No matter how convenient and accessible, online casinos have now become the favorite place for scammers to do their job. Every day countless people are becoming victims of these scams and losing a lot of their precious money. That’s why it’s getting increasingly important for you to think twice before you register to a casino, so you can avoid these online casino scams. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most common ways these scams are taking place and how you can avoid them.

1. Deposit Thefts in online casinos

The most common kind of online casino scam you’re likely to encounter is deposit theft. As the name suggests, these are scams where you get robbed of your deposits. You will go to an online casino’s website, register, then make a deposit to start playing. But then you’ll see that no matter how much you try, you’re unable to withdraw the money. Casinos do so by either freezing your account or simply close it. This will be followed by you contacting the casino’s customer support team. They may tell you to do a bunch of things and send you into a loop with no proper result, or they will downright ignore you.

Another way they might do this is to take the long road, where they let you make the smaller deposits before and then throw a huge reload bonus afterward. Once you take the reload bonus, it’s over: your account is frozen or closed, and the support team will not show you any support. As you can guess, some people might choose to ignore the smaller deposit thefts, but the larger ones don’t go unnoticed. That’s why these casinos’ reputations are damaged quickly, and they don’t manage to last long. So they close down, go somewhere else, start a new brand, and start doing the same thing repeatedly.

How to save yourself from deposit theft?

Since this is the most common type of theft you will encounter, keep these in mind when you register to an online casino:

  1. Check if they are licensed.
  2. There are many lists of blacklisted and scam casinos available on the internet. Go through them first.
  3. See if they offer you an unrealistically big reload bonus.
  4. Unclear terms and conditions and lack of information about the operator is another red flag.

2. Identity Theft in online casinos

The risk of identity theft follows you in whatever you choose to do online. Some rogue casinos out there are run either by identity thieves themselves or by people who will sell your personal data and such info to the black market, where scammers will purchase your data and profit from your money. You won’t even realize until it’s too late. This can happen in several ways. A fake casino might disguise itself as a legitimate one and let you play all the games while selling your data in the background. Or they might freeze your account then ask you to show ID documents and proof of address (which all legitimate casinos do as well, so it won’t raise any suspicions for you).

Another way you can get your identity stolen is the direct way, where they will make cloned versions of your credit cards. As you can understand, the whole concept is absolutely terrifying, and with the rise of all these online casinos, identity theft has been made so much easier than before. However, many countries are already making more active efforts to strengthen their data protection laws, so the problem of identity theft might be minimized in a few years.

But for now, the best way for you to avoid this is to make sure the casino you’re playing in is a legitimate and licensed one since you’re going to have to upload your documents at some point. Aiming for reputed casinos, getting references from your gambler friends, or reading reviews will help you with that.

3. Rigged games in online casinos

This online casino scam is fairly simple—the scam casino will use rigged software to run their games. You will see that you’re winning fine at the beginning, and everything’s normal, but then things will start to go downhill until you’re robbed of every penny rapidly. Experienced programmers often run these kinds of casinos. There is an easy way to avoid this. These kinds of casinos build a negative reputation fast, so you won’t see reputed gaming software companies partnering with them. So if you see games of famous companies like NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming, etc. in an online casino, there is a good chance that they’re legitimate.

However, some of those scam operators have figured out this pattern and now have fake prototypes of the games of these companies in their catalog to make themselves seem more trustworthy. But don’t worry; there is still a way for you to determine whether a game is rigged or not.

How to avoid rigged games in online casinos?

  • Do some research. Read a bunch of reviews online from different websites and see what they say. Check the casino’s website and see if they can show you a legitimate gaming license. If they don’t, that’s a red flag.
  • Send an email to the software companies you see on the site asking if they have affiliated with the casino you’re looking at. They should reply within a few business days confirming whether something is amiss.

4. Refusal to pay for wins in online casinos

This is another common scam and also the most heartbreaking one. You’ve got a huge win. Perhaps maybe even a jackpot.  You’re super excited to withdraw the money and maybe buy something you want with it. But then the casino operators refuse to give you the pay you deserve. They’ll either completely ignore your emails or tell you how you violated one of their terms and conditions. Hence, giving them the right not to pay you. There are famous casinos out there who do this kind of trickery and get away with it. This is because, indeed, it is written on their terms and conditions. Thus, you can’t hold them against it because you did agree to those conditions before signing to play. So the solution here is obvious. Please read all the terms and conditions properly and see if anything feels out of place or just not right.

Once again, you have to do your homework and see if the casino you’re dealing with is legit or not. Likewise, whether there are players who are complaining about these things happening. If the casino publishes blogs featuring and congratulating players on their major wins; then you know that the site is legitimate. Look out for red flags, and you should be good to go.

Now you know what you should watch out for and why it’s extremely important to do proper research before Registration. Only the safest and trustworthy platform here, EpicWin Vip! Enjoy, have fun and do remember to safeguard your winnings at all times!

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