Malaysia is the home to many famous online slots and has become the source country of amazing slot games in all of Asia. Anyone who tries our Malaysian slots never ends the game feeling disappointed. The competition is fierce, and every day new slots are emerging in this country. But some slots undoubtedly take the crown as the most trusted and leading Online slots in Malaysia. In this article, we will take a look at 4 such famous Malaysian slots.

Pussy888 Slots

Pussy888 has earned a reputation as one of the most intense and popular online casinos in Malaysia. This slot operator offers a collection of the newest and most classic slot games ever, and they’re constantly updating their catalog to add more games for you. No matter what kind of slots you want—intense, exciting, simple, complex, relaxing—you’ll find it here for sure because they really have a super diverse collection here.

Pussy888 slots are unique and diverse. Their most famous slot games are Yun Cong Long, Safari Heal, Land Of Gold, Green Light, Sea World, Magical Spin, Jin Hou Wang, Highway Kings, and many more. This is why Pussy888 is acclaimed as one of the most fun online casinos in Malaysia and is also one of the most famous ones of all time. This elite casino also has the most widely recognized industry players like Toto, Live Bonanza, 4D Malaysia, and Ocean King, so you can imagine where their reputation comes from..

By registering in Pussy888, Malaysian players will be able to receive a variety of bonuses that will blow away their minds! This includes space welcome bonus, borderless slots bonus, daily slots bonus, and also bonus betting requirements. Simply speaking, you will definitely be able to enjoy a remarkable gaming experience by playing Pussy888 slots.

EpicWin slots

Are you looking for slot games that are themed around your favorite superheroes, the brave and heroic people who were your idols when you were kids? Or maybe you’re looking for slot games based on your favorite action movies, games that will get you on the edge of your seat with the action-packed animations? Then Epicwin slots should be your go-to place to fulfill your wishes because EpicWin has a diverse collection of slot games based on pop-franchise themes.

You can find slots based on Avengers, Justice League, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Star Wars, Mulan, Man Of Steel, and such, with new slots always being added. There are also other games based on wonderful themes, like Apollo: God Of The Sun based on the Greek god of the same name, The White Muse based on the legend of the white witch,  Godzilla vs. Kong based on the famous movie, and even a Tom and Jerry slot for our favorite childhood cartoon. You will find a wonderful collection of slots to choose from.

If you register into Epicwin to play their original slots, you can get many cool bonuses and traits. They have the fastest payout speed in all of Malaysia, the time taken being only 1 minute! Their games have rapid jackpots and many free games inside the base games, so you will never run out of fun. Though Epicwin is a fairly new slot maker, they’ve become one of the leading Malaysian slots now.

918Kiss Slots

There are no slot players of Malaysia who haven’t heard of 918kiss, formerly known as SCR888 slots. This is considered the highest-rated Asian slot operator in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and other Asian countries. Known for its amazing gaming environment, customer support, a wide array of slot games, and the provision of betting small but winning big, 918kiss is truly a gift.

Aside from their original 918kiss (Scr888) slots, they also provide games of various famous slots like 3Win8 Casino, Playboy888, Mega888, NTC, Live22, LPE888, Pussy888, and many more, making them own the biggest catalog in the entire Malaysian gambling industry. A great advantage of playing on 918KISS is that most of the mini slot games that they offer also have many special features like free spins, free games, and bonus games, adding to the excitement of playing slots online.

Their most famous games are The Bonus Bears, Safari Heat, Wukong, Sultan’s Gold, and Ocean King. These games all have highly creative as well as varied themes, which will definitely boost your feel-good chemicals and get you in on the fun. Furthermore, the games’ amazing design and responsive animation will make sure you enjoy every bit of the gaming experience!

Mega888 Slots

One of Malaysia’s few licensed and authorized slot operators, Mega888 is another amazing casino. They have a diverse collection of unique slot games to offer you. In fact, Mega888 is considered one of the pioneers of the development of online casinos in Malaysia. Their slots are so good that they have ranked as the number 1. They are the most popular slot operator in Malaysia for 5 consecutive years. They have a loyal player base in both Malaysia and Singapore.

Once you’ve logged in, you can find hundreds of cool and enjoyable online slots to choose from and play immediately. Whichever suits your taste the best, you can start playing here on one of the safest platforms in Malaysia. You will love their extremely high rate of the jackpot too, which can really change your life if you’re lucky enough. In fact, Mega888 original game app offers a very high winning rate across all the slots under it. So it’s no surprise why they’re definitely a favorite of the gambling community of Malaysia.

Their most famous games are Monkey King (or Sun Wu Kong). It is a game based on the legendary Chinese lore and Robin Hood. It is based on one of the most famous stories of all time. There are several other games for you to enjoy as well. Mega888 is also considered one of the safest online casinos in Malaysia. It is due to them having the best security system. So, you can sleep in peace at night if you’re a player here.


If you want to stay assured about your funds and play slots from trusted operators, these 4 casinos should definitely be your top choice. You will find many amazing games there and never run out of fun. So what are you waiting for? Start playing today! Claim free credit RM20 over at EpicWin Slots online! Check it out now! Play safe, play smart!

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