Are you feeling bored? There’s no better way to kill time and boredom than to play some epic slot games. 2021 has brought us some really cool ones that are waiting to be checked out by slot lovers.

In this article, we will let you have a look into some epic slot games ready to play and serve you right now!


If you loved the heroic tale of Hua Mulan, you would fall in love with the 6×5 Mulan slot game with 60 pay lines. This mid-high volatility slot has a total of 10 symbols and the highest payout of 360xstake. The highlight of this game is how you can trigger Free games by 2 or more Stacked wilds, and you even have the opportunity to choose the kind of Free Game you want to play. How fun is that? There are also more wilds and multipliers waiting for you in the reels. The base game has a hit frequency of 40%, but the Free Games have a huge hit frequency of 70%, so you can expect to get some really good payouts from this game. So what are you waiting for? Join our mighty Mulan in this epic journey!

The White Muse

Get your wildest wishes granted by the powerful magic of The White Muse, who is from the legend of the white witch living in a faraway forest. This is a 5×3 grid slot game with 25 pay lines, the highest payout being 1000 times your stake. It’s a medium to low volatility slot that comes with a massive RTP of 98.13% and a base game hit rate of 53%. There are also bonuses like free spins, wilds, and re-spins.

The specialty of The White Muse slot from EpicWin is that each win will boost the Free Games bar. Once the bar is filled up, you will be taken to the Free Games, where The White Muse is more likely to appear to bless you with her magic. The hit rate in the free games is an astonishing 85%! So try out this amazing game exclusively in the Epicwin casino to get huge wins and many bonuses.

Jin Qian Wa Epic

Available exclusively in Epicwin, Jin Qian Wa is an epic oriental-themed slot game inspired by China’s beautiful and rich culture. The game has 5 reels and 40 pay lines, while the highest payout is 1000 x your stake. There are wilds, multipliers, and scatters for you to enjoy, as well as 8 Free Games where you can get many Stacked Wilds and 3x multiplied wins. Combined with the stunning visuals and attractive animations of this game, you will get a good hit rate of 40% and 45% in the base and free game, respectively. It is definitely a classical journey that you will never forget and only find in a place like EpicWin.

Blaze Of Fortune

This blazing 5×3 slot game with 9 pay lines features Cai Shen, the most well-known symbolism of fortune, so you can hope for your luck to overflow while playing this game. In fact, whenever Cai Shen appears, you will be awarded as many as 50 free games to take advantage of. What’s better, Cai Shen will always be generously blessing you random Wild Reels throughout the whole base game as well!

The game also has special wilds that will expand if 2 or more appear in a spin, while you have a 1/190 chance to trigger the free games, where you will have an 80% hit frequency. The volatility is medium to high, and the highest win is 2500 times your stake. If you want to take your chance to win a huge fortune, dive into the world of Cai Shen!

The Great Monkey

Do you want to go on an epic journey to the West with The Great Monkey and get some huge wins on the way? The Great Monkey slot has a 5×3 game row and 25 pay lines where you can win from left to right. The specialty of this slot is the 3 scatters on Golden Reels that will offer you 10 free games, so you should watch out for that. If 3 identical symbols land inside this reel, you will trigger Golden Gathered Bonus to get a full screen of identical symbols, aka, a massive win! The hit rate of the free games is 62%, while the base game is 40%, which is fairly good for a medium volatility slot. The highest win you can get here is 600 times your stake. The Great Monkey is fun indeed!

Wukong Blessing

Have you heard of Sun Wukong, the Monkey God who lives in the Northern Mountain temple? Those who pay him a visit will be blessed with enormous luck and fortune. That’s why for you, we have brought Wukong Blessing; a 5×3 reeled slot with 20 pay lines. There are random wilds that will multiply your wins up to 8 times to maximize your rewards. In fact, you can also unlock up to 6 free games with a 60% hit rate.

This is a low volatility slot with a 40% hit rate, so that you can expect fairly frequent cashouts. There are also scatter symbols to look out for to get Wild Multipliers. Some come and pray for some great fortune to the great Sun Wukong!

Year Of The Ox

If you’re the kind of player who always scales up their bets to unlock the higher win potentials, then Year Of The Ox will be the most rewarding slot game for you. It is an all-day slot game with a 5×3 grid, 15 symbols, and low volatility. You can pick a bet between 2-5 to unlock the Bonus Game, where you have a chance to win a massive jackpot of 100,000 coins by choosing the highest gold symbol!

The maximum win of this game is 1000 x stake, with a 40% hit rate in the base game and 65% on the free games. You will get higher payouts by unlocking Gold Symbols through higher bets. There are scatters and wilds too. Basically, the more risk you take, the more rewards you will get!

Spring Tails

This medium to high volatility game will take you on a trip down the Silk Road with Spring Tails, where you will join him in his epic journey to incomprehensible riches! There are replaceable symbols, multipliers on every winning combination, and gathering keys on how you can enter the Free Game with huge payout symbols.

This is a 5×3 slot with 5 active pay lines and a 10% hit rate with the base game, and a 20% hit rate with the free games. The highest payout is 1000 times your stake, and you can win from left to right. This is a very exciting game that you will love for sure.

Man of Steel 7

Our favorite superhero takes center stage now! If Superman was your childhood hero with his red cape and inspiring valor; then the Man of Steel 7 slot is for you. This mid-high volatility slot game has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 5 pay lines where you can win from left to right. The Superman symbol can replace any symbol. Multiply your wins by 7 times while also being its own payout symbol.

There are bonus games available in this slot as well, where you can win up to 100x your total bet. In the overall slot, your maximum earning will be 3000 times your stake. So don’t wait around; let Superman take you to great heights of glory and heroism!

God of the Sun

Here comes Apollo, the Greek god of the sun, with all his sunshine glory, quirky talks, pleasant music, and of course, huge fortunes. God Of The Sun is a visually aesthetic slot game with 5 reels and 25 pay lines from left to right. When Apollo rides his sun chariot and travels across the world, he spreads sunny luck and fortune, and you can be a part of it too!

Gather 3 scatter symbols to get access to 10 amazing free games where you can get your wins multiplied greatly. There are also wild symbols to help you boost your wins. If you want to be as mighty as the sun, play this slot game to get a maximum win of 500 times your stake.

Tom and Jerry

Growing up, Tom was our favorite cat. Jerry was our favorite mouse, and their love-hate friendship was the main joy of our childhood. Tom and Jerry will engage in one of their usual chaotic bickering in the Royal Gate Hotel in this slot game. It’s a 3×5 slot with 9 both-way pay lines where you can trigger up to 15 free games filled with Stacked Wilds.

But the highlight of this slot is the bonus game, which is a dice game that will let you win a multiplier once Jerry gets caught by Tom. And the more Jerry moves, the bigger your win will be. The maximum win is 1000 times your stake, and you will have plenty of bonus features to have fun with. Do you want to know who the ultimate winner will be? Try this game out then!


Inconclusion, epic slots are super fun to play. There is no stress of losing a little money. Therefore,  you can always sit back, relax and prepare yourself for the real stuff. Do try out and play epic slot games today! Perhaps, you can test or try you luck with the only trusted online casino Malaysia 2021, EpicWin! They are a slot company that offers trusted slot game for online mobile Malaysia. Play them today and stay safe at home!

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