Superstitions are an ingrained part of human society, and many exist even among highly educated people. Most superstitions seem to be related to luck, and since slot machines are all about luck, there are no escaping ridiculous myths here. This article will take a look at 5 common slot machine superstitions and break them down.

1. “Online slots provide less chances of winning.”

This is a common superstition associated with online slots, which is why even after online slots have become so popular and developed, many people refuse to play online. They’d rather play in a brick-and-mortar casino, where they believe the chances of winning to be higher. Some people theorize that this is a rumor that was spread by land casino owners who started losing customers to online slots.

Rumor aside, this information is totally wrong! At least in the licensed online casinos. The myth that online slots are rigged and reduce your chances of winning is just that—a myth. In fact, all online casinos are subject to strict licensing rules and are monitored by strict regulatory bodies of their own country. Operators have to mandatorily independent testing of their RNGs and game payout percentages.

In the UK, these are done by organizations such as eCOGRA, TST, and GLI. Operators have to prove to their respective local organizations that the slots are completely random and fair and not all rigged in any way. There might still be some dishonest casinos online that don’t adhere to this category. But as I said, as long as you’re paying in a licensed casino, you have nothing to worry about.

2. “If there hasn’t been any payouts for a while, there will be a huge payout soon.”

A lot of slot players seem to believe that a slot paying out is a definite, fixed pattern. So they think that if there haven’t been any payouts for a while, it means a huge payout is coming anytime now because a “payout is ought to be due after all those wasted spins!” Following the same belief, a lot of people think that since they hit the jackpot recently, there’s no point in hoping for another one until the next several hundred spins.

Needless to say, neither of those is true! What many people don’t seem to get is that slots are entirely random. One spin is independent of the previous one as well as the next one. The outcome of the previous spin doesn’t affect the current one, and the outcome of the current spin doesn’t affect the next one. Which is to say, you have an equal chance of getting a payout and not getting a payout in every single spin.

This also means that if you hit the jackpot in this spin, you have an equal chance of winning it again in the next spin. The machine doesn’t owe you anything. Your losing streak is simply your bad luck; it’s not an indication that a winning streak is coming up ahead. You can tell yourself that to lift up your spirits, but there are chances of you feeling more disappointed than ever if the losing streak continues. If you have a long losing streak, it’s better to stop playing and try some other time.

3. “New slots have better luck.”

This goes in the same category as the last one—there is no such thing as a lucky slot or an unlucky slot because all slots are random, as ensured by the RNG. Just because a casino has launched some new slots doesn’t mean those slots hold some sort of fresh luck. That is also to say that a slot being old doesn’t mean that its luck has run out. You’ll have equal chances of winning and losing in both types of slots.

Some people think that new slots tend to give better and bigger payouts, which is also not true. New slots might have better, more unique features than older ones since everyone is always trying to make themselves stand out. But that’s about it. However, when it comes to online casinos, they do sometimes provide promotional offers and additional bonuses in their newest slots to get more people to play it. For example, EpicWin Casino’s slot games always have Free Games where the hit frequency is fairly high, so you will be able to grab some bonuses easily. But don’t expect better luck just because the slot is new.

4. “You are more likely to win if you stand up.”

Quite a typical kind of superstition—”if you do this, that will happen”. Most slot machines in casinos have a seat in front of them for players to play comfortably. But some slot players believe that they shouldn’t sit down while playing because standing up gives you a better chance of winning. Their reasoning is that slot machines know when you’re comfortable, and they’re less likely to move in your favor if you’re too comfortable.

The logic behind this is that you’re less likely to move to another slot machine if you’re sitting down while playing, so the slot doesn’t feel the need to hurry up and give payouts. Instead, if you stand up, the slot machine thinks that you will leave anytime now to another slot if you get a long losing streak, so they pay more often to keep you hooked. Do you see how ridiculous that sounds?

First of all, I think we can all agree that machines don’t have a mind of their own. They can’t tell whether you’re comfortable or not, and they don’t have enough emotions to change their payouts based on it. Regardless of whether you stand up or sit down while playing, you will have the exact same chances of winning. Standing up will only make you feel restless and uncomfortable. Sitting down will help you focus more and enjoy.

5. “Insert hot coins to win.”

This is another superstition that sits at the same table as the last one. Some people believe that if you insert a hot coin into the slot machine, you will have a .” better chance of winning. Because everyone likes hot things, am I right? This is exactly why you will see many people rub their coins on their pants for a while before inserting them into the machine. They think warm coins bring better luck.

While one group of people believe this, another group thinks that the “secret” trick to cracking a slot is to enter cold coins into it. No one knows where these temperature theories came from, but once again, let me remind you that slot machines are literally machines. They don’t have a mind of their own! Slot machines are not designed to detect temperatures, and whether your coin is hot or cold or neutral in temperature is not going to affect anything.

Now you know that you shouldn’t pay attention to these idiotic superstitions. But there is no need to bash people who do. All of these are harmless beliefs that make people feel better, so let them believe what they want to believe. The important thing is that you know how to differentiate between facts and myths! You can start playing them today and claim free credit Epicwin8 only at EpicWin Slots online! Check it out now! Play safe and good luck!

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