Gambling addiction falls in the same group of discussion as alcohol and drug addiction. Too much of anything is bad, and gambling is one of those things many people do too much, especially when it comes to slot games, which is the most popular and addictive kind of casino game. So what makes gambling so addictive? That is exactly what we’re going to dig into in this article. Let’s take a look.

The easiest and simplest casino game

There are lots of casino games. But none of them are as easy and simple as slot games. Poker, roulette, blackjack — all of these are packed with rules and require a lot of brainwork and strategies to play. These, in turn, require a lot of mental and emotional energy, which is why most people don’t prefer to play it regularly, but only when they’re feeling energetic. Whereas in the case of slot games, all you have to do is click the button and let fate handle the rest. This means that literally, anyone can play slot games, even a child. It doesn’t require any brainwork and strategizing to play. The players don’t have to go through any brainstorming and analytical sessions to play, so it doesn’t make them lose any energy.

So one can play it as many times as they want without getting tired. Since it’s so easy to play, people tend to play it repeatedly, for long hours, without even taking a break. This can eventually and easily lead to addiction.

Designed to make you feel happy and excited

This is something not many people know. But slot designers actually work with a group of psychologists. These psychologist’s job is to make sure the gaming experience is psychologically pleasing for the players. This basically means that you don’t have fun while playing slot games just because the game, in general, is fun; there are many other factors making you feel so. This is one of the reasons why slot games are so popular, even the most popular among all other casino games. The graphics, the background music, the little ting! Sound when you hit a win, the sound of jingling coins when you land a jackpot—all of these activate your feel-good chemicals, aka your brain releases dopamine. As a result, you feel happy!

And this is exactly the kind of happiness that makes you addicted. Especially for people who feel down or are suffering from bad mental health, the happiness they receive from playing slot games becomes almost like a drug. So they play it more and more to let that “high” last longer, which leads to addiction.

Don’t Stop after a Big Loss to win It Back Again

This applies to just about any casino game. Casino games are all about losing money and winning money. You can lose a small amount and make up for it by winning a big amount. Or you can win a big amount and lose all of that within the blink of an eye. Gambling can either make you the king or the beggar. Slot games are no exception.

Many slot players don’t set a lower limit before they start playing. As in, they don’t decide after losing how much money they will stop playing to prevent further loss. Some people do set such a lower limit but don’t follow it out of greed, out of the heat of the moment. Even after losing a lot of money, they keep playing, hoping that they will win a jackpot on the next spin and recover all those losses.

This “greed,” the need to keep playing, the inability to train yourself to stop playing after a certain limit—all of these eventually lead to addiction. It is not just any kind of addiction, but the destructive kind that can often make the player suffer terrible financial loss. Sure, winning it all back is not entirely impossible. But few people are so lucky.

Mobile Slots Make Playing Anywhere, Anytime Possible

With the advancement of technology, slot games have become more and more accessible. Now slot games are available on mobile phones. It’s easy to download a slot game app for free and start playing immediately. EpicWin, a famous Malaysian casino, is an example of such a case. Many other online casinos like Epicwin also have their own Android and iPhone apps now.

As a result of this, now people don’t have to wait until they get near a computer to play slot games. They can play it on their way to work and back, while they’re on a trip and stuck in traffic jams, between breaks during work, and all such times when they usually wouldn’t have been able to play just a few years ago.

So slot games are being played now more than ever before. This higher level of accessibility leads gamblers to play slot games whenever they get some free time. In fact, some people even play it when they should be working or doing other important jobs of daily life. After all, it can be played from anywhere at any time. This is yet another factor that makes slot games so addictive.

Bonuses and Promo Codes from Casinos

Everyone will tell you to register to casinos that offer the best bonuses and promo codes on their slot games. And that’s entirely true. But these exact bonuses often lead to addiction to gambling, especially the things like hourly, daily, and weekly bonuses, which only famous casinos can afford to offer.

Wanting to grab these daily bonuses leads you to log in every day, and you will think, “Since I’m here might as well take a few spins,” and that eventually makes you want to play more and more. This happens even more with hourly bonuses. Casinos like EpicWin Malaysia or 918 kiss offer bonuses every 4 hours, so you’d want to log in every 4 hours too. While you will get some really cool benefits, it will also keep gambling at the top of your mind always.

And now you have an idea about what makes gambling so addicting. This also means that these are the things you should be most careful of and avoid as much as you can so that you don’t fall under the net of addiction as well.

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