If you are planning to start playing slot games, you should have a perfectly clear knowledge of how slot machines work. Luckily for you, there is nothing complex about these machines, so it’s not very hard to understand how they work. So how do slot machines work? In this article, we will do a detailed discussion on that.

Random Number Generator: How do they work?

All slot machines run with the Random Number Generator, more commonly known as RNG. RNG is the core of slot games. Using mathematical algorithms, RNG is in charge of making sure the result of every spin you take in a slot machine is 100% random. As in, RNG ensures that there is no pattern in the results of every spin, and everything is purely based on the luck of the players.

In many places on the internet, you might find slot machine tricks and cheats that claim that it’s possible to predict the patterns of a slot machine result. They might tell you that if you do not have a win for a long time, it means a win is close. They might tell you that if you’re having a lot of near-misses, it also means that you will have a huge win soon. However, this is all false information because all slots run on RNG.

Sure, maybe not all slots, only the licensed ones. The ones that are not licensed are often rigged, but they won’t be rigged in your favor, rather the operator’s one. So we wouldn’t recommend you try those. Even if you find a machine rigged in the player’s favor, it’s best to play fair and honest. It’s more thrilling to have it purely based on luck and randomness.

One great thing about RNG is the fact that you have an equal chance of winning and losing in every spin. So if you get the maximum win in the current spin, you have an equal chance of getting it in the next spin. In fact, if you win a jackpot in the current spin, you also have an equal chance of winning it the next spin. It’s just very rare because most people aren’t that lucky.

So you can understand that the core mechanism of slot games is the fact that one spin is completely independent of the other. The result of your previous spin has nothing to do with your current spin. And the result of the current spin has no connection with the next spin.

Symbols: How do they work?

Every slot game comes with a certain number of symbols! Symbols are the main running force of a slot machine. Every slot machine is based on a specific theme, and the symbols are always aligning with that theme. If it’s a fruit slot, the symbols will be different types of fruits. If it’s a space slot, the symbols might be different objects related to space like spaceships, planets, and stars.

Every time you click or press the Spin button, the reels on the screen will spin. These reels hold the symbols in random order. When the reels spin vertically, the order of the symbols rapidly changes horizontally. After the reels stop spinning, the symbols that will align horizontally at the center will determine your win amount. If all the symbols are the same one, you will get some huge rewards.

If you’re wondering if there is a way to stop the spinning of reels at a certain part, then yes, some slot machines do have that feature. However, it won’t really help you land a winning combination even with the right timing. The reels spin too fast for you to see the symbols properly, and even then, it’s totally random.

Paylines: How do they work?

A pay line is a pattern on the reels that determines the winning combination in a slot game, which can either be straight or zigzag. You can find the list of pay lines and how much value each winning combination holds (depending on the value of the symbols) if you study the slot game’s paytable. It is very important to properly study the paytable and properly understand it before you start playing a slot machine.

So how exactly do they pay lines to work? Basically, if you have identical symbols aligning to a certain pattern/pay line on the paytable, you will land a winning combination, giving you a prize. If the symbols you aligned are all high-paying symbols, then the amount will be more. Depending on how many pay lines a slot game has, your chances of landing a winning combination will fluctuate.

Classic slots usually have one single pay line, but these days there are many more complex slot machines with lots of pay lines. You can even find slot games online that have over a million pay lines. However, in those slots, all the pay lines don’t remain active at once. Rather they change according to the reels. But it’s best always to choose slot games that have more active pay lines at once since they increase your chances of landing a winning combo.

Slot game bonuses: How do they work?

Another feature of slot games is bonuses! Bonuses make your gameplay not only more enjoyable and exciting but also more beneficial as they help you get more prizes. Some of the symbols of a game will be the bonus symbols, and if you can align these bonus symbols into one of the winning combinations, you will be able to trigger the particular bonus associated with the symbol.

Every slot game offers you a bunch of different kinds of bonuses. There are different types of wilds, like stacked wilds and expanding wilds. To explain, there are multipliers of different values. There are the jackpots, the gamble feature, the cascading reels feature.  Likewise, there are also bonus rounds or free games where you can enter to get bigger prizes. There are also free spins that won’t require you any betting money. These bonuses are randomly triggered.

And that was everything you needed to know about how slot machines work. It’s quite simple, right? You can start playing now over at Malaysia online casino free sign up bonus!


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