Surely anyone who has played slot machines has thought at some point, “Would be great if I could hack the game and just quickly grab those rewards!” After all, which human doesn’t love taking shortcuts? While hacking slot games is possible, it also comes with quite a big risk. After all, when the farmer cut the belly of his golden egg-laying duck with the greed of grabbing all the golden eggs at once and getting rich faster, he lost the treasure the world gifted him. And thus, he went back to being poor. So you get the point. In this article, we will take a look at how to hack any slot game app and discuss hacking slots in general.

Treading into the world of hacking slot games

There are two types of hackers out there—those who wear the white hat and those who wear the black one. Simply speaking, white hat hackers are legal; black hat hackers are not. There are ways to hack slot machines and online slots floating all over the internet, and all of them are obviously illegal methods.

Whether you choose to put on the black hat or the white hat is totally up to you. But remember the consequences that may follow if you get caught. You might get banned from the casinos, or worse, put behind bars if it blows out of proportion. On the plus side, you will get some great benefits of course. These benefits will help you earn a lot more money than you would by playing legally.

Or you could choose to be honest and put on the white hat. You can inform the casino about the hacking system so that they can alter their programs to fix it. They might give you special advantages, maybe even monetary rewards, if you report it to them. And that also means that you lose this way of hacking and earning extra money from slots. Whichever you choose, just make sure to weigh what you will gain and what you will lose. Don’t make a decision you will regret is all we can say.

How to hack a slot game app on Android

In this article, the hacking method that will be mentioned is quite a well-known one. If you choose to use this method to hack your slot game app without caring about morals, just make sure not to get caught. You’re not the only one doing this.

 Step-1: Google “Lucky Patcher”

This is the APK we will be using to hack Android slot games. After you’ve searched it, go for the second search result, specifically the site called UPTODOWN. There you will get the option to download Lucky Patcher 6.2.4. Click on it to download. If it shows something like “cannot establish a secure connection”, keep clicking until the download eventually commences.

Step-2: Modify the APK

Once you’re done installing the app, open it. You will see a list of all the slot game apps you have installed on your Android device. Choose the game you wish to hack, and you will get a drop-down menu.  The, you choose the option “Open Menu of Patches,” and you’ll get an option called “Create Modified APK,” and then you’ll get another menu of options. Choose the third option called “PK Rebuilt for In-App and LVL. Emission.” A pop-up screen will appear, and you have to click on it.

Step-3: Uninstall and Install

After that, you will see another pop-up screen titled “Patch Results,” and you just have to click “OK.” Then at the bottom of the screen, you will see a button called “Rebuild and Install”; click on it, and you’ll find a menu with three options. Click the Lucky Patcher option, and then click the name of the slot game you chose earlier to hack. Yet another menu will come, and you will see the name of the game again with a lot of numbers and letters afterward, ending with Support APK. Click that option now. Now you will see an option called “Uninstall and Install.” When you click on it, the slot app will be automatically uninstalled and reinstalled again.

Step-4: Buy from the VIP Store for free!

Once the installation is done, don’t immediately click “Open.” Click “Done” first, then click the back button of your phone until you reach the first page we saw when we opened Lucky Patchers. That is the list of all the slot games you have installed on your phone. Click the one you just hacked, and you’ll get the option to “Launch App.” The game app will now open. Now go to the VIP Store of the game that you’ll find somewhere on the top of the screen or in a side menu. You will see a bunch of expensive packages that will give you a huge number of coins when you purchase them. Now comes the fun part. Choose any of the packages you want; you can choose the most expensive one if you like. Then click “Buy Now.” You will find a menu titled “In-App Purchases Hack”. There you will get a question, “Do you want to try to get this item for free?” And you click “Yes”, of course. And there you go, Purchase Successful! You can repeat this process as many times as you want and get access to the VIP Lobby as well.

How to hack slot machines using coding

If you’re a coding pro, you might be able to read a slot machine’s programming to understand how it works and when it will payout. Of course, you will either have to buy a slot machine yourself to study it or steal the code from an online vendor, which is both criminal acts we don’t recommend. Once you figure out the code, you can rewrite it to payout when certain conditions are met according to your needs. You will have to install the corrupt code in a physical slot machine by attaching a device to it, though it’s illegal to tamper with slots. If you’re doing it online, you can find access to the online casino’s source code and manipulate it there. That is also illegal.

Luckily, or not-so-luckily, it requires dangerous amounts of brainpower to be able to figure out the mathematics behind the slot machine and then rewrite it. You will have to reverse engineer and games. And games with multiple pay lines, reels, and bonus features are complex beyond imagination. So if you want to save time and energy, you should just go for a legal route. Statistically speaking, you will earn money faster that way.

The bottom line is that you can always hack slots if you try very hard, but it’s not recommended. Not only because it’s illegal and could get you to jail, but also because it’s unethical and way too time-consuming. Why not try and test your luck over at EpicWin online and claim free credit Epicwin 2021. However, at the end of the day, the choice is yours.

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