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Fu Qi Duo Duo is an all-way slot game that rewards players who scale up their bets to unlock higher payout potential! Pick a bet level between 2 -5 to unlock..
Apollo Helios, also known as the “Titan God of the Sun”, is getting his power from the sun itself. He shines his ray of hope on the surface...
Hua Mulan, the eldest daughter in the Hua family, disguises herself as a man and marches on an Epic journey that will bring honor to her family.
Welcome to the Night Safari, where the Panther hunt under the Moonlight. Epic Panther Moon’s Graphic has been redesigned to enhance Player's....
There was a legend of a beautiful white witch living in the forest far far away. She was full of magical powers that were totally out of this world.
This is a simplified Baccarat game in which you can only choose to bet on a banker or player. You can reveal your card in your own way by just sliding...
Mario and Luigi will be playing with us in this game. In this game, 52 playing cards with 1 Joker card and 1 Ace card. Mario and Luigi will be playing with..
Beginning of the game, a random fancy of a 7 point card is drawn with 2 hidden cards distributed on the right in order. There are 5 betting areas in total to..
This game is played with a single 52 cards deck with no joker are used in the game. The player is able to bet on 4 betting areas and compare the betting..
This game is also known as fish shrimp crab Sic Bo, another gambling method, but the dice are replaced by points of fish, shrimp, crab, money, gourd and...
Sic bo is an ancient Chinese gambling game which uses 3 dice to reveal the combination of the three dice and has various bets that can be made.
This innovative In-Between Poker game, which let players bet on the outcome of the ‘in-between’ card dealt already has an extensive..