There are so many fraudulent businesses going about in the casino industry, so there isn’t a limit to how many rogue slot casinos must be floating all over the internet right now. These casinos already show some signs that make them untrustworthy. If you’re aware of these signs, you might be able to avoid them. In this article, we will also take a look at some of the untrustworthy online casino slot sites.

What makes an online casino site untrustworthy?

You can never go through an entire list of blacklisted casinos in your lifetime or keep them all in mind, for that matter. So it’s best if you remain aware of some of the prominent signs first, which are:

  • Slow payment or no payment:

    One of the most common and easy to catch red flags about an online casino site is their behavior towards paying their players. Some players don’t get paid because they cheated someday. But in rogue casinos, they refuse to pay the players even if they didn’t cheat, throw wrong accusations at them, or straight-up ignore them until they just give up. And even if they do pay, sometimes they take a really long time to do it, which hints at a bad management team.

  • Rigged games:

    Rigged games lead to unfair gameplay because they are usually rigged in a way that would lead to the casino’s advantage. Remember that the casino already has an advantage over you because of the house edge. But they still are supposed to ensure the slot games run with RNG and the results are fair. With rigged games, you might win at first but then start losing everything one by one without end. This is not just your bad luck, but the casino’s malpractices.

  • Outrageous terms and conditions:

    There are casinos that have terms and conditions that are illogical or don’t make sense. This can be like 100x bonus rollover requirements, a cap on how much money you can win with your bonus, or a limit on how much you can bet per round. It might also be prohibiting games like progressive jackpots from being played while using the bonus. They take advantage of how many players don’t read the terms before accepting and trick them later. But you shouldn’t be one of them. You see a slot casino site with odd conditions, you leave.

  • Rapidly changing terms:

    This is a super sneaky and a rather smart way rogue casinos trick their players. Since most players would only read the terms and conditions once, these casinos keep changing them repeatedly according to how it suits them. What’s worse, they don’t even notify their players about this change. So if you get treated unfairly and contact them saying it’s against the terms, they’ll ask you to check the terms again then, and you’ll see the terms have been changed. Thus you can’t hold them accountable anymore. It’s possible to catch this trickery by regularly monitoring the terms and conditions.

  • Marketing spams:

    Everyone hates spam, especially marketing spam that is annoying and clog up our inboxes, causing our account to get hanged. Some rogue casinos repeatedly market themselves to players, forums, and websites using the spam method, which is also illegal.

  • Unlicensed and unregulated:

    Licensed and properly regulated casinos will never scam anyone as they are held legally accountable to carry out the whole thing in an honest way. This is exactly why you won’t find many licensed and regulated casinos. But you will have to search for them regardless.

Some untrustworthy online casino sites to watch out for

Now that you know what makes a casino untrustworthy. Here are some of the casinos that have been fooling a lot of people for a long time. These are-

  • Betfair:

    Betfair has displayed quite a lot of bad casino practices. Once, they accidentally released a Happy Hour bonus, and players took advantage of it only to find out it was a mistake on the operator’s part. In the end, they confiscated players’ winnings and refused to give them back though it was their fault, to begin with.

  • Curgam Group:

    This is a blacklisted casino operator group notoriously known for their habit of indulging in marketing spam. They also ignore customer requests and outright refuse to pay players their worthy winnings. The worse thing is that they’re still in operation today, so you should be aware of the slot casinos they run-

    • 99 Slot Machines
    • Mighty Slots
    • Plenty Jackpots
    • Real Vegas Online
    • SlotLuv
    • Slot Nuts
    • Slots Inferno
  • Cyberrock Entertainment N.V. Casinos:

    There have been many complaints about this casino regarding refusal to pay, slow payment, and ignorance of customer support. They also have illogical terms and conditions. For example, a limit on cashing out only 10x your deposit if you deposit less than $250. Some of the slot casinos under them are Play2Win, Slots Jackpot Casino, Rockbet, Vegas Days Casino, and more.

  • CGTV Games:

    Gambling Federation or CGTV Games is a rather well-known casino operator organization, but they’re extremely untrustworthy. They have crossed limits by installing malware and modifying hosts to block out other casino domains. Players have reported about their accounts being locked, being refused payment for winning, and non-existent customer support. Video Poker Classic Casino, Major Slots, Max Slots Casino, 707 Casino, Casino Mel, etc; are some of their online slot casinos.

  • Lock Casinos:

    Lock Casinos had their funds seized by a payment processor that rendered them incapable of being able to pay their players. As a result, the payment is slow and infrequent, given that there is no payment at all. Some players have even waited for more than a year to be paid.

  • Playtech Casinos:

    The casinos under Playtech have all displayed predatory terms that limit the payout on progressive jackpots. There are limits on how much you can cash out on huge wins; which is not something there’s supposed to be a limit on no matter what. A prominent occurrence of this happened at Joyland Casino in 2009; when a player won $4.1 million and found out she can only take $9000 per month. This basically means it will take 39 years for it all to be paid out, which is ridiculous. In fact, in the end, she was tricked into taking only half of the money; while the other $2 million remained with the casino though it wasn’t theirs. So it goes without saying these are not safe casinos to bet in. Casino Las Vegas, Jackpot247, Casino King, 21Nova, 7Regal Casino, etc., are some of the slot casinos under them.

There’s no doubt that you should think twice before playing in these casinos; if you want your money and your winnings to be safe. That’s why it’s always recommended you play in a famous and licensed online casinos such as Epic Win Malaysia! You can never go wrong with it.

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