When you’re looking for the best online slots in Malaysia, one thing you need to be very careful of is scammers. They’re everywhere, and one mistake can cost you a lot of money. But how do you spot a scammer? Find out some common signs in this article. 

Sign 1: The casino doesn’t have any reviews, or the reviews are suspicious  

It should be pretty obvious that the first thing you should do before entrusting your money and personal information to an online casino is to check out the reviews first. Especially if the casino is not a well known one yet and no one you know plays there. It’s usually best to look up the reviews on multiple websites to confirm the legitimacy. 

The casino

However, notice that the casino you want to join doesn’t have any reviews at all or has extremely few reviews. That could be a sign that the casino is new, or it could be a sign that the casino has the power to delete all kinds of negative reviews. And if you see the reviews are negative, then there’s nothing to question. 

Are you sure

You can’t be too sure even if the reviews are positive on one website because they might be negative on another. Some casinos hire people to write positive reviews, and that’s not helpful at all. That’s why you have to check out all the websites available for reviews if you come across negative reviews multiple times, better to avoid them. 

Sign 2: You have been playing for a long time but not getting any wins  

Though slot games are all dependent on luck, it is still quite suspicious for your luck to be so bad that you can’t get a single win even after spinning several times already. Rather, you’re constantly losing, and all your money is being sucked into the slot. While it is possible to be your luck, what’s even a stronger possibility is that you’re getting scammed. 

To explain:

That’s right. Online casinos that are unlicensed often have games rigged in their favour. To exhaust you of all your money, they will provide games programmed in that way. So if you notice that you haven’t been getting any wins at all, don’t wait for your money to end and immediately exit the casino. 

Sign 3: You are being asked to give information the casino shouldn’t need  

If they ask for too much information, then their purpose should be clear to you. They are aiming for identity theft, which is to say they want to use your personal information to gain access to your assets or sell that information in the black market to criminals.  

To explain:

So you need to know what information is normal and what isn’t, especially when it comes to payment details. As a credit cardholder, of course, you know what numbers should never be disclosed to anyone else. 

Sign 4: You are being asked to click suspicious links for downloading something   

The thumb rule is to never click on links that you are not 100% sure of. While the link might direct you to where it promises, the worst-case scenario is that it is malware. And if the malware is something like ransomware, which will lock your phone and make a message appear saying you need to pay a huge sum of money to get the malware out, you will be in deep trouble. 

To explain:

So if you are asked to click a link to download something or for some other reason, only do it if you fully trust the source. And if they keep telling you constantly to click the link, that’s even more of a suspicious thing. 

Sign 5: The prizes offered are too good to be true  

Most people go to casinos that are not well known only because they see advertisements of tempting prizes. These prizes can be a massive welcome bonus, awesome promotional offers, and such. While these kinds of prizes are tempting, you also have to question whether they are realistic or not. 

To explain:

A casino offering amazing prizes and offers doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better than a casino that has already been in the industry for a while and made a reputable name out of itself. In fact, these huge prizes might be a way to lure people in and take advantage of them. Don’t let greed blind you. 

Sign 6: The Terms & Conditions are suspicious or too vague  

We all find reading the Terms & Conditions unnecessary and too much work, but when things concern your money and personal information, it’s always best to be as safe as possible. Don’t just agree to the T&C’s after moving your eyes over them once. Read every sentence carefully and try to understand if anything sounds off or if there is a condition that might be used against you at some point. 

To explain:

Moreover, if you see that the terms are not explained well or sound too vague, don’t register to the casino. Vague terms can be twisted according to the casino’s convenience to take advantage of you. 

Sign 7: The customer support is not very responsive  

Always try to maintain contact with customer support and see how supportive they really are. A good, reliable casino will never have faulty customer service. They would want to ensure only the best experience for all their precious customers.  

To explain:

So if you see that the customer support doesn’t respond to you for long periods, and even when they respond, they’re not particularly helpful, that’s a bad sign. It shows that if you ever get into trouble with your withdrawals or something else, they won’t care much about helping you. 

Sign 8: The casino can’t show you licensed credentials  

You should never trust a casino that isn’t licensed. Only licensed casinos run licensed games that are not rigged. Only licensed casinos are legally accountable to make sure all players are paid for their legitimate winnings. So licensed casinos will always have some kind of proof that they’re licensed. 

To explain:

So if you come across a casino that you’re interested in but find no information about their credentials, that’s a sign of backing off. 

Sign 9: They are constantly trying to convince you to make bigger deposits 

This is a sign of the famous and common deposit theft. After you make a number of small deposits, stay in the casino for a while, and get all winnings normally; the casino wins your trust. Then it starts telling you to make a bigger deposit if you want to get a huge deposit bonus. That’s a red flag. 

To explain:

Why? Falling to the temptation, you might make the deposit. And right after you do, they might freeze your account and log you out of the casino. You won’t be able to use that money anymore. It’s a tactic for deposit theft. If you keep a watch out for these signs, you might be able to avoid scammers to a great extent and also help others do the same. 

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