The History & Evolution of E Wallet Casino

From casual pastimes to mobile slot e wallet games real money, the history of gambling is long. Surprisingly enough, no matter how far back you keep going through the pages of history, it seems that there is always some form of evidence of gambling present there. It’s quite difficult to trace the exact point of time when gambling began, but there are several guesses surrounding it. Are you interested? Read this article to know more!

The earliest evidence of gambling

Gambling, in simple terms, is basically nothing other than betting. So there is no doubt that some forms of gambling have existed for almost as long as money and financial transactions have existed. However, when it comes to formal and systematic gambling, the earliest evidence of it may be traced back to 2300 BC, specifically in Ancient China! A reference was found in the Chinese “Book of Songs,” which talks about a lottery game.

Ancient China

In ancient China, tiles were unearthed to use for a rudimentary game of chance. The evidence of it is Leno slips which were used back around 200 BC as some sort of lottery to fund state works. By “state works,” there is a good chance they meant the construction costs of the Great Wall of China. From then on, evidence of lotteries being used for civic purposes has been found all over history.

The beginning of different types of popular gambling games

The first e wallet casino or gambling houses started to appear in Italy during the early 17th century. In 1638, the Ridotto was formed in Venice to provide a controlled gambling environment. By the 19th century, there were e wallet casino all over continental Europe. Meanwhile, in the US, there were many more informal gambling houses in different places. But different e wallet casino games already existed way before e wallet casino came into being.


The first proof of dice was uncovered from an Egyptian tomb back in 3000 BC. That’s the Romans. What came next were the Greeks. The writings of Greek poet Sophocles around 500 BC were the first to mention dice. He claimed that dice were invented during the battle of Troy by a mythological hero. Though Romans loved to gamble, it was illegal in the ancient city of Rome, and the punishment was quite heavy.


Several pieces of evidence have pointed to the first cards being played in 9th century China. However, the rules of how cards were played back then have been lost in history, so the cards we know today must have very few similarities with the cards back then. Some information suggests that it was played by trading the cards themselves, while others suggest that they have been paper forms of Chinese dominoes.


The famous two-player card game Baccarat’s earlier version was first mentioned as early as the 1400s when it migrated from Italy to France. After hundreds of years of evolution, it came to be the Baccarat we know today. Still today, different variations of the game are played all over the world. But the most standard version of Baccarat came from Cuba through Britain, then to the US.


Some historians opine that the earliest form of Blackjack was a Spanish game called Ventiuna. For those who have read Don Quixote (1601), you must be familiar with this name. Some other historians say it might have been the game of Trente-un from 1570. Or it could be Quinze from France, which came decades before that. As you can tell, the true inventors of this crazy popular game are still unknown. Regardless, there is no doubt that the French game Vingt-et-un is a direct forefather of today’s Blackjack. The game received the name Blackjack around the 1930s when it came to America through French Settlers.


Roulette originated from the gaming houses of Paris, where the “wheel game” was enjoyed greatly by players. When it came to America, it became popular under the name American Roulette Wheel. About 50 years later, the European version of it came into being, which had just one green zero.


The precise origin of poker is still hard to pinpoint. However, we can all agree on the fact that it is the result of several evolutions and variations of different card games over a span of decades, maybe even centuries. Some opinions say that poker came from 17th century Persia, while others claim that the game we know today was derived from a French game called Poque. However, in 1829, English actor Joseph Crowell reported a recognizable form of the game was being played somewhere in New Orleans, and that’s the earliest confirmed date of Poker being played. It wasn’t as popular in the beginning until world poker tournaments began in 1970 Vegas. 

Slot E Wallet

Messrs Sittman and Pitt invented the first slot e wallet machine resembling the one we know today in Brooklyn, New York. Inspired by Poker, it used 25 cards on drum reels, the prize being nothing more than a free kredit e wallet slot drink from the bar or maybe some cigars. But then engineer Charles Fey from San Francisco came into the picture with the Liberty Bell slot machine, which had a precisely regulated winning system. That marked the beginning of the slot e wallet game revolution, and its popularity increased at a rapid rate. In the beginning, these machines were used for free kredit e wallet slot drinks in bars, but soon the money version of them came into being.

The present picture of the gambling industry

Ever since the invention or spread of these gambling games, the industry has never had to look back once. Gambling has constantly developed and evolved into better and more enjoyable versions for the players. Now there is something for everyone, and playing them has become so much more convenient.

To explain:

What started off as random games played among friends or in carnivals and such occasions entered the e wallet casino industry as part of regulated business. Those were the times of land e wallet casino, where there were bars and other sources of entertainment. Then the industry took one step forward and went online. More and more online e wallet casino came into being, and software companies developed the online versions of all these games.

Another step forward

And then yet another step forward, and now we have online e wallet casino on our mobile phones. All types of e wallet casino games are possible to play with people from completely different corners of the world. The more technology advances, the more gambling does as well. Soon, we might even have gambling in VR settings! Nothing is impossible with best slot e wallet game online Malaysia . And that was a brief history of gambling and its evolution. Needless to say, there won’t be any end to the development of this popular sport.

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