There are many places in the world where illegal gambling is considered a serious crime, and there are many kinds of laws surrounding the topic of gambling. In this article, we will get introduced to some such places and how gambling operates there.

Gambling is illegal in which countries?

Rather than countries where gambling is illegal, it would be way easier to list down countries where it is legal. The majority of the world still hasn’t legalized gambling, and there are countries that never will. Gambling is illegal for, all Muslim countries or countries with a majority of the Muslim population because it goes against Islamic rules and regulations.

Non muslim

For non-Muslim countries where gambling is illegal, the reason behind it is mostly the fact that it’s dangerous. Gambling addiction can be quite a serious thing, and it can lead to many other kinds of addictions as well. So it’s illegal for the same reasons taking drugs is illegal. However, there are countries where gambling is illegal, but the discussion is underway to make it legal given all the economic benefits it may carry for the country.

European Countries

As of 2021, online casinos are legal in a good number of countries. Among European countries are Cyprus, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Iceland, Luxembourg, Serbia, and Slovakia. For countries like Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, and Germany, operate the gambling industry as licensed regulators. It is legal in Australia but banned in New Zealand.


In Asia, Japan, the Philippines, Kazakhstan are the only countries where gambling is fully legal. In India, gambling is legal in two states- Sikkim and Goa. Some other countries like Malaysia either have special restrictions on gambling, or it’s somewhere in the gray area. In Africa, countries like Algeria, Morocco, and South Africa allow gambling.

North America

Finally, online gambling is common in North America, and many countries allow it. Except for these countries mentioned, gambling is illegal in all the other ones. Some of these countries have strict laws against gambling, while others cut it some slack.

What are the places best known for illegal gambling?

Though there are many countries where gambling is illegal, some countries are more famous for their strict laws against it. Let’s check out some of them:


Japan’s government prohibited all types of gambling on paper, but many types of grey areas were left when making the laws. Because of these loopholes, some activities continued taking place. Pachinko is a good example. It is a type of gambling activity as well but was not classified as a crime because it is deeply rooted in Japan’s culture and history.

Culture and history

So banning it would be like taking away a part of this culture and history. Then there is sports betting, which is allowed to an extent. Racetracks are authorized by the Japan Racing Association or the government. So there are some legal off-track betting facilities for punters who can’t get into the racing grounds. And other kinds of sports betting activities are also permitted.

To explain:

In 2016, the Integrated Resort Programme Law was passed, allowing for land-based casino games for the first time. Presently, casinos can also open in resorts as long as they’re not purely for gambling, but there are also entertainment venues, international conference halls, and a hotel. The operators are all subject to strict screening. Online gambling, on the other hand, remains strictly prohibited in Japan.


Qatar is one of those countries with the strictest gambling laws. It bans all types and forms of gambling without leaving anything out. In many other countries with illegal gambling, sports betting is still legal. But that’s not the case in Qatar. Naturally, the citizens haven’t taken this too well, and there are many underground casinos running there. Those who get caught undergo harsh legal punishments.


After the Singapore Remote Gambling Act was passed, all forms of online gambling have been banned in Singapore unless an exemption has been made. The Singapore Turf Club and the Singapore Pools are exemptions in this case; the government gave them the permission back in 2016. Land-based casinos are also illegal all over, but the government has made some exemptions for certain reasons.


Cambodia citizens became notorious in history for a bad case of gambling addiction. To prevent it from affecting future generations more than it already had, the government took a stand and decided to ban all formats of gambling in 1996. Thus the 1996 Suppression of Gambling Act was passed. But they do make an exception for private lotteries sponsored by the government. These lotteries come in 5 different forms. Moreover, gambling is allowed in the country for foreign travelers, and there are casinos dedicated to catering to foreign gamblers.

United Arab Emirates

Like all other Muslim countries, United Arab Emirates also prohibits gambling of all kinds. Though Muslim countries don’t enforce the rules too much and let people visit online gambling sites aimed at Arab players, UAE takes law enforcement to a stricter level. Anyone who is found gambling can be imprisoned for up to two years under the Penal Code’s Article 414. Moreover, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority controls all Internet content. As a result, any kind of access to online casinos is very difficult.

North Korea

Many of you may already be aware of the way North Korea runs, how the government has tight and firm control over the lives of people living there. Not to anyone’s surprise, the same goes for gambling as well. Both online and offline gambling is forbidden in North Korea for the citizens. Only tourists from other countries are allowed to gamble there. They can go on guided tours and visit the lone casino in the country located in Pyongyang.


Lebanon’s law states that citizens are not allowed to participate in any and all types of gambling activities. The government holds power to block all online casinos that come into the light. However, one online casino and one land casino in Lebanon operate in an authorized manner. Moreover, citizens can engage in offshore gambling through a casino ship that can take them out to international waters where gambling is legal.

In conclusion, though most countries prohibit gambling, some give leeway to tourists. Besides, many online casinos can still be accessed through a VPN. Epicwin online magic spin is here to serve you! Good Luck!

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