Anyone who has played slots must have thought at least once, “Would be great if I could cheat and just grab all that cash!” For most, what comes after is probably a Google search asking “How to cheat in slots?” to find out whether it’s really possible. Legal or not, the temptation is still irresistible. And there is a certain thrill in the thought itself, let alone the action. This article will dive deep into the topic of cheating and slots and discover different types of ways people used to cheat in slots before the modernization of slot machines.

Is it possible to cheat in slots?

If this question had been asked 50 years ago, then the answer might have been yes. After all, if we look back at the history of slots, there have been many instances of successful cheating in the machines. The masterminds behind these cheating methods may all have ended behind bars at some point, but they left some great tricks for many slot players to follow nonetheless.

However, this isn’t 1970! Technology has advanced so much that every little flaw of the original slot machines has been corrected, making it almost impossible to cheat in it. Now the whole thing is run using advanced computer software technology, which makes most of the cheat methods used in the past useless. As for online slots, there are no flaws at all. So it’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s no longer possible to cheat in slots. That is unless you manage to find one of those older models somewhere.

Ways to cheat at slots as adopted in the past

There were many famous occurrences of slot cheats in the past that will blow your mind. If you walk into an old bar and find a classic slot machine sitting in there, some of these cheats might still actually work. However, remember that cheating in slots is illegal and unethical, so it’s not encouraged that you do it. Consider this as more of a history lesson, if you may.

  • Using a cheat code:

    Ronald Dale Harris was an engineer of the Nevada Gaming Commission who successfully managed to rig the codes to his own advantage. As the engineer, he was supposed to ensure anything but decided to use his knowledge to manipulate the slots and take advantage of the cheat codes for many years. He was discovered in 1995 and sent behind bars.

  • Shaved coins:

    When slot machines first started using light sensors to register payment, many machines had the optical sensors separated from the physical comparator. So slot cheaters would send a shaved coin at the same time as the similarly shaped stake coin. So while the shaved coin would be returned, the other object would land safely and start playing.

  • Yo-Yo the coin:

    This is simple but requires skills, which a lot of slot cheaters back then surely had. Attach a string to the coin, send it in until it triggers the game, pull it back afterward. A real classic, isn’t it? (Un)fortunately, it’s not a trick you can use anymore in modern slot machines.

  • Using a magnet:

    Back when slot machines used to be made of metal, this was the most popular slot cheat out there. After spinning the reels, you could use a strong magnet outside to stop the reels when you saw them landing the winning combo. Yes, that actually Not anymore, though, because slots are now computer-generated and non-metallic.

  • Fake coins:

    Behold the famous con artist Louis “The Coin” Colavecchio, who used fake coins to scam casinos for several years until his arrest in 1998. Even after the person got out of jail in 2006, he still continued with his scamming shenanigans and got arrested yet again.

  • Carmichael’s Light Wand:

    Tim to honor another legend, Tommy Glenn Carmichael, who used a Light Wand device to trigger jackpots magically. The wand was capable of blinding the optical sensors so that it cannot figure out how many coins have been deposited or how much to pay out. Hence, Carmichael could turn small wins into huge payouts.

  • The Top-Bottom joint:

    Scammers in the 1970s-1980s mastered this extremely cunning way of cheating at slots. They used a tool called the Top-Bottom Joint. The tool has two parts, the metallic top is shaped like a ‘q’ in the end, and the bottom part is a long wire. They put the bottom through the coin chute and the top through the coin slot to jam the machine. Therefore, it forces it to vomit all the coins it had stored!

  • Carmichael’s Monkey Paw:

    Carmichael makes a comeback for the second time on this list because he hasn’t run out of tricks! He tested out new methods on a video poker machine and came up with a simple but effective contraption. Moreover, he attached a guitar string to a bent metal rod. He then thrust it into the machine’s air vent and wriggled around until he clicked the trigger switch. Hence, an avalanche.

  • Bill Validator Device:

    This one is old and easy. By taking a little device and wrapping it with a bill, it was possible to fool the slot machine into thinking that it took a $100 bill. When in reality, it only took a $1 bill plus the device.

  • Replacing the computer chips:

    This one is a comparatively modern cheat method, and Dennis Nickrasch was the one who first did it. He found out that the computer chips inside the machines can be re-programmed to pay jackpots on tap. He switched the independent chips with his manipulated ones, basically. So, he bought many of these chips. He decided to call his scammer buddies, and began to bleed casinos dry for years on end.

 As you can see, there is a myriad of ways people cheated at slots. Likewise, all of them make you go, “Damn, why didn’t I think of that?” Unfortunately, there are no longer any ways you can cheat at slots, and that’s for the best. Everyone has equal chances of winning and losing, and that makes it more fun, and of course, fairer. However, at EpicWin8 we are going to offer you a free rm10 sign up bonus at this particular point of time. Therefore, you don’t have to sweat as free RM10 sign up bonus no deposit is available. What are you waiting for? Let’s score some free RM10 sign up bonus no deposit Malaysia in Epicwin8 official website now!

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