Are you looking for some classic reel slot games to play today? Well, you’ve come to the right place. EpicWin has a great collection of classic slots, and in this article, we will take a look at 3 of the best ones of them.

What are classic reel slot games?

Classic reel slot games are the original type of slots. As in, the very first slot machines ever made are what we call the classic slots today. From the classic slot design, slot machines have evolved over the years into many different kinds of types, themes, and gameplays. But classic slots remain the pioneer, the blueprint. Even if many people call it old-school these days, there are still many out there who love playing them.

Classic reel

A classic reels slot means a slot game with only 3 reels and usually only 1 payline. So there will usually be 3 to 6 symbols, and the one sole winning combination is when three identical symbols align horizontally, which is when you will get the payout. Though this is the original kind of classic slots, nowadays there are modern classic slots with up to 5 reels and a small number of paylines, which offer similar gameplay.

Classic slot games are best for those who don’t like to play too complicated things, which is what most modern slot games are.

With the rapidly rising popularity of mega ways slots, most of the newly released slot games have thousands and thousands of paylines, which is a bit too much to keep up with. Classic slots are the go-to for those who are not into this kind of complex gaming experience and would prefer something more relaxed and laid-back.

The original types of classic slots don’t have a lot of bonuses like the slots these days do. The Gamble feature, which lets you take a chance to either double your entire win or lose all of it, is used to be a popular feature of classic slots that are now rare in modern slots. However, in the modern classic slots and the Gamble feature, you can also find other bonuses like wilds, multipliers, sometimes even a small jackpot.

Though a lot of slot players consider classic slots outdated now and look down on it, it isn’t by any means less enjoyable to play than the other types of slots. The relaxation, the simplicity, combined with the nostalgic old-school vibes of these slot games really add a lot to the experience. This is why many companies like Epicwin continue to make classic slot games for players looking for it. This brings us to the main deal!

Top 3 Epicwin Classic Reels To Try Out

EpicWin has a diverse catalog of slot games. You can find a lot of themes and a lot of types of slots, and classic slots are just one of the many types. Out of all the classic slots available in Epicwin, here are our top 3 most favorite ones that you can check out:

Ruby Heart

The first Epicwin classic reels slot game you should try out is Ruby Hearts, which comes with 3 reels and 5 paylines. This classic-style slot machine has a small twist that you will love. Surely you have heard of the saying “Go big or go home”.

To explain:

In this slot game, you will find three scatters that can grant you up to 7 Free Games with 2x multiplier on the total win. Moreover, a powerful Wild Symbol can also act as a multiplier of up to x6. The maximum payout you can expect from this game is a massive 1500 times your stake. There is also the 97.28% RTP combined with the medium volatility to keep the cash flowing. So as you can tell, you will always be having huge wins in this game!

Old Downtown

Another amazing classic slot brought to you by EpicWin is the Old Downtown slot game. It follows the true definition of a classic slot game by going for the 3 reels and 1 payline layout. If you can match three symbols on a single line, you can bring home a huge win.

To explain:

So with this game, you can truly experience how it was like playing slot games back in the day. But that’s not all. You can get even bigger wins thanks to the multiplier of up to x9! So the maximum payout for you here is a total of 1000 times your stake, which you can bag if you’re lucky enough. The Return to Player rate is also above average, the percentage is 96.80. Combined with the low volatility, you can get frequent payouts from this game. So never let anyone tell you classic slots can’t make you win big!

Imperial Diamond

Last but not least in this list is the epic Imperial Diamond, which is 3 reels, 3 rows, and 5 paylines classic slot game that you’ll certainly enjoy. This does not have any fancy features like the OG slots and is completely straightforward and easily understandable. So if you’re truly looking for something simple and uncomplicated to play, Imperial Diamond is the game you should go for.

To explain:

The Diamond symbol you see on the reels is the Wild in this game. This symbol can act as a substitute for all the other symbols except the scatter. If you can get 2 wilds to appear in a winning payline, the payout will multiply by as much as 6 times. And that’s not all; there’s also the scatter symbol to boost the fun further. When three scatters fall on the reels, you will be awarded a total of 7 free spins.

You can take advantage of these simple bonuses to get some good wins out of this game. The maximum payout is 1500 times your stake, just like Ruby Heart, which is quite a lot. And if that doesn’t make you happy enough, you will surely be happy to know that the RTP rate is 97.19%, and the slot variance is on the lower side. All in all, this is an awesome slot game. And now you have three epic classic slots to try out on your list. What are you waiting for? Start playing with EpicWin register !

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