With the rise of online casinos and the increased accessibility and glamour of gambling, addiction has become quite common lately. There are many types of casino games, and all of them have their own charms and own system of playing. Needless to say, all of them are addictive in their own way. As in, all of these have the capability of making their players addicted to it. However, among all the casino games, there are two in particular that are so enjoyable and thrilling that they are the ones majorly making gambling so addictive. That too, interestingly enough, for completely opposite reasons. In this article, we will get into it in detail.

Slot Games: Why are they so addictive?

If we’re talking about which casino game is the most popular one, the crown will undoubtedly go to slot games. Ever since their invention, they have been loved by gamblers. Slot games are easy to play, not too complicated, thrilling, and it’s possible to make a good deal of cash out of it.

Since slots are so easy to play, it’s not hard to imagine why it’s also the most widely played casino game of all time. And since so many people are playing it, the amount of people getting addicted to it is also high. But what makes it so addicting? There can be a lot of reasons, for example:

  • It doesn’t require any brainwork:

    Most other casino games require a lot of strategizing and thinking, which is quite exhausting mentally. When something is mentally exhausting, people don’t do it for a long time at a stretch and take many breaks in the middle, which is why it rarely becomes an addiction. However, slot games depend mostly on luck. The player has to sit and hit the spin button; the rest will happen by itself. It’s not exhausting in any way, and it won’t be exhausting even if it’s done 24 hours at a stretch. This is why if players have time, they end up playing for long hours at a stretch.

  • It doesn’t take long to play:

    This is yet another reason why slot gaming is so addictive. Since most people these days have low attention spans and patience levels, slots are the perfect game for them. It’s possible to spin 10 times in a single minute in slot games. This means things happen very fast, so it’s easy to tell yourself, “just a few more spins, will only take a few seconds,” and then end up playing for another hour. And since a lot happens within a short time, the concentration level and interest don’t fade away easily, so it doesn’t become boring.

  • There are endless choices:

    Slot games, especially online slot games, are always new slots being made. There are slots with a variety of themes, a variety of unique features, a variety of gameplay. So if a player becomes bored of a single slot game, they have a million others to choose from. Since the list never exhausts, their motivation to stop playing also doesn’t. They don’t get bored as they can always change the scenery by trying out different types of games. As a result, it’s very easy to get addicted to it.

  • Often filled with bonuses:

    Compared to other casino games, slot games are always overflowing with many bonus features and super exciting ones. There are wilds, multipliers, jackpots, gambles, free spins, bonus rounds, and many more. All of these not only make slot games super fun to play but also very beneficial. As in, you don’t have to work too hard to get these advantages. It depends mostly on luck, after all. Combined with the bonuses offered by the casino, it’s automatically much easier to make money with slots than other casino games. As a result, people play it at higher frequencies.

  • Psychologically pleasing:

    Slot games are all designed with psychologists on the team. These psychologists make sure that the design is done in such a way that it makes the gameplay euphoric, releasing all the feel-good chemicals as a result of the graphics, animations, sound effects, and such. Those who chase this euphoria naturally end up playing frequently.

Poker: Why is it so addictive?

As mentioned before, slot games and poker are addictive for completely opposite reasons. But of course, many of the reasons are almost the same as slot games. Slot games are dependent entirely on luck, so nothing is within your control once you’ve started playing. While many people dig that requirement of doing anything, some people like to feel as if they’re in control of everything. And poker lets them do that since much of it is within the boundary of strategizing, combined with a bit of luck. At least, that’s what people illusion. In reality, poker still depends largely on luck—it only makes you feel like you’re in control.

Regardless, skills and luck together make for very interesting and thrilling gameplay. The rush of adrenaline in every step is what many people chase after. Poker makes you feel like you’re better than everyone else. Since the experience is different for everyone; you’re always thinking about trying this strategy or playing from that angle for better success. Another reason why poker is so addictive is the constant action that is always going on, much like slot games. Online poker allows players to play multiple tables at once, with some sites allowing as many as eight tables at a time. So compared to live poker, the speed of action is at least three times more.

Psychology Today has explained this in perfect words, “The fast feedback that occurs in a gambling setting can quickly turn a pastime into a compulsive pursuit of reward, where one can’t voluntarily disengage from the activity and harmful consequences occur — from losing large amounts of money to disruption of relationships.”

Now you know about the online casino games that make gambling so addictive and why, so you should be careful when you’re playing this to avoid falling into the same trap. Perhaps, you stand a chance when you are only playing with the safest platform, Epic Win Vip! Stay safe, have fun and enjoy your weekdays!

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