If you have been playing slot games for a while now, certainly this thought has crossed your mind at least once: what if I could hack these? That sounds tempting indeed, as luck doesn’t always go in your favour, and hacking it in your favour means getting a lot of cash without having to count on your unreliable luck. So if you’re wondering how to hack online slots, read this article.

The history of hacking physical slot machines

Back when slot machines were just invented, and everything was still quite new, it was awfully easy to manipulate the slot machine in your favour and benefit off of it. Once these types of activities started getting more and more common, slot makers started to design them in ways all these cheats could be blocked.

Creative ways

People still came up with many creative ways to cheat in slots. Since ejected coins were counted through a light sensor, some people used a bulb to make the machine think it had received coins. Once this was fixed, the next cheat was the infamous Monkey Paw system, which was a wire bent in the internal shape of the machine so that it could mess with the hinged plastic guard.


Even after the coin system was removed, the cheating didn’t stop. There were con artists who would pretend to help customers cash out but just take the money themselves. Then some people discovered the flaw in the electronic bill reader and exploited it. They did it using a simple device called the pocket garage door opener.

The extreme security of online casinos makes it  very difficult to hack into

It was possible to rig a physical slot machine in many different ways in the past, back when slot machines were just starting to get popular, and operators didn’t have that much extensive knowledge about it. But at present, it is almost impossible to rig physical slot machines because of the advanced technology. All types of cheating mechanisms fall flat now.

Online Slots

But that’s physical slots. What about online ones? You must know about the Random Number Generator or RNG mechanism present in both physical and online slots. Because of this RNG, every single spin is fully independent of the other, giving the player a fair chance of winning. If the slot has a properly functioning RNG, it obviously cannot be rigged.

To explain:

Moreover, all online slots are heavily protected with a firewall and complex security codes. The programmers behind the making of the online slots make sure that it is nearly impossible to hack online slots to rig them in the player’s favour or even in the casino’s favour. A slot also has to go through several tests before it is being licensed.

Do you know

Do you know that online casinos are even more heavily protected than banks? This should speak volumes, given the fact that banks obviously contain way more money than a casino. So these casinos are heavily guarded in special facilities. More specifically, in fire-proof rooms with surveillance cameras everywhere. So it’s far from easy to hack.

Is it possible to hack online slots?

So from all this information, you might be thinking that it is more or less impossible to hack online slots. In reality, it isn’t 100% impossible. For a skilled programmer and hacker, reprogramming the RNG in a way that makes most of the wins in their own favour is not an impossible task, albeit it is quite difficult. It has been done before in the past, and there might be people attempting it right now as we speak.

Hacking them

You can also hack a slot by running a copy of the hosting software alongside the original host. There are illegal websites out there where such copies are available, and running both sides by the side can confuse the original host server. But this, too, is a difficult process that doesn’t always work out if the slot machine has been programmed the right way. Online slots makers are already aware of these methods, so they try their best to make slots that can block these.

The risks associated with online hacking slots

So you know that your chances of being able to hack online slots aren’t entirely zero. Are you getting very excited about it? The truth is, there are several risks associated with cheating in online slots or gambling games in general. If you’re planning to do it or getting it done by someone, you must first familiarize yourself with all these risks.


First of all, any kind of hacking that causes harm, otherwise known as black hat hacking, is obviously illegal and punishable by law. If caught, you might not only get banned from the casino you did the hacking in but also be dragged behind bars, as all the slot machine cheaters who have been so in the past. And the thing is, it’s not as difficult to get caught as you may think.


This is because most online casinos have a set period within which you must verify the legitimacy of the funds. If you fail to do that, they won’t let you withdraw the money. If they track any other suspicious behaviours from your account, they will also tell you that you have attempted to hack. It can get you banned from the casino and, even worse, make you fall under legal measures.

Do you know

However, this is only applicable for places where gambling is fully legalized. In places where it isn’t, you might not be punished by law; but it can easily get you banned from not only the casino you tried to hack but all others. Even if the casino’s security can’t keep the hackers away; it is usually enough to catch them after a certain amount of time.

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Moreover, you might find loads of software out there that claims to let you hack into online casinos and help you cheat. But are they truly trustworthy? Most of them aren’t, given the fact that these types of software must be extremely difficult to make. So the app might actually be a threat to your data and privacy. Likewise, installing it may make you a victim of identity theft. Now you know everything about hacking online slots. Whether you want to do it or not just because you know how to win online slots malaysia; is totally up to you.

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