Slot Machine or Online Slot E Wallet– Who Takes The Crown?

With the advancement of technology, now almost everything has been fully digitalized. Slot machines aren’t out of that group either. Online slots have rapidly received popularity in recent years, to the point that they’re almost replacing physical slot e wallet machines. So the question arises—which one is better? That’s exactly what we’re going to, be talking about in this article by taking all the factors into account and comparing them. Let’s dive in.

Return To Player rate

Return To Player (RTP) rate is one of the first things we consider before choosing a slot to play. Both slot machines and online slots can have RTPs as high as 99% as well as low as below 90%; there is no such thing as “this usually has a higher rate than that.”

However, one plus point about online slots is that you can almost always know the RTP of the game slot e wallet before deciding whether to play it or not. Choosing slot e wallet with higher RTP is obviously more beneficial for you. But for physical slots, the RTP rate isn’t really mentioned anywhere beforehand unless the slot is extremely popular. You will either have to pay to find out or have some connections within the e wallet casino to know beforehand.

So by playing online slots, you’re not taking the risk of choosing a slot with a low RTP. In physical slot machines, you will probably have to try out every machine in a casino to find out which one pays the highest.

Bonus features and offers

It has been universally acknowledged that online slot e wallet always have way better bonus features and offers than physical slots. Admittedly the bonus features within the game are pretty much the same—wilds, scatters, jackpots, and such. However, what you won’t get in physical slots are e wallet casino free spins that let you spin for real money without risking any.

The game slot e wallet aside, online casinos themselves tend to have amazing bonus offers for attracting players and making them stick. There are free credit no deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses, free credit no deposit bonuses, daily rewards, weekly rewards, annual rewards—you name it! All these allow you to win a lot of money without risking a single penny. You won’t get that when walking into a real e wallet casino.

Audio and Visuals

Slot machines, especially video slot machines, always have amazing visuals and animations combined with fitting sound effects for every time you spin, win, get into bonus rounds, etc. The same goes for online slot e wallet as well, but in some aspects, online slots have undoubtedly better scope in this field.

There aren’t only sound effects in online slots, but entire original soundtracks to go with the theme and fully suck you into the game. You can usually choose whether you want the background music on or off as well. As for the graphics and animations, anything that is fully digitalized will obviously be better in this respect. The best physical slot machines may have the same visual quality as what’s considered an average online slot.


This is another important factor to consider. Slot e wallet machines will probably put you at more ease when it comes to free credit no deposit and withdrawing your money because you can get it almost instantly and conduct the transaction by hand. If you get cheated by a e wallet casino, it’s not too hard to file a lawsuit against them.

Online slots, on the other hand, might make you wait a few days or at least a few hours before you can withdraw the money you have won. You can usually choose to conduct the transaction through your local bank (if your chosen casino is affiliated with a local bank) or you can conduct it online using e-wallets like PayPal. There are certain risks here, and it’s not easy to file a lawsuit in this case.

However, if you choose a licensed online casino, there are no chances of you getting scammed. If any complications do arise, you can easily file a complaint. Again, there are online e wallet casino out there that let their customers withdraw money very fast. For example, EpicWin8 casino of Malaysia promises to pay the players within only 1 minute!

Selection of Game Slot E Wallet

When you walk into a casino, you will probably find a fixed number of slot machines in there, and you have to choose one from them. Big casinos might have 50 slot e wallet machines, small ones only 5. The bottom line is, your choices are limited. There might not be too much variety in the slot themes or types as well, and the theme you love or the type you want to play might not be there at all.

That’s not the case in online slots! Almost every online e wallet casino has hundreds and thousands of diverse slots to choose from, and you can find just about any theme and type there. You can find classic, mega ways, video, jackpot, and i-slots all at the same place, as well as all kinds of themes like the ocean, mythology, superheroes, legends, celebrities, etc. The choices are endless, and you can find whatever you want and play it whenever you want.

Playing for e wallet casino free

Almost every slot machine will require you to pay in order to play. You will not get a chance to try the slot out for free first, then decide whether you want to play the real deal or not. But you can get this provision for almost every online slot e wallet. You can try out the e wallet casino freedemo version without any money and figure out how to play it, get used to the controls, practice sticking to a budget, and decide whether you want to invest your money in it or not.


There’s no doubt that online slots are much more convenient to play than physical slots. You can walk into a casino, choose a slot machine, and play for hours on end without catching a break. If you take a break and go have lunch somewhere else, someone else might have occupied the seat. Moreover, if the casino isn’t anywhere near where you live, you might have to pay for transportation. Even if it is close, walking to the place is a hassle. And if you live in a country where e wallet casino are illegal generally, then that’s another problem.

That’s not the case for online slot e wallet. All you have to do is find an online casino, register, and start playing. Take a break whenever you want. Play from home on your computer. Play on the way to work on your mobile. No transportation costs, no hassle. And of course, no one will know.

Chances of slot e wallet being rigged

Most modern slot machines have advanced so much that it’s not possible to rig them anymore. In the past, many slot machines were rigged, and people would unfairly win huge sums. Luckily, that’s not the case anymore. There still remains a small chance of people cheating on slot machines by changing computer programs. The same risk also exists in online slots, so one isn’t better than the other. But you might sleep in peace knowing that if you play in a licensed e wallet casino, there is absolutely no chance of an online slot being rigged!

Gaming experience

We have to admit that there is a different kind of thrill in playing on physical slot machines that online slots probably will never be able to provide. In a chaotic e wallet casino, sitting in front of the machine, betting your money, watching the reels spin—that’s undoubtedly a very raw and real experience. The thrill you get here and the gaming experience cannot be replaced by anything.

Online Slots, however, aren’t doing too bad in the gaming experience sector either. With all the fluid animations, awesome soundtrack, amazing bonus offers, and all such things, there is no doubt you will have a wonderful experience nonetheless.

From the above discussion, it is clear that online slots take the crown. While physical slot machines offer more thrill and excitement, and safety, online slot e wallet definitely have more benefits. Some may still prefer physical slot machines, but it’s obvious which one is the winner! At this particular time, we at EpicWin8 are offering EpicWin8 credit RM10 and EpicWin8 credit RM100. Certainly, you do not want to waste this opportunity or chance to secure an easy win when you play with us. So, what are you waiting for? Claim free credit 2021 at Epicwin8 now!

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