1. Find a slot game with a good VI that fits your budget

Do you know how to pick winning slot games? The first thing to understand is that no two slot games are ever the same. Different slot games don’t just come with different themes, soundtracks, additional features, and symbols, but they each have different volatility (VI) ratings. Low VI slots are low risk with low returns — the payout is small but occurs more frequently. On the other hand, high VI slots are high risk with high returns, but you will need to be patient. To find a game with a suitable VI that matches your requirements, we advise you to use the filter function.

2. Use a bonus with low withdrawal requirements

A deposit bonus usually has a number of conditions (usually a multiple of the bonus amount) that must be met by the player before being allowed to make a cash withdrawal. These include a minimum/maximum withdrawal limit or a turnover requirement. If you are planning to use a bonus, you will need to carefully read through the terms and understand them. EpicWin’s non-bonus deposit requires only a 1x turnover, prior to withdrawal. In addition, you will receive other extra ‘bonuses’ on your deposit — if you deposit RM100 or more, you can get a free spin and a jackpot ticket.

3.Utilizing bonus offers offered at unique online casinos

Another successful method to help grow your bankroll is to make full use of any extra online slot offers. In general, online slots offer extraordinary perks such as free spins. Other rewards may include benefits for checking in each week or even incentives that are meant to draw occasional players back more often to play. These incredible offers are an open window of opportunity that should not be missed! Remember to check your inbox often for these kinds of loyalty rewards as they could be extremely generous and attractive.

4. Study the pay table

Every online slot has its own special pay table and such variations from one online slot to another can cause a huge difference in your bankroll, especially in the long term. Being familiar with your selected online slot, such as knowing their added features like wilds, scatters, and multipliers can boost your bankroll remarkably. The “I” icon in the lower left corner of each EpicWin game contains information about the pay table for that game.

 5. Stick to your budget

One of the most important pieces of advice to always bear in mind is to set your budget before you begin. Don’t start spinning those reels until you’ve decided on a maximum amount that you are prepared to lose. Once you reach that limit, stop playing. Do not bet more if you are not ready to lose more. Depending on your budget, you can deposit any amount on EpicWin as the minimum deposit is only RM10. Unlike other competing brands out there, there’s no pressure from Epicwin to deposit high amounts.

6. Start small to win big

Proactive bettors accept the successes will not come immediately. They start with little wagers and work up towards building their capital or bankroll. Sure, there is always a desire to wager large when the successes come but in reality, you’re as prone to win ahead of schedule as you are later on, as the outcomes of the games are totally random and unpredictable. One strategy that helps you sustain your bankroll and lengthen your gameplay is to take small steps each time and then eventually work up to winning big.

7. Do not try to beat your devices

Slot games use random number generators and computer algorithms. This means that every time you spin the reels, the outcome will be one out of billions of probabilities. It is virtually impossible for a human to try to calculate the results, so if you assume that after a couple of losses, a win is sure to follow, you might need to think again. The best thing to do is to take a break or to move on to other lower VI games.

8. Knowing when to bet max

You may know people frequently urging you to “bet max” so you would have the option to cash out large rewards with numerous compensation lines. While this idea isn’t altogether off-base, we want to remind players again that with irregular number generators, the winning possibilities are basically something similar, paying little heed to the quantity of pay lines you are wagering on. Betting max doesn’t expand your odds of winning. You have the potential to win on a minimum bet but you can also lose at a maximum bet. Accordingly, we encourage players to play responsibly and to bet within their budget.

9. Make sure you bet enough to hit jackpot

In online casino slots, for example, you can’t win the progressive jackpot if you bet the minimum amount. A typical online slot has a four-tier progressive jackpot with different levels – Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand – which can be seen in Epicwin’s Rapid Jackpot slots. There are specific slots that offer this rapid jackpot. Players are eligible for jackpots in some slots regardless of their bet size. The jackpots are the main events for progressives, and aside from those jackpots, the games usually pay less than other games. If you can afford it, make sure to bet the necessary amount to be eligible to win the jackpot. If you can’t afford those bets, choose other slots which doesn’t include the Rapid Jackpot symbol. On EpicWin, we also have a Daily Login Jackpot where players will need to use tickets to qualify for entry and winners are announced every Sunday.

10. Know which online slots are worth it

In the event that you haven’t seen any successes from the online slots that you’ve played for quite a while, it is better to move on. Various slots have diverse RTP rates but that doesn’t mean that higher RTP games pay you an enormous sum and guarantees wins. When picking an online slot to play, it is important to remember that the algorithms behind Random Number Generators are at work. The idea is that every time you spin the reels, it is a unique event. The more money you put into an online slot machine doesn’t mean it will raise your odds of succeeding at that particular slot. The Random Number Generator ensures that every spin is random, fair, unbiased, and has a reasonable potential for success.

Now, you truly understand that it is absolutely not too difficult to play online slots games for real money. In the near future, we are going to show and illustrate to you in regards how to level up and enhance your skill sets specifically for online slot games Malaysia. Please do always gamble responsibly with mobile slot game Malaysia. Please do keep in mind to always safeguard and protect your winnings as well as earnings. Never ever disregard the rules of being safe. Likewise, please stay safe in the midst of this Covid pandemic.

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