If you’re looking for a trusted online slot game provider, Malaysia, then you must’ve noticed that many casinos here have what they call casino agents or gambling agents. So you might be wondering who they are and what their role is. In this article, we will go into details about casino agents. 

What are casino agents?  

The online gambling agent is an independent medium through which you can reach the gambling games of an online casino. So basically, they are like the middleman. The agents are going to regulate all the activities and transactions involved in the whole process. They will also carry out a number of other activities related to the casino. 

Gaming agents

In online casinos, the gambling agents are the ones who wager the bets using the money the customers will trust them with. They do this to gain commissions plus shares on the wins and losses of the players. If the casino has an agent, you will have no choice but to go through them to access the games you want to play. You can’t choose which agent you’ll play with. 

Agent’s job

So as you can guess, an agent’s job is to make things easier for the casino. Most of the matters regarding collecting customers and taking care of them will be dealt with by these individuals hired by the casino. However, you as the player won’t be particularly affected by the presence of one. 

Why do casinos have agents?  

If you’re wondering why casinos have agents, it’s because agents can be in charge of a wide range of activities. These activities include- 

  • Agents are also in charge of contacting players via phone to invite them to different casino events such as tournaments and promotional offers. They remind guests about various property promotions and gaming offers. So they always have to remain informed about all casino activities and events. 
  • They answer inbound, and outbound calls and also have face-to-face interaction with guests to assist in booking offers and/or answer questions regarding any event or programs. 
  • Agents perform various tasks during casino events. This includes registering players, recording scores, ensuring all audit compliance paperwork is filled out correctly and providing the documents to the accounting department of the casino. 
  • Another important thing agents do evaluate how the members play. They have to issue complimentary vouchers based on established guidelines and utilise all aspects of the Player Tracking System. 
  • Agents have to complete reservations from players by recording their names, addresses, phone, email and required accommodations.  
  • They have to assist players and tend to their requests in a professional and timely manner. Answering any questions of players and hosts and addressing any problems they face is also a part of the agent’s responsibility. 
  • Agents compile all company regulations and policies. They complete all duties and tasks as assigned in a timely manner. 
  • Also, they must also notify the supervisor or manager about any suspicious or unusual activity and/or transactions that they notice inside the casino. They have to make sure all players are playing using real money and not engaging in any cheats. 
  • They further have to maintain a safe and clean working environment by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations. 

Are casino agents good or bad? 

Now that you know all the ways casino agents can help out a casino, you must think that they are an essential part of the management team and are beneficial. That is quite true. Thanks to the agents, all the inner operations of a casino can run smoothly without there being any delay or issues easily. However, though they are good for casinos, they’re not necessarily good for the customers. 


In fact, if you think about it, the presence of an agent doesn’t benefit the customers much. They do receive more assistance, and they get the news of events and promotions more easily. But in many cases, agents can be more harmful to the customer than otherwise. This is because not all agents are as trustworthy as the casino markets them.  Here are some bad sides of casino gambling agents:

  • There is a risk of being scammed:

    There are many ways an agent might betray you, given the fact that they work independently. Since they work for the casino, if the casino carries out dishonest business, they can scam you off your wins and render you incapable of taking any action against them. Or they could work for themselves and betray both you and the casino by grabbing money from both sides. Either way, you will be at a loss. 

  • A middleman is created:

     Having an agent means going through the agent to reach the casino. This basically creates a gap between you and the casino you are playing at, creating an unnecessary middleman who has no particular obligation of protecting your personal information and assets. This also prevents you from getting a full understanding of the casino’s operations and culture. A casino with a direct connection with its customers will always be more willing to reach out to all your problems and ensure a comfortable gaming environment for you. 

  • There are additional things to be cautious about

    : Gambling itself is quite a risky sport, so the last thing you want is more stuff on your plate. Playing at a casino with a gambling agent requires you to be cautious and prepared for different situations. For example, you need to be careful about whether the agent you’re dealing with comes across as suspicious in any way. You have to ask for identification and tell the person you’re dealing with how you feel. If that doesn’t work out, you have to end up contacting the casino directly, either by phone or email. 

  • You may get involved in legal matters:

     If the agent really is dishonest and scams you in some way, you might lose your money or become a victim of identity theft. The best way to deal with that would be to report the casino or the agent programs anonymously to protect all your information. However, it might end up involving you in different types of legal matters, which is quite bothersome. 

In conclusion, there are both good and bad sides to having a casino agent for the casino, but it’s rather risky for the player. Trusted online slot game provider Malaysia only at Epicwin!

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