If you are looking for a trusted online slot game in Malaysia, then you need to know how to avoid scams. And in order to know that, you should first know what kind of casino scams there are. In this article, that’s exactly what we will be talking about. 

Stealing your deposits  

This is perhaps the most common type of online casino scam out there, and you will be surprised to find out about the number of people who fall victim to it every year. You’d think it’s easy to predict this type of scam, but not when you’re online, and there is a whole virtual wall separating you and the person you are depositing your money to. 

To explain: 

Almost all online casinos out there will require you to deposit a minimum amount before you can do any activities there. Only a good few casinos will let you have a trial and play without depositing first. And it’s, of course, not easy to understand whether the casino is legit or not only by entering the website.  So how does this scam take place? The casino itself might not even be a casino though the website is designed to look like one. All the scammers want is for you to register and make a deposit. Once they get their hands on the cash, they will probably freeze your account and cut you out of the casino so that you cannot take any further action. 

 Another way

There is another way this might happen, which will always be more convincing to players. If you have made several small deposits already, they will tell you to make a bigger deposit for a huge deposit bonus. They will do this after they have already gained your trust. Once you do that, they will freeze your account, and your money will be stolen. 

Identity Theft  

This is a very concerning type of online scam. It can happen not only for online casinos but also for just about any other online website that requires you to enter your personal information. Unfortunately, no matter how many times people are told to remain careful of the information they share online, identity thefts continue to take place. 

To explain: 

In fact, up to the year 2017, a massive $107 billion have been stolen through identity theft. And a part of that has come from online casinos, as you might have guessed already. Those online casinos existed only to take out as much data as possible from you and use that data to access your personal assets. Or they might sell the data on the black market to criminals, which is even more dangerous. 


Once they have that information, they can use it to blackmail more things out of you. They might get access to your bank account, your social media networks, your address, and whatnot. What’s even scarier is the fact that this type of scam is quite difficult to detect, as the casino is always dressed in a way that will make it look legit. You won’t even realise until it’s too late. 


Which is to say, you will be able to do everything you can do in a legitimate casino on such websites. You can play games, win cash, withdraw cash, even use promotions and offers. They don’t care about those. But throughout the whole time you’re there, they will keep using various tactics to extract more personal information from you. They want the bigger picture. 

Providing rigged games  

This is something that is not exclusive to online casinos but also to land casinos. Except it’s easier to detect it in land casinos through word of mouth, but the same can’t be said about online casinos. As the title suggests, the casino scams players by rigging the games in the casino’s favour. So no matter what tactics you, the player, use, you still won’t be able to get any good wins out of it. 

To explain: 

As you know, all online slots have an RTP (Return To Player) rate, which indicates how much of the money the slot takes in every spin and how much of it will be returned to you in winnings. But rigged slot games are programmed in a way so that you will either lose all the time or lose so frequently that most of your money will be taken in by the slot in a short time. 

Not paying for legitimate wins  

This is a pathetic move a casino might play out on you, and it will affect you financially and psychologically. Getting wins in slot games is already not easy, so the happiness you feel is unbounded when you do get one, especially if it’s a huge payout, or even better, a jackpot. But you know what could crush all of that? 

To explain: 

Not being able to withdraw the money you won. There used to be many casinos back in the day which offered huge money prizes to players but did not actually have the funds for those prizes. So while they still have the small winnings to make themselves look legitimate, they would refuse to payout whenever someone landed a big win.  They would usually give all types of confusing excuses to prove that the win wasn’t legitimate, even if it is. Sometimes they would tell the players that it’s a part of their Terms & Conditions, and since the player agreed to them without reading the whole thing, they won’t be able to take any legal actions against the casino either. 

Malware scam 

This is also a rather concerning type of scam and is more common these days. Again, this doesn’t only apply to online casinos but anything online in general. If you download a file that you’re not 100% sure about, you put your device at the risk of a malware attack. Though some malware does nothing but makes your device laggy, some other malware can do much worse than that—especially ransomware. 

To explain: 

Ransomware can lock your device; and make a message appear to pay a huge sum of money; so that you can get your device free from the hands of malware. You will have to make the payment using Bitcoin or cryptocurrency so that it isn’t traceable. Over the years, ransomware has attacked many large companies, which have cost them a fortune. It’s quite a nasty piracy tactic.  Now that you know the types of online casino scams and tactics, you will know what to watch out for when you are looking out for trusted online slot game in Malaysia . 

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