Do you want to learn how to beat the best slot game to win real money? When it comes to slot games that give you real money, you cannot take any risks. You have the same chances of winning real money as you have for losing that real money. So you might be wondering how to beat the slots. There’s no trick or secrets to beat slots fully. But there are some tips you can follow to make sure you’re the one taking advantage of the slots, not the other way round. In this article, we will discuss a few such ways.

1. Choose the slot that offers the highest RTP

Remember, not all online slots are created the same way. Don’t just choose whatever slot looks interesting to you; check their Return To Player rate first! On average, most slots have an RTP of 94%-96%. If the slot you’re looking at has more than that, you know you’re in luck, so go with it. But if it is less than that, bad idea.

However, if you just see a slot with 94-96% RTP, don’t immediately settle for it. Keep looking for one for as long as you can. Remember that you won’t have anything to worry about once you find a slot with a fairly high RTP. But if you keep playing slots that offer average RTP, then you will be constantly aware that you’re missing out on better opportunities that might be out there.

However, if you can’t find one, no matter how much you try, just settle for one that is at least over 95%. You will lose less of your money by playing in a slot with a high RTP. If you keep repeatedly choosing slots with more payout percentage, then you’re more likely to have a fairly high amount in your bankroll by the end of the day.

2. Start playing with a small amount of money

This might not sound like helpful tips for you, but it’s one of the best tips you’ll ever get when it comes to beating slots. Start small, aim high. By entering the game with a small deposit, if you do end up having a losing streak, you won’t actually lose that much money. But if you have a good winning streak, you will be able to build up that small amount into something big. If you start out by losing too frequently, you can stop right there and try another slot with the money left. Once you start winning, you can start to cover up the little loss you had and maybe earn some extra. But if you start out too big, you will also lose a lot.

Think of it like this. The amount of money that will be removed from your bankroll because of you losing a $5 bet is so much less than the same for a $100 bet. Of course, if you win the bet, you’ll earn more, but it’s always better to play safe since the odds of losing are much higher. Safe is what helps you beat a slot machine.

3. Set a stop limit for a particular amount of loss

This should be obvious, but you would be surprised at how many players tend to forget it. Knowing when to call it a day is probably the biggest skill you need when playing slot games or gambling games. If you don’t know when to stop and keeping making bets after bets despite losing, you know you’ll end up hitting rock bottom at some point. That’s why it’s important to set a stop limit. Simply setting it isn’t enough; following it is the most important. Slot games are so fun and addictive that you can easily get carried away while playing them, so you need to train your mind to stop when it should. Before you start playing, glee yourself what maximum amount you will allow yourself to lose; stop playing right there if you reach that loss amount.

If you keep playing even after losing a lot, there’s a high chance you won’t have anything in the end. Then you won’t be able to beat the slot machine; the slot machine will beat you by eating up all your money!

4. Don’t bet more than what you can afford to lose

We cannot stress just how important this point is in order to beat slot games. You might think that betting more will increase your chances of winning, but no. No matter how much you bet, the Random Number Generator will still ensure you have the same odds of winning. You can bet all you want, but if you lose, you’ll lose an extremely high amount too.

You’ve probably heard a lot of people say that you need to take risks while gambling. While that’s completely true, it’s also true that you cannot afford to take the risk. You have rent to pay, kids to feed, bills to meet. By betting more than you can afford, you’re putting yourself at the risk of being unable to provide money for all of those.

Slots will tell you to bet maximum, but that’s hardly a good idea. So bet according to your bankroll. If you can afford to lose $30, then bet no more than that. If you do, you will have to be prepared for the consequences as well. Just know that not everyone is lucky enough to cover up all their losses within the next few spins.

5. Don’t play for too long

A lot of people ask how long one should play slot games. There is no specific answer to that, but we suggest not to play too much at a stretch. Let’s be practical here; the less you play, the less you lose. Based on how much you can afford to lose, you have to choose the time you should play. Don’t choose it based on how much you target to earn.

If you have losing streaks even after playing for hours at a stretch, stop it for now. Maybe come back a few hours later and try again. It’s best to play for short periods of time several times a day instead of playing for long at a stretch. It will be beneficial for your bankroll and your mental and physical health, and your entertainment-life balance.

Now that you know these ways of beating slot games, you’re ready to go and show how is it. These are the best Malaysia slot game to win real money. Keep all these in mind while you play so that the slot game can’t get the best out of you! Certainly, there are way too many Malaysia online slot game sites. However, we highly recommend you to only deal and play with a trusted online casino Malaysia minimum deposit, EpicWin! Stay safe at all times and have fun!

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