Why Banning E Wallet Slot Game Doesn’t Prevent Addiction

In the debate of whether slot e wallet should be legalized or not, the strongest logic against it is the fact that legalizing e wallet free credit will cause mass addiction among people, which is true to an extent. After all, most people are afraid of the law and cannot afford to go to jail if they’re caught. However, while legalizing gambling will increase addiction, banning e wallet slot game doesn’t prevent addiction either. In this article, we will discuss this in detail.

Casinos exist regardless of whether they’re banned or not

Most countries of the world have e wallet casino free banned. Does that mean these countries don’t have a single operating casino? Absolutely not. Just because drugs are illegal doesn’t mean they are not sold everywhere. E wallet free credit is just the same. In countries where gambling is banned, these kinds of casinos run secretly, in places where the police won’t easily discover them.

The bottom line is that they run regardless because the law barely stops people from committing crimes. So if gambling exists, addiction will also exist. Restricting it makes people crave for it even more. Many people get into e wallet casino free simply out of curiosity and fail to ever come out of it. In fact, in the long run, these kinds of illegal casinos raise the number of slot e wallet addicts and criminals in general. This is because these casinos are usually built-in anti-social places where many people don’t go. In other words, the “underground” areas or the “black market.” These are unhealthy environments where e wallet slot game is not the only crime that occurs on a regular basis. All kinds of criminals usually gather in such places so as to not get caught.

However, E wallet free credit isn’t only something that criminals do. Many people who are suffering from the financial crisis resort to gambling as a final attempt to fix things. Many of those in the top 1% of the society and many celebrities gamble as a hobby, to pass the time, or just to fatten their already fat bankroll.

Going into these kinds of environments ends up either endangering themselves or getting wrapped up in different kinds of more serious criminal activities like smuggling and robbery. They might fall victim to the tricks of these criminals and end up having a huge debt, which they will try to repay by e wallet casino free more or doing other crimes.

On the one hand, by slot e wallet more to pay back the debt, the number of addicts will increase. On the other hand, the frustrations from these situations might lead people to take up other means of comfort like drugs and alcohol, which will only increase their troubles. They will end up affecting those around them and get into crimes, and the only way to solve it will be to put them behind bars.

Online casinos have made e wallet slot game more widely accessible

Banning e wallet casino free used to be fruitful to a great extent in keeping the number of gamblers down. That is until online casinos came into being. Only the richest countries could afford to run and operate a casino online. But, now with the advancement of technology and a better internet connection, it’s a piece of cake for just about anyone.

But the main problem is that it’s much more difficult to bring illegal online casinos under the law because it’s not as easy to catch someone anonymously running a casino online than someone doing it physically in a land casino. The same goes for gamblers who are e wallet slot game in online casinos. It can be done from home without any risk of getting caught. So online gambling has become extremely popular in recent times, especially during the boring period of quarantine. And as you can already guess, online gambling has bigger risks of addiction compared to physical one. For physical E wallet free credit, you will most likely get time to go to a casino only once in a while, maybe once a day if you do it regularly.

But online e wallet casino free? You can do it any time of the day; from anywhere in the world, as long as you have some internet access. So if you have a 10 minutes break between work; you can just go to the mobile app and take like 50 spins on a slot game within that time.

This creates a huge risk of addiction. Not even for gamblers, but also for young kids; as there are free versions of these casino games available online too.

And since e wallet slot game is banned in those countries, the government doesn’t make any effort to regulate it online either. As a result, slot e wallet addiction does occur in a fairly large amount because it is banned.

Unbanning e wallet slot game will actually help slot e wallet addicts

There is no denying the fact that legalizing E wallet free credit will also do nothing to reduce the number of gambling addicts. It might also increase the number of these addicts in a different way than the ones mentioned earlier. However, legalizing it can actually be a blessing for those who are already addicted to e wallet casino free. Likewise, for those are slowly heading that way.

In a country where casinos are banned, and gamblers are arrested; there obviously won’t be any support groups like Gamblers Anonymous and such. But joining support groups is always one of the best ways to beat addiction. It can be done by setting personal goals and being motivated to follow them by sharing experiences; progress, and failures with fellow addicts.

If E wallet free credit is legalized, the government will also remain accountable to create and; fund these kinds of support groups everywhere in the country. E Wallet slot game will also be included in a more open way in the studies of addiction so that there are professionals who can help out those who are specifically addicted to slot e wallet.

Moreover, it will allow the media to raise awareness against e wallet casino free addiction. People will then know about how to avoid and prevent addiction through advertisements on television; through text messages, or using posters on the walls of the streets. There will also be more promotion of the support groups. More steps will be taken to motivate people to join these groups.


In conclusion, banning e wallet slot game isn’t doing anything to stop it entirely. If it is legalized, it will benefit the government, the economy, as well as the addicts. However, it needs to be regulated strictly in order for everything to go smoothly. However, you can always try your luck here for some e wallet slot game free credit only at EpicWin VIP. Good luck and play responsibly.

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