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This game is played with a single 52 cards deck with no joker are used in the game. The player is able to bet on 4 betting areas and compare the betting..
This game is also known as fish shrimp crab Sic Bo, another gambling method, but the dice are replaced by points of fish, shrimp, crab, money, gourd and...
Sic bo is an ancient Chinese gambling game which uses 3 dice to reveal the combination of the three dice and has various bets that can be made.
This innovative In-Between Poker game, which let players bet on the outcome of the ‘in-between’ card dealt already has an extensive..
This game is similar to Poker game rules. The difference of this game is players are able to bet on 4 betting areas and compared the...
This game is Player versus Dealer game with using a total of 28 domino cards on each round of the game. Each card has upper and lower side ...
There is a total of 28 domino cards on each round of the game. The winner is determined by the highest value. Remember that the highest value is 9.
Bear Season is coming to you soon, be the first ranger to enter the wilderness and earn all the bounty. Rangers that hit 3 Free game will be rewarded.
Based on the classic Irish Luck slot game, Epic Irish Luck is redesigned with the latest graphic animation but still holds on to the classic slot feeling!
AI symbol has taken over and they are here to make up the highest symbol pay that can pay up to 1000 times payout. Moreover, rewards up to 50x..
Epic Jin Qian Wa is an oriental-themed slot game exclusive in EpicWin, inspired by the exciting culture of China.
Get wild in the safari with the wildlife here making up the high payout symbol. Speaking of getting wild, the Wild symbol here helps give doubles