What is RTP?

Return to Player (RTP) is the term used in online casino. It is to describe the percentage of all the wagered money a slot machine will pay back to players over time. If you bet RM10 on a slot with a 96% RTP, the game will eventually ‘pay’ you back RM9.60. If you want to keep your money growing, play slots with the highest RTP percentage possible. In general, all slots with RTP of 95% and above are good to play and will be able to make money. RTP of 90% and below are not worth your time or attention.

However it is not perfect for use in all cases, as a higher RTP does not mean that you will constantly be winning money or that you will get the returns immediately. The slot game’s algorithm is programmed in such a way as to guarantee the stipulated percentage of returns. However, it does not guarantee that the returns will occur during a specific period of time. Thus, the equally important marker to take into consideration next is slot volatility a.k.a. VI.

What is Slot Volatility (VI)?

Slot Volatility (VI) defines the way in which the game’s RTP is realized. There are 3 types of volatility in an online casino slot game – low, medium and high.

Low Volatility:

Programmed in a way where you’ll have frequent smaller hits, which will help you keep your head above the water and play many spins without busting. In general, it keeps you going for a while.

Medium Volatility:

These medium risk players tend to land wins that are neither too big nor too small. The risk is not as high as those experienced by high rollers who play high volatility games. They pay out quite frequently but the size of the wins vary; sometimes the small wins are lower than that offered by low volatility games. It can be quite frustrating to players who use this to hedge their bets since they can’t really anticipate when the next win is and how big/small it may be. However, it can be both interesting and exciting for players who want to play low volatility games with a higher bankroll. If you would like to play longer and sustain your win-loss amount, medium volatility games are a good fit.

High Volatility:

These games are best suited for high rollers since they like to bet high and can afford to do so. However, it is much riskier when compared to low and medium volatility games. If you are strong and patient enough to potentially endure high losses, then high volatility games are definitely for you. In the beginning, you might have to lose a lot of money in order to make way for a higher winnings. After all, this is how high VI games work – they are high risk but can also offer high returns, which is why high rollers often prefer high VI games as they require a big bankroll. High volatility games are not suitable for new players and non-risk takers.

Therefore, in order to choose the right slots for yourself, understanding a slot game’s RTP and volatility are very important. As an example, on Epicwin the average RTP is 96-98%, which is considered higher than those of other online slot game providers. EpicWin can offer a higher RTP since they have cut out the middlemen by dealing directly with players. Having no agents means that EpicWin does not have to pay out agent commissions, thus they are able to offer players a higher percentage of returns.

Awareness For RTP

Additionally, as RTP and Volatility are two important factors that complement each other, it is important to get to know these games before you start depositing your money. Always keep in mind that you should choose games that are best suited to the size of your bankroll. Do not play online slot games if you are not aware of a game’s RTP and VI. This is due to that you may find yourself in an undesirable and heartbreaking situation. New players can choose to play online slot games that offer free credits. It’s purpose is to allow new players to experience the games firsthand and to gain a better understanding of which games may be best suited to their strategy and playstyle.

Moreover, when choosing to play an online slot game, players need to always keep trick of their win-loss margins. As it is a slot game with totally random outcomes, wins and losses cannot be predicted or determined. Even with games that have higher RTPs, there is a chance that you may not win anything at all.  You may end up winning only a small amount. If you assume that games with higher RTP are surely going to give you high payouts, then that assumption is wrong and misguided. Remember to take into account that there are many other players out there who are playing the same game you are. Therefore, winning in an online slot game does require luck. If you are willing to take the risk by playing High VI games with High RTP, your chances of winning big are there… but so are your chances of losing.


In conclusion, while an online slot game’s RTP and VI are important factors to consider. It is also important for a player to be fully aware of how much they can afford to sustain playing the game. Make sure to manage your bankroll wisely and to make informed decisions when choosing to bet low or high. If you are not willing to take the risk (even with High RTP games), try starting out with a Low VI game. This is encouraged before moving on to games with Medium or High VI’s.

Understanding how these games work requires hands-on experience. That experience can only come from actual gameplay and practice. Bet smart and bet safeNow, you truly understand that it is absolutely not too difficult to play online slots real money Malaysia. In the near future, we are going to show and illustrate to you in regards how to level up. You could enhance your skill sets specifically for slot game online for mobile Malaysia. Furthermore, we are in the planning of giving out to a few very lucky individuals some Malaysia slot free credit. Please do always gamble responsibly and stay safe in the midst of this Covid pandemic.

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