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Looking for some great online jackpot slot e wallet to play? EpicWin8 might just be what you’re looking for. In 2022, Epicwin added a lot of amazing jackpot slots to our already diverse collection. We know how exciting and thrilling jackpot slots are, and we want you to have the best experience with us! In this article, find out all you need to know about the jackpot slots adventure of EpicWin.

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EpicWin8 online jackpot slots prizes

EpicWin never shys away when it comes to bonuses, as all our slot e wallet are packed with e wallet free credit games. The same goes for jackpots. From Epicwin’s jackpot slots, you can expect to see four different kinds of jackpots of different values.

We have a Grand Jackpot at the highest price, which goes up to RM1688.88. You can unlock it with 150 coins. Then comes the Major Jackpot of RM888.88 and Minor Jackpot of RM118.88, which you will need 100 coins and 50 coins, respectively, to unlock. Finally, the Mini Jackpot is RM38.88, which you can also unlock with 50 coins.

EpicWin8 online jackpot slot e wallet games to play today

Jackpot slots are already fun to play, but it’s even better when combined with a good storyline and several bonuses. That’s exactly what EpicWin is for. Here are the best online jackpot slots to try out in EpicWin-


Now, who doesn’t love Batman? Time to join him on his quest in Gotham City’s underworld, where a whole universe of amazing payouts waits for you. This medium to low volatility slot e wallet game features nine pay lines and an RTP of 96%. And if you are wondering what the highest payout is, it is a total of 2400 times your stake.

Free Games can be unlocked, and there are extra payouts when you land the scatters on the reels. The e wallet free credit Game also features a hybrid Sticky Wild, and when combined with the Wild Multipliers popping in every now and then, you are bound to reach the heights of maximum payouts.

Doraemon Winter Wonderland

Doraemon was our childhood, the cartoon character that made us laugh and also provided many life lessons! In this slot e wallet game, join your childhood hero in a snowy adventure at the winter wonderland, where Nobita and friends will accompany you. Special payouts are available whenever the Doraemon Bells appear on the base game as scatters, then help triple your wins on the reel.

Then there are up to 10 Free Games, where Doraemon and Nobita will appear with their favorite time machines. In these games, the spawning rate of the Bell will increase. And if luck is on your side, you may even get an additional 2 or 3 respins by hitting only 2 e wallet free credit Games Scatters in certain reels.

Epic Panther Moon

Another amazing jackpot slot in EpicWin8 is the Epic Panther Moon, enhanced and redesigned from the original Epicwin version we created to provide you with a better experience. Take another trip to the Night Safari, where you have the opportunity to win a max payout of 500x as well as a 3x multiplier.

Up to 15 e wallet free credit Games await you in this journey. There is also the Panther Wild Symbol that has the ability to double all your wins in both the Free Game and the Base Game. There are endless prizes in this night hunt, so you must absolutely not miss out!

Lotus Beauty

Dive into the enchanting beauty of the lotus flower in this epic slot e wallet game packed with bonuses. Here you have the chance to unlock up to 15 free games to get only three randomly selected symbols. And then there are the Scatters, which need to appear on the first, third, and fifth reel to unlock the e wallet free credit Games.

But they also help to replace the symbols. You can complete winning combinations here to get some rewards. Since the number of symbols reduces, you have a higher chance of landing more wins!


Get ready to join Nathan for an adventure you will never forget in the Uncharted slot game! Wild multipliers of different values appear randomly throughout the base game to give you a higher winning rate. And then there are the many bonuses.

Help Nathan get into the mystery ship that landed from the sky and get into the e wallet free credit Games, where more rewards await. Inside the ship, you will find loads and loads of Wild Multipliers, and whenever the ship flies over a reel, the multipliers will cover the entire third reel and increase your winning chances to a great extent.

AI City

Welcome to AI City, where playing online slot e wallet becomes incredibly high-tech. The AI symbol in this contemporary slot machine game might take over and generate the highest payoff symbol for you. And guess what? This increases your payout by up to 1000 times!

When you have a winning spin, which is randomly triggered, you can also receive rewards with multipliers of up to 50 times. Additionally, the slot machine rewards both ways rather than just one, and two is always preferable to one!

King Of Vape

Whether you’ve tried vaping or not, you need to join the King of Vape’s crew and play this jackpot slot game to discover the world of vape flavors. The more scatters you score, the higher the payout will be; up to 10 free games are just waiting to be triggered.

Additionally, you have a chance to win up to 50 times what you wager. Additionally, the highest paying symbol from each spin will grow to fill the entire reel when you land a winning symbol combination in the e wallet free credit Games, giving you some hefty payouts.

Epic Highway Kings

If you have heard of the famous slot game Highway King, you’ll love the Epicwin8 version of it even more. It’s a brand new deluxe version of the famous game, except with much-upgraded graphics and features, which means a much better gaming experience!

In this game, the wild symbol will double any spin in the combination it helps to form. Then the scatters will bring you up to 15 e wallet free credit Games and a satisfactory payout. Watch out for the truck symbols because that’s where all the big wins lie. Especially the red truck even pays for a single symbol on the reels. That sounds like an epic highway adventure!

In conclusion, EpicWin8 has some great jackpot slot e wallet in store for you. So what are you waiting for? Bet your luck today!

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