Slot machines have their various secrets that casinos don’t want you to know. These secrets are basically their subtle yet effective marketing strategies to make more money. Many of these secrets don’t paint a very bubbly image of the gambling industry, but they’re the truth nonetheless. But as long as you can keep yourself safe from these tricks, you’re good to go! That’s why in this article, we will talk about some of the secrets of slot machines that nobody told you before.

Slot machines are not placed randomly

You might think that there is no underlying pattern in the way slot machines have been placed throughout the casino’s interior. In fact, casino operators want you to think exactly that. Likewise, the casino gaming department inspects and analyzes every square inch of a casino. In each area, they monitor the amount of traffic.

The places with higher traffic get assigned bigger values, and slot machines with the highest yields are also placed in those areas. Because these high-traffic areas are the most popular spots of the casino, the gaming department knows that more people will play the slots in these areas, and thus, they will gain more money. So that means the most prominent slot machines are the ones that make the most money, but that also means those are disadvantageous for you as a player.

Classic slots have higher payouts than video slots

Video slots are undoubtedly the top choice of all slot players of this generation. They are more enjoyable and exciting, and classic slots are just considered “old-fashioned”. Since video slots are also offering pop culture themes these days, they’ve grown even more popular. But do you know that when it comes to which slot is more advantageous, classic slots take the crown?

This is because classic slots are not very appealing to players anymore, so casino operators dial up the payout rate to attract more players. Moreover, classic slots are usually simple and easy to maintain, so there’s no need to invest much cash behind them. Consequently, video slots are excessively popular, so the payout rate is lower so that the casino doesn’t suffer much loss because of the high maintenance cost.

Betting the maximum is your best option, but at what cost?

You must always feel conflicted whether to take the advice “don’t bet max because it’s too risky” and “bet max because it’s your best option.” Let me break it down for you. The fact that betting max is the best option isn’t a lie; it activates all the bonuses and jackpots, increasing your odds of getting lucky and winning big. That’s a fact no one can deny.

But you must remember that betting max also leaves a chance for you to lose a huge amount of cash in case your luck is bad. That’s exactly why casinos are always encouraging you to bet max by marketing their slot machines saying, “Bet max to win this amazing jackpot!” As I said, that’s not a lie, but it’s a truth you shouldn’t easily give in to.

If you have a budget that is smaller than the maximum bet, at no cost should you bet max? That would be a foolish risk to take, even if you’re confident with your luck. Only if you are sure that losing the money from the max bet isn’t going to be extremely harmful to you, that I encourage you to bet max and have a higher chance of grabbing huge chunks of cash.  

There are no “hot” or “cold” slots

Every casino has the stereotypical and rumored “hot” slot and “cold” slot, and that’s exactly what they want you to believe. But the secret is that there are such things as a slot with a higher chance of winning and a slot with absolutely zero chances of winning. Because slots are complete, 100% random. That’s right. We’ve been fooled all along!

The way slot machines work is that it ensures every single spin is independent of the next spin. This means that if you land a jackpot in this spin, there is still an equal chance for you to land another jackpot in the next spin. It’s just that few people are lucky enough for that to happen. The previous events never impact future events. It’s totally random.

By making you think that this slot is hot and that slot is cold, casinos want to cloud your judgment about how much you should play and gamble. As this is a plus point for their business, they never stop these rumors from getting spread.

Slot sounds and graphics are designed to activate your feel-good chemicals

Do you know that slot machine manufacturers actually work with a team of expert psychologists? These psychologists give advice on what sound, color, effect, movements, and graphics will make the player most happy. This is because the happier you are while playing, the more you will enjoy the game, and the longer you will pay.

In fact, by making sure that the slot design and sound effects make you happy, they are also increasing the chance for you to forget sticking to your budget. It will end up betting more than you can afford to lose while you’re floating in this adrenaline-filled happiness. This sounds pretty messed up, I know, but it’s simply another marketing strategy.

However, if you’re playing for entertainment’s sake and strictly keep in mind when to stop. Then, this secret of the slot machines can actually provide you with loads of pleasant serotonin after a stressful day.

Payout tickets trick you into gambling more

Cash payouts in slots are rarely a thing any more; payout tickets are in fashion. Basically, you will receive a ticket when you cash out. Then, take the ticket to a cash out machine or a cage to get the money you have won. This sounds totally harmless and kinda sensible, but there is an underlying psychological trick on the play here. In fact, by making you hold a ticket, casinos try to disassociate you from the fact that you’re holding money.

It is done because psychological studies have proved that players are more likely to put their payout tickets into another machine for more gambling. This is due to that their minds don’t perceive the ticket as money. It is exactly what casinos want: keeping you hooked to play more and more for their own benefit.

That’s why it’s highly encouraged that you don’t put the ticket into another machine on the way to the cash-out device. Cash the tickets out every time instead of keeping it for playing later.

Now that you know all these secrets, you must be feeling somewhat overwhelmed. But that also means that you’re now aware of these marketing strategies. It will not foolishly become a victim to them anymore. Likewise, most physical land based casinos are closed for the time being due to the serious Covid-19 pandemic. However, you might still claim free credit rm15 over at EpicWin Slots online! Check it out now! Play safe, play smart!

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