Do you want to play online slots for money? Then you must be wondering how to win money playing online slots. If you are new to the world of slot gaming, you must be very clueless about how it all works. Don’t worry; we have got you covered. In this article, you will find a complete beginner’s guide to winning money at slot games.

Is it really possible to win money playing online slots?

The answer is yes, of course! Almost every land casino out there has slot machines, so slots are included in the gambling games. The same goes for online slots. Thanks to the advancement of technology, it’s possible to play slot games online and win real money from them, just like a physical casino. Everything about online slots works exactly the same way as slot machines in brick-and-mortar casinos. In many aspects, online slots are better. This includes the bonus features and the diversity of themes. Regardless, the main things remain the same. Which is to say it’s obviously possible to win real money from it.

But how will it happen, you’re wondering. It’s quite simple. In the current age, online banking is the new norm. Now it is super easy to conduct monetary transactions and pay utility bills with a few clicks from your phone. That is exactly how you will be able to get money from playing online slots. You will deposit and withdraw through The transaction will be done online. If you’re playing in a local online casino, you might find them affiliated with some local banks, and you can withdraw money from there. Some modern casinos are even starting to add cryptocurrency as a transaction option. So it won’t be of any trouble.

Choosing an online casino to play slots for real money

The first step of playing online slots for real money is to register to an online casino that offers various slot games. After registering, you will be required to put your credit card info and deposit the amount you’re comfortable playing with. But how will you choose the online casino? You can take these into consideration:

  • License and reputation: This is the most important thing you want to consider before choosing an online casino to play. Only play for licensed casinos, as those are the ones who will never scam you off your money. Moreover, they will have better games, better customer service, better everything in general. Most licensed casinos will also have a high reputation. Choose the one with the most reputation. For Malaysia, some of the most reputed and licensed online casinos are 918kiss, Genesis, Empire777, EpicWin, and so on. How will you know the license and reputation of a casino? Read reviews of them online. Beware, many scam casinos hire people to write positive reviews on different websites and negative reviews of competitor casinos. So make sure you check as many reviews as available to determine whether an online casino is genuine or not.
  • Casino bonuses: This is another important thing to consider. Good casinos with a high reputation will always be showering their players with bonuses. Since the online casino industry competition is extremely high, all casinos use these bonuses to attract customers. And you should no doubt be attracted to them as well. Every casino should offer their customers a generous welcome bonus. This can be a 100% to 200% bonus, free spins, or free credits. Some casinos will offer you a no-deposit bonus even. That is, all you have to do is register to start playing with the bonus you got. Then there are deposit bonuses to get you started as well. But that’s not where it ends. There should be daily bonuses, weekly, monthly, even annual bonuses. These bonuses can be extremely beneficial for you in the long run because they’re basically free money! Don’t make any compromises when choosing an online casino. Choose the one that offers you the best bonuses. Because that means they care for you.


Tips to win money from playing online slots

Slot games mostly depend on luck, of course. No trick or tips will guarantee you a fat bankroll. However, you can surely increase your chances of winning a great amount if you are smart. Here are some tips for that:


  • Choose a slot with a high max win: Every slot game has a maximum win amount, as in the maximum amount of cash you can expect to win from playing it. It is usually a multiplied amount of your stake. Your job is to find a slot game that has a super high max win. And by super high, we don’t mean just 1000x or even 10,000x your stake. There are slot games with much bigger max wins! Admittedly, it’s quite rare to be able to hit the max win. But suppose a slot has a max win of 50,000 times your stake. If the maximum is so high, and most of your wins are in the middle range, then those wins will yield you a decently good amount too. But if a slot has a max RTP of 300 times your stake, then the smaller wins will be too small.
  • Bet max for jackpot slots: If you’re playing a jackpot slot, then surely you have the intention to bag that mega prize. You are aware of the risks, and you know it’s not going to be easy to win it. Most jackpots only get triggered when you bet high (although some are random; read the slot review to find out whether it’s so or not); otherwise, you won’t be eligible for it. So to make yourself eligible for the jackpot, bet as high as you need to, maybe even bet max. But keep in mind that luck might not be in your favor, and you might end up having quite a bit of a loss. So only bet such a high amount if you’re confident that you will be able to pass your days in peace without that amount of money.
  • Choose a slot with high RTP: RTP of Return To Player rate is an important feature of every slot game. It determines the percentage of your bet you will get back every spin. As in, if the RTP rate is low, you will lose a good amount of your money; in the spins, you don’t win anything, and also, in the spins, you do. This makes choosing a high RTP slot very important. The average RTP is 96%, so always aim for slot games over it. For example, Epicwin’s The White Muse slot game has an RTP of 98.17%, which is a really high amount compared to most! Look for slots like this, or just try this one out. Unless you don’t care about the money, don’t settle for a slot that has an RTP below 96%.

Now, you have everything you need to know about earning money from online mobile slot game. It’s a great way to earn by having fun, but remember that it’s also a common way to lose money. So be careful and have fun. Good luck and play wisely!


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