As a player of online jackpot slot game Malaysia, are you wondering if it’s possible to get rich by gambling? It is quite possible indeed, but only a lucky and smart few can earn that privilege and that money. In this article, we will take you through some tips and strategies that you can use if you want that. 

Tip-1: Collect your earnings and build them up  

This is the slowest but most reliable way to get rich by gambling because it depends not on your odds or luck but on your tactics and self-control. What you have to do is play regularly within certain restrictions and save the money you earn from every session.  

To explain:

Suppose you are playing slot games. Set an upper limit and lower limit for yourself. When you reach either of these limits, you will stop playing for the day. You might not earn the same amount every day, but whatever you earn, separate it and never use it for gambling. That way, after a few months or even years, you will have collected a lot of money.  

Tip-2: Bet high to hit the progressive jackpot 

There are many slot games out there with progressive jackpots in them. In a progressive jackpot of a slot, a part of the bet will be added to it after every spin, and the jackpot will slowly build up. The more you build the jackpot, the bigger it will become, and there’s no limit to how big it can be. 

To explain:

However, it’s important to bet enough to become eligible for the jackpot and usually to bet max in order to trigger it. If you think you have the ability to bet the highest amounts and take the risk of losing it all if luck isn’t in your favor, only then should you play progressive jackpot slots. 

Tip-3: Buy lottery tickets and play once every week 

There are always many kinds of lotteries happening, and many of them give you the chance to win millions of dollars or prizes equivalent to that. The tickets of these lotteries are also quite cheap to buy, so you won’t ever have any particularly big loss even if you don’t win. Because the thing is, the odds of winning are extremely low. 

To explain:

However, if luck is in your favor and you do end up winning, you won’t have to worry about anything in life for the coming years. If you’re not very financially solvent, it’s advised to buy only one ticket per week, so you’ll only be investing around $150 in a year behind these tickets. If you can afford it, buying multiple increases your chances of winning, but never go overboard with it. 

Tip-4: Hone your poker skills for the championships 

It can take as much as $10,000 to enter a Poker World Series. But you will be up against a comparatively small number of people, which makes your odds of winning better than lotteries and progressive jackpots. That is, only if you are skilled in playing poker, and $10,000 is an investment you’re willing to make. 

To explain:

If you do decide to make that investment, know that your skills need to be top-notch since poker depends more on skills than luck. You will be up against players from all over the world, and many of them might be more experienced than you are, after all. 

Tip-5: Learn the art of sports betting 

According to xperts Mason Malmuth and David Sklansky, the best way to make a living out of gambling is to become a sharp sports bettor. For that, you should bet with an edge every time. If you bet with enough of an edge so that you can overcome the bookmakers’ edge, and ultimately, you can twist the game in your favor to an extent. 

To explain:

Since they’re already at an advantage, you have to find the right spots to get their money down and have some good betting strategies in place. You might need to have multiple accounts with multiple bookmakers to have better chances. But once you get the hang of it and develop a good sense, you will become rich pretty quickly. 

 Tip-6: Buy shares from casino businesses  

 Most of us here don’t have the financial means to become casino owners and run a casino business from scratch. But if you are living in a country where gambling is legal, then most casinos should be under public companies. In the US, that’s how casino businesses operate. And here’s the deal: even if you can’t become the full owner, you can become the part-owner. 

To explain:

And how can you do that? By buying shares from the stock market. That way, you can have a tiny percentage ownership stake in them. However, keep in mind that not all casinos are equally profitable. So you should do proper research before investing in any stock in any industry. 

 Tip-7: Write a book or open a website about gambling  

If you have accumulated years of experience in gambling or know a lot of tricks and tips regarding it, you can always try to write a book or launch a website to share this knowledge. You’d be surprised at how much gamblers are interested in expanding their knowledge so that books can sell very well. 

To explain:

You can make approximately a million by selling about 40,000 books, which is a big number. Realistically speaking, you can expect to sell 200-400 books every year, which can give you a good amount within the next few years. And if you’re willing to take it all the way, you can try writing multiple books every year and enjoy the profit from them all. 

It’s even better if it’s a website since people all around the world will be able to access the articles you write. However, websites make money much more slowly in comparison, and you have to be extremely consistent. Taking sponsorships and ads is another hustle you’ll have to go through. In conclusion, it won’t be easy to get rich through gambling, but it’s not impossible either. If you have what it takes for online jackpot slot game malaysia , you can certainly hope for it. 

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