EpicWin8 Anniversary Livestream Feature: LUCKY DRAW

Great news for all players of Epicwin8 trusted online casino Malaysia! Epicwin’s 2nd anniversary is just knocking on the door, and we could not be more proud of how far we have come. What started off as a small trusted online casino Malaysia with a small number of slot games is now one of the best online slots e wallet casino in the country, with an awesome and unique catalog others are jealous of.  

And of course, to celebrate the day this journey of ours started and with the hope of having better years ahead, we have gifts for all our precious players! In this article, we will walk you through the details about our special 2 Years Anniversary event: The Lucky Draw, how you can participate, what you have to do, and everything else. 


EpicWin8 Anniversary: What’s in store for you? 

We have a very exciting event coming up for you on our special day. It is called the Lucky Draw. And you know how draws work. The content is very simple and straightforward so that everyone can participate without facing any confusion. And what’s best is that you can bring your friends along for fun! 

There will be a Livestream here on our website when we finally get to the big day. All you have to do is refer your friends to join our e wallet casino and give it a try if they want to. For every 5 friends you bring along, you will get a single entry to the draw. That will be your entry ticket for the lucky draw we will be holding! There are many amazing prizes that you can get from playing games for the lucky draw in the Livestream. 


When will the event happen? 

The date of Epicwin8 glorious completion of 2 years as a e wallet casino is coming soon. Our anniversary date it’s on March 18, 2022. On this date, we began our journey with this awesome slots casino, the date it all started, and the day we are about to celebrate with all our precious players and some great rewards. So only a few weeks to go! 

The main event of the Lucky Draw will happen on 18th March, as a special feature during our anniversary Livestream. But the event period starts on the last day of February, that is, on 28th February (more details in the next section).   


How will you become eligible for the lucky draw ticket? 

For entering the Lucky Draw, you need tickets. Here is how you can get those tickets- 

  • Step 1: As a registered member of Epicwin8, you will have a unique referral link. This referral link has to be used to invite friends to the e wallet casino.  
  • Step 2: You have time from 28 February to 16 March. During this time, you have to start referring people to EpicWin. You have to refer at least five of your friends in order to become eligible. The more you bring in, the higher your eligibility to achieve the lucky draw ticket is! 
  • Step 3: To notify Epicwin about this, you will have to go to the comments section of the community banner we will post when the event starts. Then you will write your nickname in the comments, and we will know about your contribution. 


What will you get by inviting your friends to EpicWin8? 

Now you might be thinking about why you should go through the hustle of inviting more people to the e wallet casino. Five people might seem too much to convince. But guess what? It will definitely be worth it for you. There are some super cool benefits that you can receive from us by doing so, other than the ticket. Let’s check these free credits out. 

  • Inviting 1 friend: So you invite a single person to Epicwin by using the referral link you have. If your friend then link free credit no deposit a minimum amount of RM 20 to our website, then you will receive 10% cashback immediately. 
  • Inviting 3 friends: You have already invited one, and then you decide to invite two more. If all three of them have entered with your unique referral link, and only one of them link free credit no deposit RM 20 to our website, then you will get the benefit of a jackpot ticket. You can then use the jackpot ticket 2win some great prizes! 
  • Invite 40 friends: If none of the people you invite to Epicwin8 is willing to make a link free credit no deposit just yet, don’t be disheartened. Because if you manage to invite a minimum of 40 people to the e wallet casino, even if none of them makes any link free credit no deposit, you will still have the chance 2win a jackpot ticket from us. 

So it’s clear that no one will be benefited more than you if you invite your friends to join us on this journey! You won’t have to spend anything to get these. 


What are the prizes that you can 2win by participating in our Lucky Draw? 

Now that you know what is in store for you and what you have to do in order to take a shot, you might be wondering what exactly you will be playing for. Well, we, of course, can’t reveal it just yet! We want to build more suspense around this, so the rewards will remain a secret until the day of our Anniversary. What we can tell you, however, is none of the prizes will disappoint you, and you will definitely enjoy playing for them! 

The 2win winners will be announced on 18th March 2022. Where can you know if you won? On the live stream, of course. Lucy will be holding a Livestream at exactly 8 PM on the dot, and you can find out who the 2win winners are and what will be the prizes 2win by joining the stream. The stream will be held on Epicwin8 official YouTube channel and also in the community. 

And now you are ready to go! We can’t wait to reveal what we have in store for you as the prizes. So don’t forget to join if you want to be part of this too. 

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