Fortune Favours The Bold: Enter EpicWin8 GOLDEN YEAR OF THE TIGER

The Chinese New Year is knocking on the doors. And Epicwin8, the collector of e-wallet free credit online slot Malaysia, has, of course, responded to the call. It is the Year Of The Tiger, which you should start with fierceness and lots of vigor. The tiger is the symbolizer of bravery, confidence, and strength in the Chinese zodiac, so that’s what you should be harvesting for the new year waiting for you ahead.

That’s why EpicWin has brought you a wonderful campaign, especially for the Chinese New Year, named The Golden Year Of The Tiger Campaign! In this article, we will take a look into the details about this campaign and why you should join it.

Epic’s Golden Year Of The Tiger Campaign Summary

To make sure you have a blast this new year, Epicwin’s Golden Year Of The Tiger Campaign is just what you need. There is nothing too complicated about this campaign, but the exciting prizes you can potentially win will give you a sense of fulfillment as well as the energy you need to kick start the year.

To summarize, first, you need to choose just about any Epicwin8 game from the huge collection. We have a diverse variety of slot games in place for you, each with different themes, stories, bonuses, and perks. Some slot games are especially based on the vibrant Chinese culture, for example- Epic Jian Qian Wa, Wukong Blessing, Year of the Ox, The Great Monkey, etc. For the CNY season, you can even collect Angpows from playing these games.

But that’s not the main focus here. For this campaign, you have to collect turnovers. The more you play, the more your chances of getting turnovers are. You can stick to a single game or switch between many; just keep an eye out for hitting a turnover. Because once you have hit a turnover of 20,000 coins on any slot game, you will finally be eligible to enter this Tiger event.

After that, things get much simpler. You need to crawl out for 1 minute after entering the campaign and earn as many extra tier points as you can. And there’s always more for those who play more. If you play the game four times, then you will be eligible to receive an extra bag of fortune. What does this bag of fortune contain? Why, more tier points!

But what do you get by earning tier points? You can unlock new levels and level up. The more you level up, the more benefits will be waiting for you. With every level up in the ranks, you will get to spin the wheel to earn some more profit. You will also get to enjoy a wonderful birthday bonus. Another fun reward for the rank-up is that you will be able to set your profile picture for the account.

How to play in the Year Of The Tiger Campaign?

Hopefully, now you are convinced about joining the exciting campaign to welcome the new year. But you might be wondering how you should navigate through the campaign. Don’t worry; it is nothing too complicated, which is what makes it so accessible and enjoyable to all the players of EpicWin8. Here are the steps you need to follow to play-

  • Step 1: Choose any slot game from Epicwin8 collection. Keep playing until you hit a turnover of 20,000 coins. Once you do, you will earn a single entry ticket to the campaign.

  • Step 2: You will see a ‘Start’ button on your screen. Click the button, and you will immediately start playing for the campaign.
  • Step 3: Once the game starts, you will see lots of pearls randomly starting to pop up on the screen. Each of the pearls will be hiding randomly assigned tier points behind them. Some of the pearls will have a small number of tier points, while some will have a huge number of tier points.You have to use the tiger spawn to scratch and reveal the hidden tier points from the pearls. There is no trick to figure out which pearl has more points, it’s all up to your luck, just like how it goes in slot games. But don’t worry, none of the points will be disappointing!

  • Step 4: You have only 1 minute of time for each entry. That is, within that single minute, you have to scratch as many pearls as you can. So you have to run your fingers super fast to grab as many tier points as you can!
  • Step 5: Once the time is up, all the tier points you earned will be summed and appear beside your name on the scoreboard. Based on how many tier points you have accumulated, you will get a level up, and the more your rank is the more benefits you will get.

Bonus rewards to look forward to!

You’re wrong for the Golden Years Of The Tiger Campaign. Your new year should be filled with more and more extra fortunes. We’ve created some more ways for you to earn additional tier points through what we call “chops.”

Basically, after you complete each section, you will be rewarded with a single chop. So the more sections you complete, the more chops you will have. Once you own four chops in total, you will get to unlock a Lucky Bag. Every Lucky Bag will contain some extra tier points, which will add to your main total and take you higher in the rankings!

As you can tell, this is going to be an exciting little campaign for the Chinese New Year, where you can start your year with the chance to get some cool prizes. You absolutely must not miss out on the fun with e wallet free credit online slot Malaysia! After all, you deserve to have a wonderful year ahead with EpicWin8.

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