If you want to play jackpot slot games online, Malaysia, first you need to know how to play these slot games. Lucky for you, there is nothing complicated about slot games. It’s the easiest casino game to play, and there is nothing much you have to learn as most of it depends on your luck. If you have an understanding of the basics, it should be enough. In this article, we will explain all of that to you.

Understanding all the slot game terms

The first thing you need to learn before the actual gameplay is all the terms that would accompany you in the journey. Having a proper idea of what these terms mean will help you understand the game better. If you don’t know what these terms mean, you will feel confused the whole time. So let’s take a look:

  • Reels and rows: The vertical columns of the slot game which spins when you hit the button are reels. Usually, slots have 3-6 reels, but some may have more. The horizontal columns are the rows, which also come in different numbers.
  • Symbols: The symbols are the main part of slot games. The game will be based on a theme, and the symbols will all be according to the theme. For example, fruit slots will have different types of fruits as symbols. Every symbol carries a different value, and based on which symbols you match on the reels; you will get the payout accordingly.
  • RTP: After every spin, you as the player will get a percentage of your bet back, which is known as the Return To Player or the RTP rate. Needless to say, the higher the RTP is, the better it will be for you as you will lose less money. An RTP above at least 96% is usually considered best.
  • Volatility or variance: The volatility or variance in a slot game basically portrays how much risk you have of losing the bet. In other words, how rarely or often you can expect to win a bet. So if the volatility is low, it’s obviously better for you. But high volatility doesn’t necessarily mean that the slot is bad. Usually, high volatility slots give bigger payouts than low volatility ones.
  • Paylines: Paylines show the combination of symbols that you must get on the reels to win a prize. The pay lines can be either one way or both ways. The number of pay lines depends on the number of reels and the type of slot. Classic slots usually have a single pay line or at least a small number of them, while mega ways slots have thousands.
  • Bet level: Every slot has a minimum and maximum bet level, which means the minimum and maximum you can bet per spin. Choosing the bet level before every spin carefully is very important.
  • Paytable: The paytable will give you every information you need about a slot, whether it is the value of the symbols, the bonuses available, or the pay lines. It’s important to study the paytable thoroughly before starting to play.

What is the Random Number Generator, and how does it work?

As you already know, slot machines are purely based on luck, and there is no way to do anything that will make it otherwise. There are no certain tricks, cheats, or strategies that will ensure you get the reward you want. And that’s all thanks to what we call Random Number Generator or RNG. All slot machines run with the Random Number Generator; it is like the core of slot games.

What is this RNG?

So what exactly is this RNG thing? It’s all related to math. RNG uses mathematical algorithms to make sure the result of every spin you take in a slot machine is 100% random, and every spin is independent of each other. As in, RNG ensures that there is no pattern and no connection in the results of every spin; and everything is purely based on the luck of the players. This is exactly what makes the slot games so fair.

To explain:

There are many articles all over the internet where you might find slot machine tricks and cheats that claim that it’s possible to predict the patterns of a slot machine result. They might tell you that if you do not have a win for a long time, it means a win is close. They might tell you that if you’re having a lot of near-misses, it also means that you will have a huge win soon. However, none of that is true because all slots run on RNG.

Sure, maybe it’s not applicable for all slots, but it’s definitely applicable for the licensed ones, which are the only ones you should be playing anyway. The ones that are not licensed are often rigged; but they won’t be rigged in your favor, rather the operator’s one. So we wouldn’t recommend you try those. Even if you find a machine rigged in the player’s favor; it’s best to play fair and stay true to your honesty.

Luck or Randomness

Besides, it’s more thrilling to have it purely based on luck and randomness. Another great thing about RNG is the fact that it gives you an equal chance of winning and losing in every spin. So suppose you got the maximum win in the current spin. You will have an equal chance of getting it in the next spin. In fact, if you win a jackpot in the current spin; you also have an equal chance of winning it in the next one. It’s just very rare because most people aren’t that lucky.


So you can understand that the core mechanism of slot games; is that one spin is completely independent of the other. The result of your previous spin has nothing to do with your current spin, and the result of the current spin has no connection with the next spin. If you keep this in mind, you will not fall for the tricks and cheats all over the internet either. There is nothing more to understanding slot games than this. As long as you know what you’re dealing with and how it has been mechanized; it’s not at all difficult to fully grasp a machine and bring it to your palms. Try jackpot slot game online Malaysia today and you might stand a chance to win! Good luck!

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