Planning to start playing online Malaysia slot games for fun? It will certainly be one of the best pastimes ever! If you’re confused about how to go on about playing, then we’ve got you covered. In this article, you will find everything you need to know before you start playing online slots.

Familiarize yourself with online slot game terms

  • Rows and reels: The grid is the first thing you will see when you enter a slot game. The rows are the vertical columns, while the reels are the horizontal columns. The reels are where your winning combination will take place. The number of spins and rows can vary from slot game to slot game, but the most standard one is three rows and five reels.
  • Paylines: The winning combinations for which you will get a payout are the pay lines, which can be from left to right, both ways, or all ways. The number of pay lines can also vary from slot to slot. Classic slots usually had only one pay line back in the day; now, they may have more. And there are mega ways slots with thousands, even millions of pay lines!
  • Bet levels: Every online slot has a minimum bet level and maximum bet level. As those terms suggest, the minimum amount you can bet per spin is the min bet level, while the maximum is the max bet level. You can choose any bet amount within this range for every spin.
  • Symbols: All slot games come with a certain number of symbols. Every slot machine follows a specific theme, and the symbols are always designed according to that theme. The number of symbols will vary depending on the number of reels, rows, and pay lines. All these symbols have different values, some are low, and some are very high.
  • RTP: RTP or Return To Player is the percentage of your bet that you will get back after every spin. The RTP of the slot can vary too, but it’s obvious that the higher the RTP, the better. If the RTP is less, you will end up losing a lot of money within a short time, even if you’re not betting much. An RTP of 96% is considered average in online slots.
  • Volatility: The volatility of a slot game, also known as variance, means the frequency of payouts in a slot game. So if a slot has low volatility, the frequency of payouts will be higher, and vice versa. The payouts will be smaller when they’re frequent and bigger when they’re less frequent.

How do slot machines work?

The core mechanism of slot games lies in the Random Number Generator or RNG. RNG uses mathematical algorithms to make sure that the results of every spin you take in a slot machine are fully random. That there is no pattern in the results of every spin. This is exactly why everything in a slot game is purely based on the luck of the players. Almost none of it depends on skills and tricks.


RNG also gives you the opportunity to have an equal chance of winning in every spin, no matter what the result of the spin was. So suppose you get the maximum win in the current spin. The best thing is that you have an equal chance of getting it in the next spin. In fact, the same goes for jackpots. If you win a jackpot in the current spin, you also have an equal chance of winning it the next spin. It’s very rare, but not impossible!

Core mechanism

Remember that the core mechanism of slot games is the fact that one spin is completely independent of the other. The result of your previous spin has nothing to do with your current spin. And the result of the current spin has no connection with the next spin. That is, of course, if the slot is licensed and not rigged in the casino’s favor.

How to play online slots?

There is nothing complicated about playing online slots, which is probably what makes it so popular and accessible for everyone. All you have to do is register to an online casino of your choice, enter your payment details, choose a slot game, and start playing. For the playing itself, there is nothing extra you have to learn. As said before, it all depends on luck, not skills.

Carefully place a bet

The only thing you have to do is carefully make a bet. Make sure to choose the bet after putting enough thought into it. When you’re doing it, always keep your budget in mind, and don’t bet more than you can afford to lose. It’s also not advisable to bet based on your gut feelings. Rather, making calculated bets every spin makes your chances better.

Spin Button

Every time you click or press the Spin button, the reels on the screen which hold the symbols in a random order will start spinning. When the reels spin vertically, the order of the symbols rapidly changes in a horizontal way. After the reels stop spinning, the symbols that will align at certain patterns according to the pay lines determine your win amount. It will only be a win if all the symbols are identical.


Depending on the value and type of symbol, you will get the results. Suppose there is a symbol that gives you a payout 100 times your stake, so if a bunch of them align on the reels, that’s what your payout will be. Suppose the symbol is a bonus symbol, then you will get the advantage of that bonus if those symbols align. That’s all!

Bonuses in slot games

Online slots are nothing without bonuses. Every slot game offers you a bunch of different kinds of bonuses, each having different advantages. For example-

  • Wilds: Wild symbols work as replacement symbols, so if you have four identical symbols and one wild in a pay line, then that wild can replace itself as that symbol and give you the winning combination you need. Sometimes wilds can expand to give you a wild reel. There are many kinds of wilds with different purposes.
  • Free spins: Free spins allow you to spin the reels a certain amount of times without betting anything, but the outcome can be both negative and positive.
  • Multipliers: Multipliers boost your winnings by a certain number. It can be x2, or it can be x100, depending on the game.
  • Jackpots: Jackpots are the mega prize in a slot game, which can either be triggered randomly or slowly built up.
  • Gamble: This bonus feature allows you to take a chance to either double your wins or lose everything.
  • Bonus rounds: Some slot machines let you enter a bonus round or free game round where you don’t have to bet anything but get a chance to win huge prizes by either playing games that require luck or skill. And that was all you needed to know to get started with online slots. Good luck and enjoy Malaysia slot games for fun!


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