If you have heard of Epicwin jackpot slot e wallet Malaysia, you must know that we are well-known for instant withdrawals and a gaming app. There are benefits of having these two features in an e wallet casino, and there are some other good casinos in Malaysia that have it as well. In this article, we will take a look at them. 

Why should you choose an e wallet casino online games Malaysia with instant withdrawal and a gaming app?  

A lot of things have to be considered before choosing a casino to dedicate your time and money too. Though you would usually be attracted to the diversity of the collection of games and maybe the welcome bonuses, two other factors you should always try to consider is whether the casino lets you access an instant withdrawal and whether the casino has a gaming app available (or planning to make one soon). 

Won good deal

When you have won a good deal of money from a game, you would surely want to withdraw the amount quickly and use it for whatever you like or need. There are also emergency situations where you might need money immediately, and the only source you can think of is your gambling account. In such cases, the instant withdrawal feature can be a blessing. 

Wide range

Casinos that offer a wide range of the best payment options for their players can always be considered a good casino that cares for their players and wants them to face the least amount of trouble as members of the casino. Between a casino that tells you to go all the way to the bank to withdraw the money and a casino that lets you withdraw instantly with PayPal or maybe cryptocurrency, which one do you think is better? 

Gaming app

Furthermore, if the casino comes to you with a gaming app alongside it, then that gives you even more reason to sign up to it quickly. There are so many benefits of having the gaming app of a casino on your mobile phone. For one, you won’t have to remain glued to your PC all the time and instead play on your mobile phone whenever you feel like it. 


Moreover, gaming apps provide you with another layer of security. When you install the casino software from a source, there is the risk of a malware or spyware attack, often attached by the casino themselves, to take advantage of you. Even when playing at the website, you might accidentally click on links that will direct you to harmful places on the web. 

Mobile app

But with the mobile app, you won’t have to worry about any of those. Furthermore, you can confirm the legitimacy of the casino. Since all apps in the Google Play Store or Apple Store apps are tested and reviewed by the programmers working for the company, you can rest assured that they aren’t fake. You can also read more reviews about player experiences. 


Again, mobile apps can be updated and developed easily, and new features will be added at all times for you to enjoy if you face any bugs or issues that will also be solved quickly. For all these reasons, casinos with instant withdrawal and gaming apps should be your top priority. 

What are the best instant withdrawal and gaming app e wallet casino? 

There are not many casinos in Malaysia with the best withdrawal options and gaming apps. Here are some of the most prominent ones:

  • EpicWin: 

    If we are talking about instant withdrawals, then the first casino online games Malaysia that should be mentioned is undoubtedly Epicwin casino. Not only do they have a wonderfully diverse collection of slot game, but they also have the fastest payout speed in Malaysia. It only takes about 1 minute for an Epicwin user to withdraw their cash using the payment methods provided!  And then; they also have the mobile app, which comes with a pretty and neat interface and lets you navigate through the games easily. Speaking of games, did you know that you can find loads of superhero and superstar slot game in Epicwin based on pop-culture themes? There are also rapid jackpots in these games, and every game comes with several Free Games in store for you. 


  • 188bet: 

    188bet is a trustworthy e wallet casino with an instant and secure transaction method. They provide all the popular online payment methods; so that you don’t have to make new accounts just to access the site. These methods are bank transfer, credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, and proprietary money transfer technology.  You can combine many of these methods with local mobile wallets to help complete the transactions with ease. And of course, they also have a mobile app in place. They have a decent collection of a variety of casino online games Malaysia like slot e wallet, table games, etc. as well as live casinos. 


  • 22bet: 

    This popular e wallet casino loves taking care of their customers; which is why they have slowly developed the fastest possible withdrawal method. Earlier, it used to take about 48 hours for the withdrawal funds to be processed, but now you can get them within 15 minutes only if you’re using an e-wallet, while the process only takes a minute. The best thing is that there is no withdrawal limit. However, if you withdraw more than €4000 at once, they’ll pay you in installments. Their mobile app is available to be downloaded on Android and iOS for free. 22Bet also has some great games to offer you, so you can count on them. 


  • 918kiss: 

    918kiss is perhaps the most popular e wallet casino in Malaysia, and they have every right to hold that title. They provide a variety of e wallet casino online games Malaysia such as roulette, poker, blackjack, slot game; and more without charging any additional or deposit fee for the game. But the best thing is that their payment methods are very diverse. 918kiss offers several payment methods, secure gateways for transferring money without any disruptions. Their impressively fast withdrawal takes only about ten minutes! So you will only have to go make a cup of tea before the money is there right in your bank account. Their mobile app has a nice layout and is convenient to play in. 

 In confusion, casinos that have a mobile app and let you withdraw instantly are casinos you should lean towards to have a comfortable and convenient experience. Epicwin jackpot ewallet slot Malaysia, give it out a try!


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