There is no gambler out there who doesn’t love free kredit. After all, it lets you have the chance to win real money by betting nothing from your own pocket, so you either win something or you don’t lose anything. There are many ways to earn free credits in an e wallet casino. But the first way to do it is simply by becoming a member of it. In this article, we will discuss free credit new registered e wallet casinos Malaysia.

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Do e wallet casino in Malaysia offer free kredit?

Free kredit is free for you, but you get the chance to earn real money by using them. When you hear this, you might think, how exactly does the casino benefit from this? You might be wondering why casinos offer free credits to their members and whether this scenario is possible in Malaysia.

To answer your first question, casinos also benefit from free kredit, just not directly. The better and more frequent free credits they offer, the more likely a gambler is to select it as their casino of choice. After all, ever since e wallet casinos became popular, there have been hundreds of casinos popping up, and the industry has become highly competitive.

Only those who can offer something better than the rest can manage to survive the competition or at least have a chance. This is why free credits are used as a method to lure in more customers. Most casinos try to go the extra mile with the welcome bonus free kredit to make their customer happy from the start. Daily, weekly, and monthly free credits encourage people to play more. There are referral-free credits that encourage players to invite more people to the casino. All combined, casinos definitely benefit a lot from it.

And hence, any e wallet casino that does not have the free kredit feature is bound to lag behind because there are obviously way better options. This is not just a thing in any specific country, but all over the world. Of course, Malaysia is also included in this scenario.

This answers your second inquiry — yes, e wallet casinos in Malaysia do offer free credits. Almost every good online casino in Malaysia will offer you free kredit right off the bat and spoil you with them throughout your time as a member there. Not all casinos offer the same amount or the same methods, but that’s up to you to decide.

Do you get free kredit just by becoming a member of the e wallet casino?

The first and foremost way of earning free credits is the welcome bonus. Even if a casino cannot afford to give out free kredit regularly, they will definitely try their best to give you a decent welcome by providing you with free credits.

The welcome bonus free kredit can come in different ways. For example, the Las Atlantis casino offers a 280% slots bonus welcome package of up to $14,000. For Slots Of Vegas casino, the amount is up to $3,000 of bonus money. For 1XBet casino, which is a famous e wallet casino for Malaysians, along with a monetary bonus of €1500, they also give you 150 free spins.

It’s obvious why the welcome bonus is given. So that you have something to start off with, if you have even 5 free spins as a welcome bonus, you can use them on any slot game, and if your luck goes your way, you may win a decent amount before you run out of them. So you don’t have to spend it out of your pocket, and everyone’s happy.

Registering at the casino makes you eligible to claim the welcome bonus free credits. Usually, you’ll have to make a minimum amount of deposit first to win the casino’s trust, and then they will give you free kredit to play with. However, there are some casinos that take things to the next level, which is discussed in the next section.

What is a no-deposit free kredit?

Most casinos will tell you that you must deposit a minimum amount of money before you claim the welcome bonus. This is done to ensure that there aren’t people out there who are going around registering into different casinos just to claim the free credits and then dip out. However, there are also casinos out there that don’t make you have to deposit first. These are called No Deposit free kredit.

But then, how do these casinos protect themselves against scammers? The solution is quite easy. They give you only free spins as free credits, which do not have any monetary value by themselves. Or if they give you cash, they won’t let you withdraw the amount until your bankroll expands more. As a result, no one with bad intentions will be able to mooch off the casino.

However, No Deposit bonuses are advantageous for a specific group of gamblers. And it’s those who don’t have a penny with them or don’t have money that they can risk. So they can just take a chance with their luck from only the welcome bonus since they don’t have to deposit anything.

This not only shows an extra level of consideration from the casino’s part, but it’s also a sign that the casino is extremely well-off and established already. So if you see a licensed casino offering no deposit free kredit, you can rest assured that it’s a casino that genuinely cares about their customers and wants everyone to have fun.

What are e-wallet free kredit?

E-wallets are basically like digital wallets to store your money in. You won’t have to physically go to the bank to deposit or withdraw or transact your money, rather you can do it sitting at home using your virtual wallet.

Naturally, E-wallets make the transaction methods extremely convenient for not only the players but also the e wallet casinos. However, since E-wallets were introduced fairly recently in many countries like Malaysia, in the beginning, there was a reluctance from the general public regarding switching to it. They thought it wasn’t secure and thus, they didn’t want to use it.

So to encourage more people to switch to E-wallets, many e wallet casinos started to put free credits on it. Every member who registers by choosing E-wallets as their main payment method will get an E-Wallet bonus along with their welcome bonus. Since it’s a fair bargain, more and more people started to use E-wallets. And hence this free kredit system is still present in many e wallet casinos out there.

In conclusion, welcome bonus free kredit is truly a blessing. You should always claim them and start off your casino journey with a blast.

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