Whenever you talk to anyone about slot games, you are bound to have gotten a lot of advice. This article will discuss the best and worst slot game advice we have heard for years. After all, slot games are the most played casino game in the United States. Following the wrong advice could make you lose a lot more than just cash. Therefore, let’s look at what we have heard about slot games all our lives and how right or wrong these tips are.

The best advice

We should always start with the positive, so let’s look at the best advice that we have heard over the years.

  • The slots that cost more have higher chances of paying back:

    Yes, this is true. It has a higher payback yield when you play a dollar slot game than a quarter or penny one. Quarter slots will be better than nickel ones and so on. This is because of RTP.

  • There are better deals in casinos that are competing with each other:

    If you see a casino with great deals like no deposit bonuses or free spins, chances are they are competing with other casinos in the area. Therefore, make sure to check all the casinos in the area to get the best deal.

  • Choosing the right slot machine is important:

    Usually, a developer will have to list the RTPs for all the slot machines. Choosing the slot machine with the highest RTP is the goal since RTP will be the amount of money that you might get back on each amount of money you spend. Higher the RTP, the greater your chance of winning. Moreover, if you don’t know the RTP, avoid the slot games in which people keep losing as this game usually has low RTP.

  • In progressive slot games, you need to pay enough to win the jackpot:

    In a progressive slot game, you pay a percentage of your money to the jackpot each time you pay. Therefore, you need to be able to pay enough to win the jackpot or be eligible for it because if you don’t, it will pay you less than other slot games.

  • The game developer matters just as much as the game:

    This is because slots vary from one game developer to another, and if a game developer is famous, chances are their game is better than the others.

  • Picking a game you enjoy is important:

    If you pick a game you don’t enjoy, chances are you will get bored and make some mistakes that can cost you your money. Looking at just the RTP isn’t enough; it should also be a game that you want to look forward to playing. Moreover, you will need to play it several times to win, so you should be able to do so without rushing.

  • Always play within your budget:

    This means that when your budget is met, you should stop playing or lower your bets—betting money that you can’t afford to lose will cause a dent in your bank account since there is no way for you to become a constant winner. It is better to try another day when you can afford it with a fresh mind.

  • Know how a game works beforehand:

    Researching is the best way to increase your chances of winning. When you see a new slot game that looks interesting, you will want to play it, but if you jump right in and invest your money without first searching everything you can about the game, you are bound to lose. This means, researching whether in a live casino or in an online slot game is very important.

The worst advice

There are many more good pieces of advice out there, but you need to be careful of all the bad advice as well. Therefore, to make sure you don’t make the following mistakes, keep on reading.

  • Try string theory:

    In the past slot games, people sometimes attached a coin on a string, dropped this coin in the slot machine till they got access to play, and then pulled the string back. Not only is this illegal, which means you will be heavily fined or prosecuted if caught, but the recent casinos prevent this from happening. The slots have more secure coin acceptance devices or only accept paper currencies.

  • You won’t ever win:

    This is another false narrative because if the slot games were scams and there is no chance of you winning, there would be no slot games. Yes, the house or the company you play through will take some money just like every other business does. This doesn’t mean that you have no chance of winning; 20% of people who gamble win each day.

  • Use fake coins to slug it out:

    This might have worked in the past, but nowadays, it is impossible to trick the machine. Don’t listen to anyone who wants you to use fake metal coins as the coin recognition software now is very accurate, and this definitely won’t work.

  • Bet double the amount to win back the losses:

    This mindset will make you lose more and more money. Even if, in some cases, it does work and you win back all your losses, it will be due to coincidence. More realistically, you will lose all your money, or your bet will be too high to be accepted by the game.

  • Bet the maximum amount:

    People think that you will surely win if you bet the maximum amount. Although it might work on 3 reel slots, this theory doesn’t work in the video and online slots. This is because the average payback percentage is the same regardless of the betting amount; so don’t empty your bank account trying to win in the first round.

  • Practicing will make you win more:

    This isn’t true as most slot games depend mostly on chance. Yes, having skills is important for a few rare casino games, but it doesn’t matter for most of them. The more you practice, the more money you will lose. So decide on a fixed amount of money that you will spend and spend only that amount.

In conclusion, there are many good and bad common pieces of advice that we hear all the time; but understanding whether they are true or not is the important part. For more information about slot games, keep on reading our articles and browsing our website, EpicWin free credit no deposit!

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