Do you want to learn about all types of slot games? There are a variety of slot games available, and the number only increased after online casinos came to light. To have the best experience, you should only play the slot type you will enjoy the most. In this article, we will take a look at all the different types of slot games you can play. These are certainly Malaysia popular slot games you should know and take note of it.

Classic slot

These are the original type of slot machines, and all the other types evolved from this. Few people play classic slots these days because there are more exciting and complicated types out there. But those who are the OG slot freaks and those who prefer simple gameplays still hunt for classic online slots. These slots usually feature three, sometimes five reels. Conventionally, there is only one pay line, though there can be more in the modern classic slots these days. The symbols typically display cards, fruits, 7s, bells, diamonds, gems, and common themes.

You will find some basic bonus features like wilds and free spins. Online classic slots try to imitate the look of mechanical slots. If you’re a beginner at slot games, we highly suggest you start off with classic slots first. They’re simple and easy to get the hang of. One of the most notable classic slot games is Fortune Cookie, which you can play in Jackpot City casino. You can also try EpicWins Man of Steel 7( Classic/Video, Ruby Heart, Old Down Town, Imperial Diamond.

Fruit slots

Fruit slot machines are an inexcusable part of UK betting culture and have received widespread popularity all over the world thanks to the rise of online casinos. They’re still the most popular type of slot game in the UK. Typically, fruit slots have reels and not too many pay lines. The bonuses and jackpots are usually quite simple. The whole gaming experience itself is simple and laid-back, so it’s the perfect choice for you if you’re not into vigorous, adrenaline-filled gameplays. The symbols are different types of fruits.

I know, there doesn’t seem to be anything particularly special about fruit slots for it to be considered a different category. What truly sets them apart from regular slots is the nudge-and-hold features. In fact, nudges first originated from these same UK fruit machines. This feature allows players to nudge the reels in an attempt to make a more favorable combination. The Hold feature will allow you to hold a certain symbol in place while spinning the reels again. The hold and nudge features are the standards of fruit slot machines, and you will rarely find any other slot type with both these features present together. The most well-known fruit machine is Fruit Spin by NetEnt. Juicy Reels and Neon Lights are other slots of EpicWin, you can play.

Jackpot slot

If a slot machine has a jackpot prize, that is, the highest possible payout, then it’s a jackpot slot. These slots are also divided into some types:

  • Fixed jackpot: These jackpots are not influenced by how much you bet; the payout is predetermined.
  • Progressive jackpot: These jackpots offer massive prizes but are also hard to hit. Here, each bet you make will add a small percentage to the jackpot and grow each time until you land on it.
  • Local jackpot: The prize pool of these jackpots is made exclusively from the best players from the same casino. It’s easy to hit, but the payout isn’t that big.
  • Network jackpot: The prize you’ll get here is the biggest of all. All the bets made by players across multiple casinos will add to it.
  • Multi-jackpot: These slots have additional jackpots that are usually triggered during bonus games. Some jackpots are triggered randomly.

A great jackpot slot is the Justice League slot with 4 progressive jackpots. You can play Epic Music, Great Cai Shen, Spiderman Far From Home, Wonder Woman 1984 in EpicWin casino.

Megaspin slot

Things get super complex when it comes to Megaspin slots, but the super complex also means super fun! In Megaspin slots, you can play multiple slots in a single one. To put it simply, the slot will contain several different sets of reels in one, which will spice things up a helluva lot of times! Does it sound too overwhelming? That’s part of the fun too! Megaspin slots were designed so that you will never get bored because there would always be so much going on every time.

Moreover, the best thing about these slots is how you have the chance to win a huge amount of money playing this! Megaspin slots will always keep you on the edge of the seat, with your eyes darting all over the screen, brain working full-time to see what’s going on where. It truly tests your ability as a slot player, and only the best of the best can get the most out of it. Stars Mega Spin is an exciting slot game that you can find in 888 Casino.

Multipliers slot

These slots are super fun to play and give you huge cashouts. As the name suggests, these slots have features that will multiply your winnings by several times. It can be double or triple, but it can also be by as much as 100 times. So even if the winning amount is small, the multiplied amount will be huge! Suppose you win $10 from the slot and also land on a multiplier symbol of 100x. Then that will make your total winning a whopping $1000. How cool is that? If you’re looking for the most exciting Multipliers slot, then Bonanza Megaways will satisfy you for sure. Play it in the 888 Casino. Some other notable ones are EpicWins Al City, Animal Farm, Wu Kong’sBlessing, Green Lantern.

Multi-pay line slot

Just as the name suggests, these slots have more than one pay line, unlike the classic single-pay line slot games. This is why Multi-pay line slots are more exciting, filled with thrill. These days’ most online slots are multi-pay line slots, the numbers ranging from 5 to as many as you can imagine. You can cover more lines and more symbols in these slots according to how many pay lines there are. Basically, you have more ways to win. However, this also means that you have to gamble more per spin, but that’s also part of the excitement, especially because you will have an increased chance of hitting that amazing, juicy jackpot.

Moreover, multi-pay line games also let you access the most lucrative and exciting bonus features. By hitting certain symbols on several of the pay lines, you can trigger free spins, instant wins, wheel of fortunes, scatters, wilds, and such cool bonus features. 88 Fortune is a slot with 243 pay lines, and you can play it in Kaboo Casino. You can play Tiger Clash Cash, Fu Dao Wealth, Green Lantern, Fu Ql Duo Duo, Phoenix Treasure, and Year Of Ox in EpicWin.

Video slot

Video slots have grown seriously popular ever since their invention, and their popularity is especially high among online players. Video slots allow you to experience the whole slot game with stunning visual effects and exciting soundtracks, which will boost your gaming experience by a hundred times! Video slots usually have 5 or 7 reels, and they come in endless varieties. You will find many special extra bonus games and high RTP rates in these slots, so along with enjoying highly entertaining gameplay, you will also be able to get big wins.

The bonus rounds of video slot games are the players’ favorites. You get the chance to earn some extra credit from these bonus rounds by completing special and fun tasks and challenges. You will also find amazing progressive jackpots in video slots. To put it simply, the excitement and benefits of playing video slots are unending! If you want to try a video slot out, go to 777 Casino and play Thunderstruck II. EpicWin also offers Mulan, Star Wars, Captain Marvel, Avengers, Justice League.


I-slots are the latest upgrade of modern slot technology, bringing more fun to the house. It’s a type of slot only available for online slot players, and it has rapidly become one of the most popular slot types ever! And there is no confusion as to why. Because in i-slots, also called Interactive Slots, you can enjoy an interactive storyline, where your skills will determine where the story goes.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it? These slots are a type of video slot with 5-15 feels usually, and there is a storyline following the theme. You will play some mini-games during the bonus rounds. How you do in these mini-games (not only based on your luck, but also your skills) will take you forward into the story. So basically, you’ll become a part of the story too. One of the best-paying and highly adventurous i-slot is Cosmic Quest 2: Mystery Planets, which you can find in Rival Gaming casino.


All the slot types have their own unique characteristics and benefits. Which one do you plan to play with a welcome bonus slot Malaysia? Perhaps, we could recommend EpicWin as you can claim EpicWin free credit RM10 as well as claim EpicWin free credit rm100. What are you waiting for! Go give it a shot!

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