One of the biggest reasons you should register at Epicwin casino is that your safety is our first priority. Most top Malaysia sites with free online slot games out there have an agent to act as a middleman between you and the casino, which can put the safety of your identity and your money in jeopardy. But here in Epicwin, you won’t have to worry about that. This article will check out how and why a casino with no agent will benefit you.

What is a casino agent?

When you hear the term “casino agent” or “online gambling agent,” you might think of a person who guides you inside an online casino for your better experience. Someone who will stay with you when you are playing and conduct all the necessary jobs. You’re right; that’s exactly what a casino agent is.

They are a medium through which you can reach the gambling games of an online casino. They are in charge of regulating all the activities and transactions involved in the whole process. In other words, they will act as the middleman between you and the casino. They are basically the right-hand man of casinos, the independent people who help in carrying out various important jobs on behalf of the casino. They’re the ones who wager your bets when you play using the money you entrust them with so that they can get commissions on the shares from your wins and losses.

As you can probably guess, this system reduces the amount of contact between gamblers and the people who are running the gambling businesses. However, it simplifies the process and increases the effectiveness of gambling more for the casino. It’s the casino’s job to choose a trusted gambling agent, but as the player, you don’t get a say about which agent you will end up with.

Why are casino agents not good for you?

Casino agents might be beneficial for the casino, but they can bring no particular benefit for you. Rather, there are risks involved when agents are there. For example-

A gap is created

Having an agent creates a gap between you and the casino you are playing at. You will barely get to contact the casino directly, and everything you do will have to go through the agent first. You will have zero ideas about the internal business of the casino, so there won’t be any way to detect suspicions.

Moreover, you will not be able to develop a good relationship with the ones who operate the casino, so there will always be a lack of trust. This gap may be used against you to betray you in the long run.

You might get scammed

There is basically an unnecessary middleman who has no particular obligation to protect your personal information and assets in a casino with agents. There are many ways an agent might betray you. Sometimes the betrayal might be as a team with the casino that carries out shady business; other times, an individual ploy.

That’s right. As mentioned earlier, agents are all independent workers so they might betray both you and the casino. A common way they do it is by scamming you of your wins by manipulating you into thinking the win wasn’t legitimate. By the time you realize, it might be too late.

You will always have to remain vigilant

It’s quite bothersome if you play at a casino with a gambling agent and want to be on the safe side of things. You will have to be cautious and prepared for different types of situations.

For example, you need to be careful about whether the agent you’re dealing with comes across as suspicious in any way. You have to ask for identification and tell the person you’re dealing with how you feel. If that doesn’t work out, you have to end up contacting the casino directly, either by phone or email, which is also difficult when there is an agent.

You may get involved in legal matters

If luck is not on your side and you fall into the hands of a dishonest agent, then the consequences might be serious. If things take a turn for the worse, you might lose your money or become a victim of identity theft.

You’ll have to do something about that, of course. The best way to deal with that would be to report the casino or the agent programs anonymously to protect all your information. But that might end up involving you in different types of legal matters, which is quite bothersome.

Especially if you live in a country where casinos are still not legal, you might get in deeper trouble since the law can’t help you and will be against you. If an influential person runs the casino, you might get on their bad side.

Is it safer to play in a casino without an agent?

Yes, it is definitely safer. A casino without an agent means a casino without a middleman to distance you from the casino’s chain of activities. If there is no mediator, there is less risk. As long as the casino you are playing at is trusted, you can carry out all kinds of transactions with them directly.

Once you win, the casino will transfer the money to your account, from where you can withdraw the money whenever you want to. In other words, your assets and information will not have to go through a third party before reaching you, and vice versa. So maximum safety will be ensured for you, and the chances of getting scammed are much lesser.

Moreover, a casino with a direct connection with its customers will always be more willing to reach out to all your problems and ensure a comfortable gaming environment for you. If a mutual relationship of trust is developed between the provider and the player, you will feel more at ease while playing at the casino.

In order to ensure safe and healthy gambling, it’s your job to choose a reliable platform to invest your money on. EpicWin is the top malaysia sites with free online slot games; it can give you exactly that by eliminating the middleman and directly conducting all the activities with you. So don’t wait anymore; register today!

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