EpicWin is an online slot game provider, Malaysia. It is a Malaysia-based casino that is quickly making a good name in the casino industry, thanks to the many ways we stand out from the countless other brands out there. In this article, let’s see what makes us so different.

An exclusive collection of superstar slot games

The biggest factor that makes Epicwin stand out from the rest of the brands out there is our constantly expanding, diverse, and exciting collection of slot games based on pop culture themes. Inspired by characters and stories from DC, Marvel, Disney, and 20th Century Fox, these slot games will let you revisit your childhood memories and unleash your inner movie nerd!

To explain:

All of these superhero and superstar-themed slot games have been built with creative graphics, action-packed animations, adrenaline-filled soundtracks, and awesome bonuses. No matter what superhero or fan-favorite character you love, Epicwin will have a slot game ready for you. From Avengers, Green Lantern, Black Widow, Justice League, Wonder Woman to Mulan, Jurassic World, Tom & Jerry, Joker—we have it all!


That’s why EpicWin is known as the superstar slot maker. We have been accredited by some huge achievements thanks to this, which includes Marvel Slot Maker Award (2020), Best Disney Slots (2020), and Best New Slots Maker (2020). And that’s only the beginning. We are confident that there will surely be more to come.

The fastest withdrawal time ever

Suppose you’ve been playing for quite a long time now, and have gathered a good amount of money from the slots. What will you do next? Of course, you would want to withdraw the money as soon as possible. Maybe you will use it to buy something nice for yourself or for someone you love. Or it could be that there is an emergency for which you need some money immediately, and the only source you think of is your gambling account.

To explain:

In these types of cases, the worst thing would be having to wait hours, even days for the money to come to your hands. Many online casinos out there make the transaction process overly complicated, and even if it’s not complicated and you get to use e-wallets or cards, it still takes them a lot of time to process the funds and then hands them to you.


This is where EpicWin takes the crown. You will probably be satisfied seeing a casino tell you that all your withdrawn money will get to you within 10, maybe 20 minutes or so. But guess what? EpicWin is the only casino that can guarantee you instant withdrawal that will take no more than 1 minute. That’s right, it takes only 60 seconds to withdraw money here in EpicWin!

The fastest online jackpot on the market

Now, who doesn’t love jackpots? One of the best things about playing slot games is that grand prize, the prize that can probably make you a millionaire overnight if luck goes on your way. Only a very lucky few manage to win the jackpots and seal the deal, but it doesn’t harm to dream and hope and play until you get to see that day.

To explain:

For all jackpot lovers out there, you will definitely have a blast in EpicWin. For this online slot casino, we have invented the fastest jackpot model and built it into our epic platform. Which is to say all the slot games that come with jackpots of thousands of coins are rapid jackpots that will keep you on the edge of your seats.

There are no agents to act as the middleman

As you might know already, many online casinos (especially in Asia) hire agents to regulate all the activities and transactions within the casino. These agents work as a medium through which you can reach the games that a casino has to offer. So agents are basically independent middlemen, acting as a bridge between you and the casino. You will have no choice but to go through them to access the games you want to play.

To explain:

Since one of the many jobs of an agent is to sign you up to the casino and for that, they will have all your personal information. Since they’re independent workers, if you get under the hands of a dishonest agent, your identity and your money will be under threat. You will also have less contact with the casino because of an agent, so you won’t be able to get a better understanding of the place.


Hence why Epicwin doesn’t believe in agents. You won’t have to go through any gambling agent to reach us, all the transactions will be done directly and securely without any middlemen being involved. So you really won’t have to worry about your personal information being stolen and used for unfair means. You can directly contact us and play without feeling unsafe.

Exciting events like Magic Spin Challenge

You will also have the privilege to participate in many exciting events that Epicwin holds every year. In these events, you can win awesome prizes while also having fun with fellow Epicwin members. For example, the Magic Spin Challenge that we did in 2021 received great feedback from the players. It gives you the chance to win instant rewards!

To explain:

In this challenge, you can use the turnovers you earn to take a spin in the Magic Spin slot game, where different types of symbols carry different types of values of coins. And coins won’t be the only thing you get, you will also get some awesome jackpot tickets. There is no limit to how many jackpot tickets you can earn. And when you scratch the jackpot ticket, surprise! There will be epic prizes waiting for you.

Gift tickets

And it’s 100% guaranteed as well, not like those gift tickets. The more you play, the more turnovers you will have, the more spins you will get, and the more jackpot tickets you will earn. Even better if you manage to stay in the top 15 of the leaderboards by the end of the round. Because everyone in the top 15 will be given additional prizes too. So you can see how beneficial the events held by Epicwin can be. Not to mention exciting and thrilling as well. You don’t want to miss out on such fun!

In conclusion, you will never regret joining EpicWin. You will have the most comfortable and fun slot gaming experience here in this casino as it is the only online slot game provider in Asia!

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