One of the features that make slot gaming so popular is the diversity in the type of slot games available out there. Every type gives you a different experience, different gameplay, and a different purpose. All types are fun in their own ways, and you just have to find out which one matches your tastes the most. In this article, we will take a look at the popular types of slot machine games.

Classic slots

Classic slots are the original type of slot machines, and all the other types evolved from this. Not many people play classic slots these days because there are more exciting and complicated types of modern slots out there. But those who are the OG slot freaks and those who prefer simple gameplays still hunt for classic online slots, and many famous classic slot machines still have a cult following.

Classic slots usually have three reels, but these days the simple 5-reeled slots are also considered classic. Conventionally, there is only one payline in a classic slot, though there can be more in the modern classic slots of today. The symbols typically display cards, fruits, 7s, bells, diamonds, gems, and such common themes. There are never too many flashy bonuses, just your regular wilds and free spins. Some have the Gamble feature, which is rare in modern slots.

Online classic slots try to imitate the look of mechanical slots that you find in land casinos. If you’re a beginner at slot games, we highly suggest you start off with classic slots first to get the hang of it. They’re simple and easy to understand. Moreover, if you don’t prefer complex gameplays, then classic slots will be best.

Megaways slots

Megaways slots or multi-payline slots are the highlights of modern slot gaming, and it’s a type of slot that is constantly evolving. Just as the name suggests, these slots have a mega amount of ways to win. This is why mega ways slots are not only more exciting and filled with thrill, but they also increase your chances of winning by a significant amount compared to single payline slots. These days, most online slots are multi-payline slots, the numbers ranging from 5 to as many as you can imagine.

In these slots, there are several paylines, but not all of them remain active at the same time. Rather the paylines shift and constantly change, making it more interesting. However, since there are more paylines, you also have to gamble more per spin, but that’s part of the excitement, especially because you will have the increased chance of hitting that amazing, juicy jackpot. Megaways slots are super popular these days among players.

Moreover, mega ways games also let you access the most lucrative and exciting bonus features. By hitting certain symbols on several of the paylines, you can trigger free spins, instant wins, wheel of fortunes, scatters, wilds, and such cool bonus features. The gameplay of this type of slot is more complex as you have to keep track of a lot of things at once.

The most common mega ways slot has 243 paylines, but you can even find slots that have over a million ways to win! These days almost all software developers are releasing mega ways slots of different themes and a number of paylines, so it’s very easy to find them.

Progressive jackpot slots

If a slot machine has a jackpot prize, the highest possible payout that can, then it’s a jackpot slot. There are many kinds of jackpot slots like fixed jackpots with a predetermined prize amount, local jackpots made exclusively from players’ bets from the same casino, network jackpots made from the bets of players from multiple players casinos, and such.

But the most popular type of jackpot slot is undoubtedly the progressive jackpot slot. These are the kind of slots where you can get massive prizes and become a millionaire overnight if luck is on your side. Sure, they are difficult to trigger, but exciting nonetheless. In progressive jackpot slots, every bet you make will add a small percentage to the jackpot and gradually progress it.

As in, every time you bet, a part of the bet will add to the jackpot amount. So logically speaking, the higher you bet each spin, the larger the jackpot amount might become. In these slots, the minimum bet requirement is usually high, and even if it isn’t, you still have to bet high to become eligible for the jackpot. There is also a bigger chance of you triggering the jackpot if you bet max, so these kinds of slots are a bit risky to play for those who have a very limited budget.

3D slots

3D slots are popular because of their amazing, hyper-realistic graphics and animations that boost the gaming experience a million times. Though it’s still a rather new concept in the world of slots, you will find plenty of slots with 3D graphics. The symbols will be 3D, the background will be 3D, and the animations every time you get a win, land a jackpot, or enter the bonus rounds will also be 3D. Though most people don’t care much about graphics, the 3D images really add an exciting and realistic element to the gameplay, making it more entertaining. You will feel as if you have been pulled to the game and you’re playing it in real life. That’s super fun!

Interactive slots

I-slots or Interactive slots are the latest upgrades of modern slot technology, bringing more fun to the house. It’s a type of slot only available for online slot players, and it has rapidly become one of the most popular and interesting slot types ever! That too, rightfully so, because, in i-slots, you can enjoy an interactive storyline, where your skills will determine where the story goes.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it? These slots are a type of video slot with 5-15 reels usually, and there is a storyline following the theme. You will play some mini-games during the bonus rounds. How you do in these mini-games, which are based on your luck and your skills, will take you forward into the story. So basically, you’ll become a part of the story too.

Every type of slot game is unique and exciting in its own way. Which one will you be trying out first over at our slot online no deposit Malaysia platform?

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