reputable and honest casino offers newly enrolled players free credits, either post-deposit or no-deposit free credits. The casino offers daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly bonuses that will also count as free credits. Free credits are typically given away to clients as presents as well, especially during the holiday season or any other significant event for the casino or the nation in which it is headquartered.

But how exactly will you use these free credits, especially in slot games? In slot games, you have to bet a minimum amount for every spin, and depending on the result of that spin, your money will either increase or decrease. But if you have some free credits, the money from your pocket will either increase or just stay as it was. Either way, it won’t decrease, and you won’t lose anything.

What type of free credits are there for online slots?

In a broad sense, free credits are two types. They can come in the form of cash bonuses from the casino. For example, if you make a deposit of $10, the casino will give you back the same amount of money, so you have some more to play with. Some casinos also give 200% Cashback, meaning the amount you deposited gets doubled. And so you have this extra amount of money to play with that didn’t come from your pocket and is free.

For slot games, the more common type of free credit comes in the form of free spins. Anyone who has played a slot game knows how valuable free spins are, and most of the time, a slot doesn’t have a slot of them. You don’t have to bet anything in a free spin, but the spin may bring you a good result and add to your bankroll. But since you didn’t bet anything, the bankroll won’t reduce if the result is negative. Though it is extremely rare, some people have won a jackpot in a free spin too. It’s all at the mercy of the RNG.

Of course, there can be other creative ways in which a casino might incorporate free credits into the scene. For example, you might have to complete a bunch of challenges, quests, or goals to receive tickets. By completing them, you can collect a lot of tickets. After scratching the tickets, if you’re lucky, you might win free credits in some, or something else of value, or nothing at all. Just a way to make things more interesting.


How to claim free credits through your E-Wallet?


It’s very easy to claim free credits through your E-Wallet. E-wallet free credits are the welcome bonus you receive upon registering at a casino. That doesn’t mean you won’t receive any welcome bonus if you choose something else as your payment method, but E-wallets will simply carry more value.

So first, you have to register at the casino, which you can do at the app or official website. For this, you will need to give some of your personal information like your name, phone number or email address, proof of ID, date of birth, and all such. Then you get to choose the payment method you’ll use with your respective E-Wallet.

In some casinos, that’s all you have to do to claim the free credits. But in most casinos, you’ll have to make a minimum deposit amount first before you get to claim it. The button to claim will be in plain view, or the free credits will be automatically added to your account.


In conclusion, E-wallets are not only a wise option for a transaction but also beneficial because it gets you free credits. So if you want to enjoy some good ol’ free credits, put your digital wallet into use!


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