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EpicWin jackpot slot Malaysia is a popular choice. EpicWin VIP is one of the leading slot makers in Malaysia, and it is a much-deserved title. With a diverse and exciting collection of superhero and superstar-themed slot game to bring all your favorite fictional characters and stories to the slot scene, EpicWin also provides the fastest payout time in the country, only 1 minute. They pride themselves on ensuring the safest mode of the transaction by establishing a direct connection between the e wallet casino and the player and eliminating the middleman.

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But that’s not all that makes Epicwin VIP your best choice for an online slot e wallet casino out of the many available. EpicWin also takes the lead when it comes to jackpot slots! Keep reading this article to learn more about jackpots and how 2win them in EpicWin VIP slots.


What is a jackpot slot?

Of the many types of slot game out there, jackpot slots easily take the crown regarding the volume of 2win. Through these jackpot slots, slot gamers can get the opportunity to become rich overnight if luck goes in their favor and the reels align properly. Jackpot slots are all about luck.

First of all, what is a jackpot? A jackpot is the biggest 2win or highest possible reward you can get for a single spin on a slot machine. In other words, if you can get certain symbols of a slot game to align in any spin, then there is a chance of the jackpot being triggered and you winning that huge prize within a matter of seconds only.

There are two types of jackpots: one is fixed, and the other is progressive. For fixed jackpots, a specific top prize is set by the slot machine itself. When you get the symbols to align in a specific pay line, that jackpot gets triggered, and you 2win a fixed amount of money, no more and no less. Some slot games may have multiple fixed jackpots, like mini, minor, major, and grand jackpots.

Progressive jackpots are more exciting and, naturally, more popular among slot players. For progressive jackpots, the amount you can win is not fixed. Rather, with every bet that you don’t manage to trigger the jackpot, a part of the amount you bet gets added to the bet. So suppose you bet $10 in one spin and didn’t win, so $2 of your bet amount will add to the progressive jackpot. Usually, progressive jackpot slots have a lower than average RTP because a part of the bet money contributes to the jackpot.

As long as you don’t trigger the jackpot, the size of it will continue to grow more and more. However, it goes without saying that the chances of triggering these jackpots are extremely low, so a lot depends on your luck here. Experts opine that betting higher amounts, usually the maximum bet limit, increases the chances of triggering the jackpot. But there is no guarantee of this scenario, and betting the maximum amount puts a lot of money at risk, so it’s not encouraged.

EpicWin VIP offers you the fastest jackpot.

If you’re looking for the fastest online jackpot on the market, then you have already found it. In EpicWin, we strive to be the best of all, taking things to the next level, which is why you will get to enjoy some great benefits if you become a member here. And one of the many benefits is jackpots. Not just any boring jackpot, but a super fast and thrilling one.

Now, who doesn’t love jackpots? One of the best things about playing slot game is that grand prize, the prize that can probably make you a millionaire overnight if luck goes on your way. Only a very lucky few manage 2win the jackpots and seal the deal, but it doesn’t harm to dream, hope, and play until you see that day.

For all jackpot lovers out there, you will definitely have a blast in EpicWin VIP. We have invented the fastest jackpot model for this online slot e wallet casino and built it into our epic platform. Which is to say, all the slot games that come with jackpots of thousands of coins are rapid jackpots that will keep you on the edge of your seats.

Year Of The Ox Slot Game

EpicWIn has a wonderful collection of slot games that cater to various audiences and their tastes. Your favorite superheroes and beloved folk tales may all appear as the themes of the slot games, which are packed with free games and bonuses. The slots also come in various types, so we have jackpot slots too.

The Year Of The Ox is the main jackpot slot game here at EpicWin. It is a classic land-based-style slot game that gives you as many as 243 ways 2win! RTP is one of the first things a slot player checks out when choosing which one to play. Above 96% is considered a standard for a good slot game. You will be delighted to know that the Year Of The Ox comes with an RTP of 97.03%.

But let’s get to the main thing: jackpots. In this slot game, the wilds will slowly begin to fill up the pot. Once the pot is full, you will get to trigger it; you can grab a jackpot bag full of 100,000 coins! If you’re lucky, this jackpot can be triggered very quickly, and your bankroll will see a great day. Choose your symbols carefully because the Ox Gold Symbol can unlock all Golden High Payouts and the Grand Jackpot.

And that’s not all. The most fun happens in the free games. There are as many as 10 free games that can reward you with up to 50x multipliers, giving you the chance to enjoy a max 2win of 1000 times your stake. Moreover, all the symbols will turn into high payout ones in the free games, which can get you some high amounts of payouts.

In conclusion, jackpot slots are thrilling and could very well be life-changing. So, why not try your luck with the jackpot slots of Epicwin VIP today?


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