Do you want to have the most elite slot gaming experience? Then Epicwin VIP Slots will undoubtedly charm you. Not only do you get to enjoy the best and most enjoyable slot games ever, but you will also receive special VIP treatment from us that will allow you access to many cool additional features and privileges. Let’s learn more about it.

Why should you become an Epicwin VIP member?

VIP membership exists in many casinos, but not all of them can promise to give royal treatment to their VIP members, and the favours are often not good enough to convince you to buy the membership. However, Epicwin stands as an exception. We treat our VIP members with great care and value. There are many special benefits you will enjoy if you become a VIP member of Epicwin casino. These benefits include:

  • Exclusive events and gifts:

    As a VIP member of Epicwin, there will be no compromise in the royal treatment you get. You can join events like movie nights, where you can watch a movie with other VIP players and get to know them. So you can make some good friends alongside enjoying a good movie! There are other kinds of events too. For example, from September to November of 2020, we held the GO EPIC GO HOME Livestream event where VIP players had to play a quiz game divided into different levels to win great prizes.

    The cash prize ranged from a minimum of RM400 to a max of RM5000. From level 3, alongside the cash, winners were also gifted mobile phones of different high-quality brands like Oppo, Honour, Apple, Samsung, and other gifts like purses and hats. We love to adorn our VIP members with gifts all year round. You will get private luxury gifts like the Epicwin VIP merch or branded items like iPhones, TV, and even cash! The amount of cash can vary from event to event, and the gifts you get can be customised according to your wishes too. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we won’t let you be disappointed.

  • Better experiences:

    As a VIP member of EpicWin slots, you will be able to experience slots faster than normal players do. You can communicate with actual professional players who know the right patterns and strategies for playing slot games, so you can learn a lot from them and improve your own experience.

  • Unlock VIP slots:

    Epicwin is well known for its diverse collection of slot games; especially the superhero slot games based on pop-culture themes to get in on the action. Not to mention our generous number of Free Games and bonuses that charm all our players. But what about the special VIP slots we have in place? Aside from the wide and diverse collection of accessible all slot games, Epicwin has some special games reserved for their dear VIP members. These games come with better bonuses and more enjoyable gameplay.

    The best ones among these are Lotus Beauty, Maiden Lotus, Rhino Rage, AI City, King of Vape — just to name a few. You can play them from a minimum bet of RM5. The best VIP slot games of Epicwin all have a maximum win of 1000 times your stake. They are based on gorgeous and interesting themes, and you can enjoy delightful themes combined with elite soundtracks. Not to mention the myriad of Free Games you can access. In every one of those Free Games, you will receive amazing additional bonuses to boost your gaming experience and get bigger wins. Moreover, all the games have an above-average Return to Player rate.

  • Level up faster:

    When you make an Epicwin account, you will earn some points based on how many slot games you play and how well you play it. There is a level system for every account, and these points will help you level up. Every time you level up, you will be eligible to receive some amazing rewards and benefits. The best levels are the platinum level and the emerald level. But those are also the hardest levels to reach because you will need a lot of points to reach there. But not when you’re a VIP member! You can play the epic VIP slot games and earn tier points to reach a higher tier ranking much quicker than normal players can. And that’s not where it ends.

    When you reach a higher tier ranking, you will be able to redeem your rewards using gems.  Then, you can enjoy loads of free spins on multiple slots; and even get the chance to claim an epic jackpot ticket with the opportunity of winning a fortune! Moreover, Epicwin has a daily rescue fund of 10% only for gold, platinum, and emerald level players. This result to which can be claimed from 9 AM to 7 PM. It is calculated based on the player’s loss amount the previous day, and players can receive a max of RM500 rescue fund each day. There are some T&C’s that apply to it, which you can check beforehand.

  • The exclusive opportunity of game testing:

    The best thing about being a VIP member is that you will get the chance to try out every one of the newest slot games made by Epicwin before it gets officially launched! So you will be able to access a game before anyone else does, which is something every gamer dreams of. Once you test the games with other VIP players, you can give direct feedback. This means that you can voice your opinions straight to the company, which is not a privilege that you will find in a lot of casinos. EpicWin will gladly take your thoughts into account for our future games, and thus we will be able to enhance ourselves and ensure a better experience for all our players with your kind help.

  • EpicWin VIP welcome bonus:

    As a VIP member of Epicwin, you might get the chance to win great bonuses to get you started on the fun. Earlier, all VIP members would have to do is deposit RM 1000 first. Then, an additional RM 1500 would be added to their account balance as the bonus. EpicWin no longer runs this bonus. For now, they have an awesome regular welcome bonus of 100%, where you deposit MYR 30 to get an additional MYR 30. There are also many more prizes waiting for you from our retention team. We are always upgrading our bonuses. So, if you become a VIP member now, you might be lucky enough to catch a great one too!

It is clear that you will be subject to many awesome benefits and rewards if you become a VIP member here at EpicWin. Click here to become our VIP member today or test your chance and play Epic Win Malaysia Free RM10! Good luck, stay safe and don’t forget to always protect your winnings.

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